Monday, October 26, 2009

Surrender by Lora Leigh

I've never read a book of Lora Leigh before, but so many readers and reviewers are very positive about her novels (on weblogs and booksellerssites for example). So I decided to try one, from the Bound Hearts Series. Surrender is the first in the series, and is a short story (ca. 60 pages). Its about Tess and Cole, who want each other for years now. But Cole had made it clear that he wants to control Tess, tie her to his bed and take her every way he desires. Tess doesn't want to admit that she really would like that, because of the disapprovement of her mother. Finally Cole decides to take matters in his own hands and tricks Tess into his bed. Once she has surrendered herself to him, she can admit that she wants this.

Surrender_sm The not so many explicit sexscenes are hot but a bit extreme for the tender of heart ;-) There's bondage and also a menage situation when Cole invites his friend Jesse to join them. Everything happens with Tess's consent, but she had to be pushed a bit. When her mother walks in on the menage scene she realises that she loves Cole and chooses a life with him. He has loved her for quite a while now, so they live happily ever after, of course.

Though it was kinda sexy the way Cole took charge and knew precisely what Tess wanted, I didn't completely symphatize with the heroine and hero of this story. Maybe it was to short for that. So I'll give it 2.5 stars out of 5. And I'm not sure if I want to read the second Bound Hearts story. Especially since Tess's (hysterical) mother will be starring in it, with Jesse's twin brother James, who's about 6 years younger than this woman. Maybe I'll skip to the third or fourth book in this series though. But first I will try another Lora Leigh series (she has written a lot of them): Dangerous Games, the first novel from the Navy Seals series.
First reviewed at August 14, 2009

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