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Giveaway: Jude Mason and Jenna Byrnes' Blog Tour Kicks off Today!

I’m pleased to welcome Jude Mason and Jenna Byrnes to the blog today. They are kicking off their blog tour for their latest release, Alex's Appeal. For a chance to win one of their ebooks leave a comment on this post.


Hi everyone! Thanks for joining us on the first stop of our blog tour, Janna's Erotic Romance Reader blog, and thanks to Janna for hosting us! All week long we'll be talking to readers about our latest project together, book 3 in the Kindred Spirits series, Alex's Appeal. If you haven't read the first two books (why haven't you?) never fear, each title stands alone so you don't have to read them in order. For those who enjoy series works, however, there are returning characters and we think it's fun to show you how their lives progress over time. So if you want the full effect of the series, read Ethan's Choice first, Hunter's Light second, and Alex's Appeal third. The fourth book, Quinn's Blessing, is scheduled for release from Total E-Bound in November.

Kindred Spirits Book 3: Alex's Appeal
By Jude Mason and Jenna Byrnes
Lawyer Alex Brookfield arrives at Whiskers' Seaside Inn with a big decision weighing heavily on him. He's been offered a judgeship, and while it's an incredible promotion, it would mean leaving the house he shared with his late, long-time partner. Russ died of cancer eight months ago, and although Alex is ready to move on, he isn't sure about such a big, permanent step.
Logan Emerson is the inn's chef, and wouldn't mind cooking up something special with the handsome attorney. He's not concerned about their fourteen year age difference. He just knows what he likes and isn't afraid to go after the hunky bear of a man.
Alex heard stories about the inn's ghosts from its owner, his friend and former lover Ethan Roberts. But he's totally unprepared for the spirit who shows up his first night there. Between futile attempts to fend off the frisky young cook, and his offer to help inn co-owner Cade Wyatt come up with a romantic marriage proposal for Ethan, Alex finds his hands, and his bed, quite full.

~ Coming August 2 from Total E-Bound, purchase here



If you'd like the chance to win one of our co-authored titles, please leave a comment on Janna's blog with your email address and let us know which book you'd like to win. Each day of our blog tour, we'll give away another ebook. Tomorrow we'll be at author Marie Sexton's blog, talking about our motivation for writing this series.

Here's a list of our co-authored titles for you to choose from:

Kindred Spirits 1: Ethan's Choice (contemporary, paranormal m/m)
Kindred Spirits 2: Hunter's Light (contemporary, paranormal m/m)
Kindred Spirits 3: Alex's Appeal (contemporary, paranormal m/m)

Untamed Hearts 1: Feral Heat (shifter, m/m/f)
Untamed Hearts 2: Bear Combustion (shifter, m/m/m)
Untamed Hearts 3: Wolfen Choice (shifter, m/m/f)
Untamed Hearts 4: Stallion's Pride (shifter, m/m/f)

Slippery When Wet 1: Wanted Dead or Alive by Jenna Byrnes (contemporary m/m)
Slippery When Wet 2: Livin' on a Prayer by Jude Mason (contemp m/m)
Slippery When Wet 3: Never Say Goodbye by Jenna Byrnes (contemp m/m)
Slippery When Wet 4: I'd Die for You by Jude Mason (contemp m/m)

All the books listed are ebooks. For more information please visit our websites and blogs.

Contest is open to anyone and is an overnight contest. This means you’ll only have 36 hours to leave a comment. The contest ends at 11pm Sunday Janna’s time (GMT+1, which is 5pm EST/4pm CST).


Thanks for having us today Janna, and happy reading everyone!


*Jude Mason - Readers needed: Come, explore with me...if you dare!* | Website | Blog | Newsletter | To sign up for my mailing list, email me: jude.mason @ (no spaces)

Jenna Byrnes, Page Scorching Erotic Romance | Website | Jenna on Fire blog | Hot Highlights monthly newsletter

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Happy Gay Friday & Upcoming Giveaways

I’m posting today while I’m not even here, but we wouldn't want to miss this cookie, now would we? I will be in Utrecht for a meeting with bloggy friend Leontine!! It’s the first time I’m meeting one of my internet friends in real life! And I can’t tell you how exited I am about that! :)

Well, maybe you’ll hear all about it later, although I’m not sure if I’ll have time for that before I leave for vacation…

I have a Blog Tour giveaway coming up this weekend. I’m having authors Jenna Byrnes and Jude Mason as my guests. It’s their first stop of their Blog Tour that’ll go on all week long and in which they'll be talking to readers about their latest project together, book 3 in the Kindred Spirits series, Alex's Appeal. If you'd like a chance to win one of their co-authored titles, all you have to do is leave a comment before Sunday 4pm CST on that particular post. So, be sure to swing by this weekend! :)

And I’m also busy preparing my Vacation Blogparty! While I’m away I’ll have every other day a guest blogger at my place and I’m running a contest with at least 5 prizes (including a Gift Certificate). I’ve made a Contest button to help me spread the news. Feel free to grab it and place it on your blog if you have one! I will be very grateful if you do! :)

ErotRomReader Janna’s Vacay Giveaway

These are the 5 prizes (so far) that 5 lucky commenters can win:

• A $ 15 Gift Certificate from any online bookstore I can buy from
• A book from BookDepository of max $ 10 (winner’s choice & only when they ship to your country)
• One of Mia Watts’ ebooks (winner’s choice)
• One of Bronwyn Green’s ebooks (winner’s choice)
• An ecopy of Daughters of Persephone by Julia Rachel Barrett

The guest bloggers will be here on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from August 2 - 20, so that means this is the last Happy Gay cookie until August 27...

I hope you all have a Fabulous Friday!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Review of Pack of Lies by Vanessa Vaughn

*This post is part of the Pack of Lies Blog Tour. Check out Vanessa Vaughn’s website for more information.*

Vanessa Vaughn
Pack of Lies
Ravenous Romance, 2010

Not officially yet, but the author has let me know that this is supposed to be the first book in a series and that the next book will have the same main characters.

When Jack is attacked by a powerful werewolf one moonlit night, his world is forever changed.
Marcus is that wolf, the strong leader of his pack, who never imagined a mere mortal could ever escape him, much less ever become one of his kind. And yet, as time passes, he can't deny the handsome human is slowly beginning to change.
No longer the civilized architect he used to be, Jack feels a new power coalescing inside of him. He barely even recognizes himself as he becomes more sexual, more impulsive, more wild in every way.
But as the bite transforms him, it also binds he and his attacker together forever. The two share a powerful unbreakable link, no matter how forcefully they may each try to deny it.
Marcus is already hiding secrets from the other wolves, and his position as Alpha is threatened. Could Jack be the new ally Marcus needs to set things right, or will their desire for one another draw them away from all they know and alter the course of their lives forever?

Genre & Keywords:
M/M M/F/M, M/F, Paranormal, Werewolves, Gay For You, Violence, Bloodlust

Why I read it:
The author sent me a copy for review.

Alpha wolf Marcus attacks Jack who turns gradually into a werewolf after his rare escape. There’s a connection between the two men from that point on, in which they share – highly erotic – dreams. When they finally meet, it’s explosive and it gets harder for Marcus to hide his preference for manlove from his pack, which threatens his leadership. The pack challenges him by capturing Jack.

My opinion in short:
This book was thrilling and enchanting me from the first page on, although after reading the first scene involving girl parts, I needed some time to get over the fact that this wouldn’t be a regular m/m romance. But once I submitted to that I fully enjoyed the sensuality of Ms Vaughn’s story. Her excellent and melodious writing is what kept me spellbound. The harshness and cruelty of her wolf world kept me intrigued. And Jack’s inner turmoil when he realizes what’s happening to him, turning into a werewolf and feeling attracted to a man instead of a woman, kept me fascinated. Only, when I finished the book it felt as if it only just started, the ending was a bit abrupt and it left me somewhat unsatisfied. Now I know there’s more to come, as the author is writing a sequel and I hardly can wait for it to be released.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Heat level: 2.5 out of 3 flames

What’s more to know about this book:
The first introduction to Marcus didn’t make me like him very much, although I felt for him to be in the difficult position in which he was forced to hide his sexuality. Especially in his wolf form he was rather frightening; cruel, ruthless and lusting to kill. Not very charming, but still quite fascinating. When his human side becomes more present as the story goes on, Marcus becomes more alluring. And when he and Jack get together the pages are nearly burning. Jack is the one who stole my heart. He’s a victim to his circumstances and the way he’s dealing with all the changes is so understandable. I love that he kept his strength and self-confidence while he tried rejecting the cruelty of his faith and embraced his new homosexual feelings.
In alternating chapters we follow both Marcus’ and Jack’s point of view, in first person. But only 7 of the 18 chapters are from Marcus’ POV, the others from Jack’s. Jack’s struggle is worked out well but Marcus’ battle – with his pack about the leadership and with himself about coming out – was a little bit underexposed. I’m hoping to see more of his thoughts in the sequel.
To be honest, the plot is the weakest feature of this book. Not because the pace isn’t right, or the plot has holes or discontinuities in it, or what’s happening is boring. The contrary! No, it’s the strong feeling that it’s only the first half of a book. We get a fairly elaborate introduction of our heroes and when they finally get together (without it being an attack or dream) we’re almost three quarters into the book! So, when I closed the book I felt a bit unsatisfied because I couldn’t shake the feeling off me that this story only just started. The ending was not just a bit abrupt, but also kind of open. Jack and Marcus had their HEA moment, don’t worry, but I thought that actually came out of the blue and way too fast, since they rather knew each other.
While this is mainly an M/M romance, it also has M/F/M and M/F scenes in which the main characters take part. These scenes take place before the heroes get together and fit them, since one of them is hiding his sexuality and the other hero isn’t gay until then. Personally I don’t mind these kind of erotic scenes at all, but I know of a few M/M lovers who would appreciate a warning when girl cooties are involved. ;)
I absolutely loved Marcus’ and Jack’s first real sex scene. It was sexy as hell to see these two hotties fight for dominance, while slowly shifting to wolf form. And I mean literally fighting! There also were handcuffs involved and a lot of sensual groans and moans. Very sexy and explosive!
Writing style
Ms Vaughn’s writing is definitely the strongest characteristic of this novel. It’s excellent; sensual, rhythmic, beautiful, evoking and compelling. Here’s an example of how it flows (when Jack’s starting to realize he’s different):
“I felt none of my usual aches and pains. Instead, I was positively brimming with energy. I felt recharged and renewed.
But this wasn’t something miraculous. It wasn’t brought on by fantastic immune systems or excellent hospital care. This was something strange, something unnatural. It was something inside of me, and I could see from the look in Ivy’s eyes that it was in her, too.
Though we couldn’t put it into words, we both knew it. We could sense it in our bones. And we could feel it growing stronger with every breath we took.”

Favorite quotes:

“As he stared back at me with soft green eyes, his submissive stare told me everything I needed to know. ” [Marcus]

“I was not myself, and that frightened me. Absolutely nothing of this intensity had ever happened to me before.” [Jack]

“I gasped weakly into the mattress. Marcus was invading everything, pushing into the very core of me.
He thrust in deep, stretching me almost beyond what I would have thought my body could tolerate. I moaned, but it sounded like more of a howl. My claws tore at the mattress.
His movements were designed to prove his dominance over me. It was humiliating that he was clearly so much stronger, so clearly the alpha male. But it was also exciting. I wouldn’t have had it any other way.” [Jack]

Vanessa Vaughn’s website | on Twitter | on Goodreads
Buy Pack of Lies here

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We Have a Winner!! Oh. And some other Happy Stuff

I brought all the commenters on Keta Diablo’s blog tour post – okay not literally, just their names – to Mr Random and he picked one lucky winner! And her name is:


Twimom227 (aka Jen)

Congratulations Jen! You win a copy of Blood Oath! Keta will be sending your book directly.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by, thanks to the wonderfully generous Keta Diablo for appearing on my blog and giving away one of her books!

If you didn’t win, be sure to come back this Saturday for another sexy giveaway when the lovely writers Jenna Byrnes and Jude Mason drop by! They’ll celebrate a new release in their Kindred Spirits series and will give away a book to one lucky commenter (winner’s pick). It’s an overnight contest that’ll only run until Sunday, so mark your calendars! :)

And, I want to thank Vixen Pearl from Vixen Reviews for giving me this award!! Thank you very much Vixen!! :)

Here's how this award works:
1. Thank and link back to the person who gave you this award.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Pass the award along to 15 bloggers who you have recently discovered and who you think are fantastic for whatever reason!
4. Contact the bloggers you've picked and let them know about the award! I’m sure they’ll be thankful ;-)

So, here are 7 things about me…

1. I’m an awful procrastinator
2. I hate people who start whistling unfamiliar tunes in an occupied train (happened to me today)
3. I still miss my Binny every day but refuse to give in to hubby’s wish for a naked cat, I need fluffy and cute
4. I’m going horribly into withdrawal during my upcoming vacation without internet access
5. I once spent the night with two gorgeous Italian guys while I was in Rome on a passage to India (My excuse: I was only 19 years old ;) and for the first time traveling alone)
6. I love the tv-show Supernatural (read Dean Winchester/Jensen Ackles) and even take the DVD of the last season with me on vacation
7. Almost all these 7 secrets are related to vacation. Guess what? My vacation just started an hour ago!! Yippeeeh!

Now, the 15 recently discovered, fantastic bloggers:
*depends a bit on how you define ‘recently’, but okay*

1. Redd @ The Forgotten Hollow
2. Diana @ Book of Secrets
3. LynnMarie and her gang @ Happily Ever After Reviews
4. Amora @ Amora’s Place
5. Steph @ Fangs, Wands and Fairy Dust
6. Sherri @ Urban Girl Reader
7. Mama Kitty and her Staff @ Mama Kitty Reviews
8. Carole and Silver @ The Romance Reviews
9. DemonLover @ Demonlover’s Book Reviews & More
10. Evi @ Zwillingsleiden (in German but with the occasional review in English)
11. Jenny @ SupernaturalSnark
12. Ash @ Smashattack Reads
13. Yvonne @ Diva’s Bookcase
14. Daydrmzzz @ Day Dreaming (she just started but her layout and genre preference look promising)
15. This one I leave open – maybe you can tell me which fantastic blogs you’ve recently discovered?

And actually Vixen Pearl’s own blog is fantastic and new to me too and it’s really worth visiting!

I’ll drop by tomorrow at all these wonderful places to fulfill the 4th task! It’s too late now (over here). :)

And I just found out that I have myself won a book!! It’s Double Blind by Heidi Cullinan and I won it over at International Heat *thanks for the tip Chris!*
It’s the perfect way to start my vacation!!
*going to dance a little now*

I hope you’re all having a great day too! Wishing you a lot of Happy Stuff!!

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I'm at Leontine's today!! ...with a High Five, Low Five review of Raising Kane by Lorelei James

Come visit me at Leontine's Book Realm today, because I'm guest reviewing a hot cowboy romance for her. It's Raising Kane by Lorelei James and Leontine is giving away one of Lorelei James' Rough Riders books to a lucky commenter. Check it out here!
And while you're at it you can check out her other Smutty Researcher's posts for all kinds of awesome prizes! :)

Here's a copy of my post/review:

When Leontine asked me to write a guest review for her Smutty Researchers at Play event I did a little happy dance! I feel like Leontine and I are smut-sisters-in-crime and I adore her and her fabulous ideas! She liked me to do one of my High Five, Low Five reviews about the latest installment of Lorelei James’ Rough Riders series because she knows how much I love this series about hot and sexy cowboys! So, here it goes.

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Monday’s Hot Couple & Sexy, Smutty Scene from Daughters of Persephone by Julia Barrett

Make sure you enter the giveaway to win one of Keta Diablo’s Gay Fiction Books before July 28th!

Today’s sexy scene is from Julia Rachel Barrett’s newest book Daughters of Persephone: Exile & Return. I was so lucky to receive a copy from Julia when this book was released recently, because she’s just that wonderful!
And guess what? She also offered to send an ecopy of this erotic sci-fi book to one lucky commenter of my Vacay Giveaway that starts next week! She joined two other authors with her generous gesture – Mia Watts and Bronwyn Green – who also offered one of their books as a prize in this giveaway. So together with the prizes I’m going to give away there will be 5 prizes so far! I’m really happy about that! :)
Here’s a little taste of the hotness that Daughters of Persephone: Exile & Return has to offer. Enjoy!

     Kyr slid Aja down the length of his body, keeping her close, forcing her to feel how aroused he was. He heard her sharp intake of breath and he lifted her chin. Her eyes were halfclosed, lids heavy. In the back of his mind, he thought, but there’s a dead man in the corner, and then he shut himself up and lowered his lips to hers. Fierce now, he took her mouth with his so hard their teeth scraped together. She whimpered in response. He swallowed the sound.
     This woman could kill him, Kyr knew that for certain, yet with one kiss, he could bring her to her knees. Heady stuff. With rough hands, he pulled the sweater over Aja’s head and her braid tore loose, her long, thick hair cascading to her waist. Gods, her breasts were glorious mounds, high and round and pert with taut little nipples that begged for his mouth and his tongue and his teeth.
     He nibbled his way down her neck and across her throat. With a moan, Aja threw her head back, thrusting her breasts into his hands. He held them, pinching her peaked nipples, holding them tight. He dipped his head and took one hard, round bud into his mouth and sucked her, pressing her nipple against his palate, biting, listening to her cry of pleasure. Her hands reached for his trousers and she began to tug on the leather of his belt with weak hands, unable to release the clasp. When he heard her make a sound of frustration, Kyr pulled his mouth away from her nipple. He stared into her face as he released the clasp on his belt and freed himself. Without hesitation, Aja wrapped both her hands around his thick cock and stroked him, moving her palms up and down his steely length.
     “Hard as an El-Sardai Sword,” Aja said, her voice low, and she dropped to her knees before him. She slowly licked the swollen head of his cock, her tongue brushing over him as if savoring the taste, before she took him in her mouth. Kyr thrust deep, aware of his size, but aroused almost beyond caring. Aja sucked him like a ripe plum-fruit. He placed his hands against the cold rock wall to brace himself, groaning with both pleasure and pain when she nibbled on him with her teeth.

Julia Rachel Barrett’s website | on Goodreads
Buy Daughters of Persephone here

Backblurb Daughters of Persephone: Exile & Return:

Aja Bokinan, of noble blood, is the Thousand Year Empress who has grown to adulthood in exile. Throughout the Empire, women are banned from public life, have no legal rights, and have become little better than property.
In an attempt to kill off the royal line and end all resistance, Aja is kidnapped by a General who intends to inject her with a lethal virus, hoping she will infect her family and Women of the Blood everywhere.
Kyr Aram, is a smuggler and secret resistance fighter. He must find a way to protect Aja from both the General and a traitor on his own ship who wishes to see her dead. With the Thousand Year Empress, he gets more than he bargained for.

Happy Monday!

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Happy Gay Friday & Free Reads and other Randomness

Make sure you enter the giveaway to win one of Keta Diablo’s Gay Fiction Books before July 28th!

TGIF! Cookie time! :)

And TG my vacay is only a few days away! :) Next Wednesday will be my last work day, if everything goes well, and I can say adieu to the office for 4 and a half weeks!
* I’m dreaming about Thursday - I think I stay in bed for the best part of the day, with my ereader of course. Let’s see if I can pull myself out of this annoying reading slump.
* And then on Friday I’m meeting blog buddy Leontine in Utrecht! Squeee!! I’m so looking forward to that! Can you imagine how much we’ll have to talk about? We planned on doing some book and ereader shopping too, in between the talking *grin*.
* On Saturday hubs and I have this family event to attend. My complete family gets together at my aunt and uncle’s house for a BBQ and lots of cocktails until the wee hours of morning.
* Sunday we’ll start packing our car for our vacation!
* Monday we’ll depart, by car, to France! Yay! We’re heading towards Bretagne, a province at the West Coast, but might as well end up in the south of France (or Spain, or Italy, lol) depending on the weather. We haven’t booked anything so we’re free to stay and go wherever we like! Doesn’t that sound like heaven?

But don’t worry, you won’t miss me! These awesome galls will keep my blog alive and kicking while I’m away:
~Leontine from Leontine’s Book Realm
~Kris from Kris ’n’ Good Books
~Pattepoilue (aka Caroline) from One Book Away From Heaven
~Tam from Tam’s Reads
~Bronwyn Green from Bronwyn’s Blog
~Cecile from All I Want and More
~KC from Smokinhotbooks

And during that period, from August 2 until 20, I’ll run a contest in which you can win various prices by just leaving comments on the guest posts. Easy peasy, right?

Have you ever been to I’ve downloaded a few free books from that site last week.

The first was Broken by Alyssa Turner which can be found here.
The author asked me to check this novella out and wrote this: “Thanks for checking it out, and I hope you enjoy it! Broken is a short erotic romance that breaks the mold somewhat. I am hoping to bring something new to the genre with my writings.”
That made me curious enough to want to read it. :) Maybe it piqued your curiosity too?

And then there was this series I heard Leontine talking about and which is also dowloadable for free at It’s called Special Forces and written by Marquesate & Vashtan.
The first book, Soldiers, can be found here.
The second book, Mercenaries, part 1 here and part 2 here.
And the third book, Veterans, here.

And last but not least a few random pics that made me smile or laugh...

Because this was how I often felt this week ;)

Have a Happy Friday!

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Giveaway & Blogtour Keta Diablo

Keta Diablo is Here With a Chance to Win One of Her Gay Fiction Books!

Take a look below and be sure to leave a comment to be eligible to win one of these hot, steamy man love stories.

Blood Oath
Link to Purchase
Also available at All Romance Ebooks

When Kale MacDonald's beloved grandmother dies, she leaves him a letter urging him to travel to Savannah, GA to find his destiny. Kale is confronted by a strange, decadent man who appears to be stalking him. He's also confronted by a trio of rogue vampires intent on killing him. Mystery and danger collide in the City of Secrets, and no one is who they appear to be.

* Blood Oath made the top ten best-seller list at Amber Quill Press the first month of its release.

* * *

Crossroads: Shadowland
Phaze Publishing
Also available at All Romance Ebooks

Frank must travel to Louisiana to solve another missing persons' case. This time, Rand insists on accompanying Frank to get a hands-on introduction to the PI business. Evil forces are at work in the bayou. Frank is pitted against a centuries' old ghost and races against time to save two innocent young men from eternal damnation. Rand gets caught in vortex of prejudice when he encounters a sinister duo bent on violence against gays. Sinister machinations converge in a maelstrom of retribution and hate. Frank must pull out all the stops to save the young men and the man who holds his heart.

* Shadowland is the 4th novella in the best-selling series CROSSROADS. The first three novellas were combined and are now available in print here.

* * *

Hot and Sticky
Amber Quill Press
Also Available at All Romance Ebooks

It’s been extremely difficult for Hugh Landon, an up-and-coming lawyer in Washington, D.C., to control his sexual fantasies about his paralegal, Milan Vassar.
When his career hangs in the balance over a missing file, Hugh must call Milan at the midnight hour and plead for assistance. Hugh’s determination not to mix business with pleasure disintegrates when Milan arrives at the office not only to help him, but to confess he’s held the same secret desires for his boss

* Hot and Sticky made the top ten best-seller’s list at the publisher’s web site the first month of its release.

* * *

Lip Service
Noble Romance

After their recent tiff, Bryan took off for Japan on business and left Navarre home to stew. Now Bryan is expected home after two long weeks, but fate has other plans--mechanical problems with his plane and no rental cars available. So what's a desperate man to do? Find his own means to get to the man he loves. When he finally arrives, Navarre has second thoughts about challenging fate. Bryan has company in his hotel room!

* Previously published in the Spank Me Twice anthology (voted BEST EROTIC BOOK of 2009 by Love Romances Cafe).

* * *

Magnolia Heat
Noble Romance

North Carolina, 1876: Rumors abound about the dark, mysterious Dominic Beresford in Chapel Hill. Their curiosity piqued, their libidos functioning on overload, Craven and Anthony are intent on obtaining answers about the supposed licentious gatherings taking place every weekend.
When the duo are caught spying on Beresford Hall, their punishment will be swift and severe, and in Craven’s case, dispensed by none other than the stunning Lord of the Manor.
What begins as penance soon veers off to a session of feverish passion where the avenger becomes the pawn in his own game. A male/male historical that will leave you breathless.

Bondage. Forced seduction. Intense and graphic scenes of man love.

* * *

The Devil’s Heel
Noble Romance
Also available at All Romance Ebooks

Five years ago Drew Hibbard dismissed Rogan Brockport from his life. Now, they meet again at the Governor’s Ball and Rogan will know the reason for the abrupt, unexplained cut. After Rogan saves Drew’s life during a pirate raid, he kidnaps him and the perfect opportunity to extract answers from Drew is finally at hand. Betrayal. Retribution. Undying Love. The Devil’s Heel.

* The Devil’s Heel has been on the best-seller’s list at All Romance Ebooks for two months!

* * *

If you’d like to learn more about Keta and her books you can visit her blogs:
Keta’s Keep Erotic Blog
The Stuff of Myth and Men

And don’t forget to visit her author home, Keta’s Haunt, and sign up for her newsletter for a chance to win more books. Keta gives away three books every month, all year long.

Keta on Twitter

* * *


Keta will be giving away a copy of one of her gay fiction books promoted on the tour. If you’d like to be eligible to win, please follow her blog, The Stuff of Myth and Men, leave a comment below by stating what book you’d like to win and make sure to include your e-mail address.

I’ll be selecting a winner and announcing it here on my blog on July 28th so check back. As soon as the winner is selected, Keta will be notified and will send you the ebook you chose.

Good luck to all!

* * *

Tomorrow author Jenna Byrnes will be hosting Keta on her blog. If you’d like to better your chances of winning one of Keta’s gay fiction books, please visit Jenna Byrnes’s blog, tomorrow JULY 22th.

To increase your chances even further, be sure to check out all the wonderful blog stops on Keta's Tour. You can enter on each blog.

July 19 – A Moment With Mystee Blog
July 20 – Author Mahalia Levey’s Blog
July 21 – Erotic Romance Reader
July 22 – Author Jenna Byrnes Blog
July 23 – Author Jude Mason’s Blog
July 24 – Author Tamela Quijas Blog
July 25 – Cajun Book Lady Blog
July 26 – Unbound Blog
July 27 – Moonlight, Lace and Mayhem
July 28 – Beyond Romance Blog

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Short review of Tempted by Megan Hart

Megan Hart
Harlequin Spice, 2007

Genre & Keywords:
Contemporary Romance, M/F, Ménage, M/F/M, Alcohol abuse, Nerving MIL, Addiction, Unwanted pregnancy

Rating: 3.5 of 5 stars
Heat level: 2.5 of 3 flames

Back Blurb
I had everything a woman could want.
My husband James. The house on the lake. My life. Our perfect life. And then Alex came to visit.
The first time I saw my husband's best friend, I didn't like him. Didn't like how James changed when he was around, didn't like how his penetrating eyes followed me everywhere. But that didn't stop me from wanting him. And surprisingly, James didn't seem to mind.
It was meant to be fun. Something the three of us shared for those hot summer weeks Alex stayed with us. Nobody was supposed to fall in or out of love. I didn't need another man, not even one who oozed sex like honey and knew all the secrets I didn't know, the secrets my husband hadn't shared. After all, we had a perfect life. I loved my husband.
But I wasn't the only one.

Tempted is told in first person from Anne's point of view. She's married to James whom she loves fondly. It's not an earth-shattering love but a calm, solid one. Then Alex comes into their lives. James and Alex have a history together and Anne immediately feels attracted to Alex. Soon they all three end up in bed together, which makes for some pretty hot sex scenes. Always straight m/f/m scenes, not a hint of m/m action though. Of course things become complicated when emotions get involved.

To be honest, I didn't like Anne that much. This feeling grew stronger and stronger in the second half of the book and her last scene with Alex sealed the deal for me - no chance left for her to redeem herself. The fact that the story is only told from her POV and we never learn about James' or Alex's feelings doesn't help. Eventually I even found the secondary storylines about Anne and her family taking too much pages. My worries for Alex (and James) kept me from enjoying these.

I usually can appreciate a flawed character, really, but Anne's idea of an (unprotected) solution just goes beyond flawed imo. In the end it's hard for me to love a book when I find the heroine selfish and unpleasant, even though I can see that it's written very well with great skill. I still look forward to reading Alex's story in Naked, because of Megan Hart's beautiful and compelling style of writing. Let's just hope I like the heroine in that story better...

Monday, July 19, 2010

Monday's Hot Couple

Only a picture today, no smutty scene, because I'm still reading the same book as last week! O_o
I know, it's indeed unparalleled. But the day job, the heat and some social obligations are keeping me away from home and my ereader... Even tonight I have to work because of some deadline and I'm really unhappy about it. With a bit of luck I have some time for myself again coming Thursday.
I'm looking forward to it, because I have some good books waiting on my ereader, like Clare London's Blinded by Our Eyes and Megan Hart's Naked. But first I have to finish Lorelei James's Raising Kane, that I'm really enjoying.
How about you, which book are you reading atm and are you enjoying it?

Ps: Don't forget to drop by on Wednesday for the Keta Diablo Giveaway.

Happy Monday!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Happy Gay Friday & Does Summer Affect Your Blog(hopping)?

Wew, I think I’m officially in a reading slump this month. So far I’ve only read 6 books and just one was a full-length novel… Let’s just say I’ve had other things to keep me occupied. ;)
The truth is, my vacation is coming up by the end of the month and our secretary is going on vacay one week ahead of me. So, we’re working our asses off to get all our little projects completed before we leave it all behind for four weeks. That way I’ll feel much more relaxed while sitting in the French sun, sipping French wine and nibbling from French bread and French cheese. :D
But it’s costing me some of my reading hours…

Aside from that I’m busy plotting and planning some guest posts with a few of my bloggy friends for when I’m on vacation and touring through France. Because I don’t want it to go all quiet over here. In fact, I want you to have a great time without me! So, I’m really happy that these friends are helping me out with some fun posts! Plus I’ll run a nice ‘Vacay Giveaway’ during those first weeks of August! I hope you all join in the fun!

Speaking of giveaways, I have agreed to join in a few blog tours in July and some come with a giveaway. Here’s what you can expect for the next weeks:

July 21
Blog tour to celebrate six new m/m releases from Keta Diablo, including a giveaway of one of her books (winner’s choice)

July 27
I’m guest posting over at Leontine’s Book Realm, with a review of Lorelei James’s Raising Kane, and she’ll give away one of Lorelei James’s Rough Riders books (winner’s pick)

July 29
Blog tour Pack of Lies. I’ll be reviewing Vanessa Vaughn’s m/m novel Pack of Lies, which is a beautifully written first book of a paranormal series.
*M/M ‘purists’ alert: this m/m book also has m/f scenes!
I usually don’t watch book trailers that often, because I like to make my own picture of the characters but the one for this book is fast and beautiful without forcing an image upon the viewer, so here it is:

July 31
Blog tour to celebrate the release of Alex’s Appeal, the third m/m book in Jenna Byrnes’ and Jude Mason’s Kindred Spirits series, including a giveaway of one of the books from this series (winner’s choice).

August 2 – 16
KC and K-Khan from Smokinhotbooks are having a party: 14 Days of FAB (Freakin' Awesome far this year) and I join them with a guest post on one of those days. They’ll have a giveaway at the end.

August 2 – 20
Vacay Giveaway. Party time at my blog while I’m on vacation, with various guest bloggers and a giveaway of two gift certificates for two lucky winners at the end.

Well, I believe that’s enough info for today ;)

I’m curious what you do with your blog - if you have one - when you’re on vacation? And what about bloghopping? Do you use summer and vacation time to bloghop more and find new places, or the opposite, do you spend less time online? Personally I discovered the whole world of book blogs during summer time last year when I used the relaxed days of vacation and summer to spend some time online! :)

Have a Happy Friday!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Spreading the Smutty Love

Leontine's Book Realm

Leontine is having a big party, starting next Monday!

Look what she has in store for us smut lovers:


July 19th: Column - A gal and her smut + the grand 'Research the Smut' Giveaway: a 30 dollar Gift Certificate to any e-book store I can buy a GC

July 20th: Guestblog - Smutty approved book characters by KC from Smokinhotbooks Giveaway: Copy of The Darkest Lie send to you by the author (For US only)

July 21st: My first time story & an excerpt + Giveaway: a novel from Joey W Hill's backlist send to you by the author.

July 27th: Guestreview - Lorelei James, Raising Kane by Janna from Erotromreader (that’s me ;)) + Giveaway: E-copy giveaway of a Rough Rider novel by choice.

July 28th: Guestblog - A guide into the smut by @Ferishia + Giveaway: A copy of Demon’s Fire send to you by the author.

July 30th: Interview with R.G Alexander about her upcoming release, Possess Me + Giveaway: $ 10,- Gift Certificate to Amazon given by the author.

Go check out Leontine’s place for more details!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Few Quickies

I wish I had time to write long(er) reviews of all the books I read, but that just isn’t the case, unless someone insists on offering me a job doing so. ;) As I don’t see that happening soon… uhm ever… I settle for a few quick thoughts on some of the m/m books I read lately. All were novellas except the one by Shelley Munro and M.L. Rhodes which were a little over 100 pages, and the yaoi novel.
Clicking the title will bring you to the synopsis at Goodreads, clicking the author’s name will lead to the publisher’s or bookseller’s site. I’ve read all books as an ebook, except the first.

Yuki Shimizu, Love Mode Vol. 1 (192p)

I actually don't know how to rate this, being it my first yaoi novel, but I liked it. And some parts I really liked. So, I go for 3.5 stars atm. Let's see how the other yaoi novels I have on the shelves will compare to it... Next is either I Want To Be Naughty or Barefoot Waltz.

M. L. Rhodes, Bring the Heat (121p)

I like M.L. Rhodes' writing a lot and she's really good at making me feel the emotions of her characters, which was done well in this story. But it felt also a bit too rushed and I'm not a big fan of the insta-love theme. Still an enjoyable read with likeable heroes. 3.5 stars

Sara Bell, Pool Hall Green (66p)

This was a fun, light read about some heavy topics (homophobia, blackmail, addiction, violence). Luckily, it never became dramatic and the problems were dealt with in an unexpectant way. But I just didn't feel the attraction between Drew and Evan. I didn't believe they were meant for each other. The story was more focused on Drew and Evan dealing with their family and their problems than on them falling in love. The family story lines were interesting though. 3 stars

Devon Rhodes, A Detour Home (43p)

A Detour Home was the first book I've read by Devon Rhodes, but definitely not the last. It was a great read. The heroes are cute and hot and perfect for each other, only they need a few years to find that out. I loved the careful exploration of their attraction, and their first love scene was beautiful and exciting - and not only because of the risk of discovery by their roommate. Maybe the break was a bit long, but luckily their love survived all those years. ;) Cam and Jon's love story is cute, sexy and entertaining! 4 stars

Stephani Hecht, Double Shot Cappuccino (60p)

I really enjoyed Double Shot Cappuccino which was the first book I've read from this author. It’s a sweet love story between a cute coffee shop owner and his deceased brother’s hot best friend. The shared history of friendship and loss is in the end the glue that makes their relationship more than just a bunch of steamy, sexy encounters. I loved the heroes and I loved the setting of the coffee shop and the secondary characters coming with that setting. I also loved the old video operating as the catalyst for Tyler’s eye-opening moment. It’s not a long read but it certainly feels like a full-fledged story. 4 stars

Kim Dare, Gay Friendly (47p)

This was a really cute D/s story about a young novice and an older Dom who feels the urge to protect the other man from groping hands during their stay in a ‘gay-friendly’ hotel. Ellis is adorably innocent and a natural sub. Mitchell can’t help himself to feel attracted and protective. Their relationship is a D/s one but very light and mild. I loved both the inexperienced, cute Ellis and the gentle, patient Mitchell. They were a great match. 3.75 stars

Musician Adam and roadie Nate feel attracted to each other. But Nate is still mourning the loss of his wife. This story had the potential of a sweet Gay For You romance, but somehow I didn’t feel Adam and Nate’s chemistry and love. I had some trouble getting past the continuity problems regarding Adam’s tattoo (which seems to be there in the beginning while it shouldn’t be there) and Nate’s sexuality (did he like men before he met his wife, is he straight, has he wanted to be with a man before, is he not gay, or is he bi? Does he himself remember what sex he likes?). Aside from this, I felt their romance and feelings for each other drifted to the background when Adam’s history and family issues became more prominent. Plus I didn’t buy Adam’s brother’s change in behavior after his marriage nor that the assassin freaked out and ended things the way he ended them. This story just asked a bit too much suspension of disbelief for my taste. For those who don’t mind a few over the top secondary characters and some discontinuities, this might be a sexy read about a rock band and two hot guys, mixed with a light paranormal ingredient. 2.75 stars

Finding Home is a cute Gay For You story and Adam and Rhone are such a sexy couple. What I liked best about this book is that the heroes spent the first ten years of this story just as friends, gradually becoming closer and closer, although Rhone stays clueless about Adam’s crush on him. It’s so sweet that Adam never considers telling Rhone about his feelings but chooses for the friendship. Until one day Rhone finds out and recognizes his own feelings as love. I must admit that this ‘discovery’ felt a bit rushed in the end, maybe because I was yet trying to grasp the over the top scene in the office with Adam and his female colleague! I’m reading the sequel Saying I Do now and am still enjoying Adam and Rhone’s hot chemistry. 3.5 stars

That was it! Back to reading Saying I Do. :)
What are you reading at the moment?

Monday, July 12, 2010

Monday’s Hot Couple & Sexy, Smutty Scene from Raising Kane by Lorelei James

This week’s sexy scene is from the newest book in Lorelei James’s Rough Riders series, Raising Kane, which is one of my current reads. I’ll review this ninth book in the series for Leontine’s Smutty Researchers at Play week.

I love this series about dirty sexy cowboys who are so very good with rope! ;) The fourth book in this series was the first erotic romance I ever read (about one year ago) other than a few Harlequine Blaze books. And you all know what new ‘world’ that brought me. :) Without it I would’ve never started searching the internet for more books and never would’ve found the romance blog community which I enjoy so much now.
Lorelei James is still one of my favorite writers, none of her books are the same and yet very familiar. Most importantly, they are scorching hot! Kane and Ginger seem a good match too, judging from the next scene (in which Ginger has an injured right arm/shoulder btw). Enjoy!

Kane’s hand slid into her hair. He tilted her head back while bringing her closer. “Oh, I want, all right.”
Silence passed between them as they looked at each other. Lust built quickly, reflected in equal measure.
He softly brushed his lips across hers. “Again. Right now.”
Ginger’s gaze dropped to his cock. “Here I thought I’d get to use my hand to help you rise to the occasion.”
“I ain’t stoppin’ you.”
She reached between them and fondled his balls. Then she wrapped her fingers around his girth and stroked, keeping her eyes glued to his. “See? I’m not very good with my left hand.”
“That’s the thing, darlin’, you don’t have to be good. Just puttin’ your hand on me does all sorts of good.” He loosened his hold on her hair. “Need help climbin’ up on my lap?”
“What do you mean?”
Kane adjusted his legs beneath hers. “Hold onto my shoulder.” As soon as Ginger had some semblance of balance, he lifted her so her legs were half-wrapped around his waist as they faced each other.
“Oh. I like this,” she murmured.
He aligned his cock and slid into her in a single slow glide.
“I really like that.”
“This way I can have my hands free to touch you.”
“Not to mention I can kiss all those spots that’ve been tempting me.” Ginger used her teeth to follow the muscles corded in his neck. She methodically tasted the section of skin under his strong jaw. She slid her lips to his ear. “While this control thing is a turn on? I want equal time to explore your body.”
“Ah. Okay, Jesus.”
“Move in me, Kane. Put your hands on me. God, I love the way your rough hands feel on me.”
Kane grabbed her ass cheeks and rocked into her. In this position he couldn’t pull his cock out, but there was something very intimate about staying connected while hands and mouths explored. While pulses raced and sweat beaded on skin.
And Ginger took her own sweet time in her exploration. She kissed, nibbled and licked the slope of his shoulder, his jaw, all the while making very satisfied, very approving noises. He loved the way her tits pressed into his chest. The stiff nipples rubbing the hair on his sweat-slickened skin when she shifted to touch him at another angle. He loved the feel of her quickened breath puffing out every time he lifted his hips and drove into her a little deeper.
He loved everything about this. About her.
Part of him wanted to stay locked with this highly sensual woman for the next hour, just existing in the physical reaction. Another part wanted that drive to orgasm.
When Ginger reconnected their mouths the urgency re-ignited.
His hands cupped her buttocks, lifting her completely off his cock so he could plunge in fully.
She ripped her mouth free, arching her neck. “It’s right there.”
“Bear down on me, oh fuck yeah, just like that.” Kane buried his lips in her throat and sucked hard.
“Omigod. Yes. Yes!” Ginger’s body tightened, inside, outside.
Kane came with a roar as her climax milked his with every rhythmic pulse. He was pretty sure he stopped breathing for a second or so. He was pretty sure the damn world stopped spinning. He was also pretty sure one day in bed with her wouldn’t nearly be enough.
Soft kisses tracked his hairline.
His eyes fluttered open.
Ginger smiled at him.
“Jesus. That was fucking amazing.”
“Or amazing fucking,” she teased, kissing his nose.

Lorelei James’s website | on Goodreads
Buy Raising Kane here

Backblurb Raising Kane:
She surrendered the reins. Now he’s raising the stakes

When a patch of ice sends attorney Ginger Paulson head-over-high-heels down a flight of stairs, she has no one to care for her young son and her invalid father. Until lethally sexy Kane McKay shows up at the hospital, determined to prove his cowboy chivalry. Past experience has inoculated her against take-charge men, but even Ginger isn’t immune to Kane’s invasive charm and Built Ford Tough body.
For two years rancher Kane McKay has followed the Little Buddies mentoring program’s cardinal rule—hands off his Little Buddy Hayden’s mama. But one look at Ginger’s bruised body and Kane is through watching the stubborn woman take care of everyone but herself. The feisty, curvy redhead needs his help, and he’ll give her the hands-on type whether she likes it or not.
After Kane throws out doctor’s orders and issues his own demands—her full sexual submission—Ginger realizes Kane’s caring nature extends beyond just fulfilling her physical needs.
Can the former hell-raiser convince the gun-shy single mom to look beyond his past…toward a shared future?

Warning: Contains one sweet and hot hunk of cowboy manflesh who uses every sexual trick in the book to render a sassy fast-talking attorney speechless and puts a new twist on the term “binding” arbitration.

Happy Monday!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

This and That on a Lazy Sunday

Our Sunday is warm & lazy and our whole nation is excited and anxiously waiting for the big event! Tonight is the World Cup final: Netherlands – Spain. Nobody thinks we’re going to win, not even Octopus Paul:

Seems that this German oracle has predicted the outcome of all Germany’s matches right. LOL! But we’ll see.

I plan to enjoy the match anyway, if it’s not for the game than at least for the running and sweating hotties. ;) We have a few pretties in our team and Spain even more! :D

Hubby and I are going to a barbecue first and after that we will watch the match with a group of people. So... party time! :)

This weekend I heard of the start of a new publisher (and seller) of ebooks: LazyDay Publishing. And they are looking for talent. They are open to all genres and keeping an open mind about anything that comes their way. Although, they are going to be erotica and romance heavy. They asked me if I could spread the word. :)

The following is their Open Call:

LazyDay Publishing Accepting Submissions (40%-50% Royalties)

LazyDay Publishing is a new digital publisher that is focused on the future of storytelling.

All books will be on our site, but will also be available with all the leading third party distributors. Our books will be easily available in all leading formats. LazyDay Publishing will be a dominating presence in the future of the digital book.

LazyDay Publishing will be officially launching December 1, 2010! Please follow us during this exciting time by visiting our site as well as following us on Twitter.

Our initial web page is designed for the author, but will vastly change on December 1, 2010 to become a fully integrated online ebook store and digital publishing house that will be focused on the reader.

We are actively pursuing authors who want to be part of our team. Please see our submission guidelines on how to get published here.

I hope you’re all having a sweet, lazy Sunday!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Happy Gay Friday

I slept half of my afternoon away today because of the heat. :( And now I'm in a hurry to get dressed and dolled up for a party we have to go to in less than an hour. *sigh* I don't feel like partying with this heat, I really have to start working on my happy face... This picture helps.

Don't you agree it's lovely? I found it at the Gaytwotether blog today and I adore it. Well, I'm leaving you with happy thoughts I hope. I'm out of here and back at bloghopping tomorrow! TTYL!

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Random Hotness

Temperatures are high and at work it has been busy. But who cares because... we made it to the finals of the Worldcup!! Woohoot! :) Ahum, yeah, I'm totally cool about it! ;) So, Sunday night is the match and we're up against Spain. I thought maybe I could treat you all to some nice candy, since it has been ages that I've done that! And perhaps in return you can cheer for the Dutch team, okay? *bats eyelashes*

But first go check out the giveaway at the new Romance Reviews blog. They have great prizes for more than one winner!

And are you wondering what yaoi is? Kris @ Kris 'n Good Books is having a series that tells you all about it. Click the button to go to her place.


And my Dutch blogger friend Leontine is having a mighty interesting week (or actually 12 days) coming up: Smutty Researchers at Play, with some awesome guest bloggers ;) Go see what she has planned @ Leontine's Book Realm.

And last but not least, the wickedly witty blogging twin sisters KC and K-Khan are celebrating their birthday with a giveaway of Maggie Stiefvater's Linger which ends July 9. Go check it out @ the Smokinhotbooks blog.

So, now it's finally time for some wet and cool hotties! Enjoy!

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