Monday, July 19, 2010

Monday's Hot Couple

Only a picture today, no smutty scene, because I'm still reading the same book as last week! O_o
I know, it's indeed unparalleled. But the day job, the heat and some social obligations are keeping me away from home and my ereader... Even tonight I have to work because of some deadline and I'm really unhappy about it. With a bit of luck I have some time for myself again coming Thursday.
I'm looking forward to it, because I have some good books waiting on my ereader, like Clare London's Blinded by Our Eyes and Megan Hart's Naked. But first I have to finish Lorelei James's Raising Kane, that I'm really enjoying.
How about you, which book are you reading atm and are you enjoying it?

Ps: Don't forget to drop by on Wednesday for the Keta Diablo Giveaway.

Happy Monday!


  1. Work is getting in the way of my reading life too ;) Nice pic!

  2. You sound swamped hun (((hugs))) so I really keeping fingers crossed for you that come thursday you get a bit of r&r!!

    What I'm currently reading; Marquesate & Vashtan (YAY I spelled it correctly without glancing at nore - I iz sooooo good LOL) Special Forces - Soldiers. The first novel of *gulp* 550 pages about Vadim & Dan. I can safely say I'm completely submerged in their journey. It takes a page or 45 to get into but then it takes off and I haven't touched another book since. I only want to know where they are going, how things will play out and how much rough and dirty lusting they can manage in 550 pages ;)

    I've had a reading slump earlier this year and I really hope it stays far, far away from my doorstep! Hope yours vanishes soon to hon!

  3. I am reading The White queen by Philippa Gregory and really enjoying it :)

    Have a great week Janna!

  4. Oh, I would sooo love to read "Naked" asap. I just got news from amaz. today that they will send me my preordered copy in August. Still 3 weeks to wait for me :-(

    I just finished "Chasing Daisy" by Paige Toon yesterday, and today started reading a book by Jules Verne in german. Paige Toon writes chick-lit (I´m not at all into chick-lit normally, but I really love her books which are so much more!) I just finished writing my first review in english on that particular book, and will post it later this week. It was fun but it was a challenge for me as well. I hope my readers will like it...

    Wish you all the best for your working week, atm I´m very busy with work too, so I understand how you feel.

  5. Here's hoping that work settles down quickly so you can get some time to yourself!

  6. I'm reading Her Two Dads by Ariel Tachna. Sweet story so far.

    Hope things get better for you soon. :)

  7. @Heather: That really sucks, doesn't it? Why don't employers understand we need our book fix and pay is for reading, right? LOL. Glad you liked the pic! :)

    @Leontine: I'm hoping with you the reading slump stays away from you doorstep, hon! Forever! :)
    I've downloaded the Special Forces books too, since they are for free ;) Thanks again for the tip! =)

    @Blodeuedd: I'm glad you're enjoying your read, sweets! Have a fab week too! :D

    @Evi: Those three weeks will fly by before you know it. ;)
    Great that you wrote a review in English, hon! Are all (or more of) your reviews going to be in English from now on? Because in that case I can add your blog to my blogroll! :)
    Good luck with your busy work week too! Hugs to you.

    @Chris: Thanks! :) And not only for myself - also for my blogfriends! =)

    @Lily: I've seen that story over at Dreamspinner's and liked the premise. Thank you, Lily. :)

  8. Janna, I don´t know yet about the english reviews. Let´s see how the first one works ;-)
    (Maybe you can give me your honest opinion after reading it? I´m planning to post it on friday.)

    I´ve been thinking about doing reviews in english for quite a while now. Every third book I read is in english now, and the number is increasing, so I probably start doing die reviews in the language of the book. English Reviews for english books, and german reviews for the books I read in german. That might be a possibility. Maybe when I get used to do it in english, it won´t take me so long. I guess it has a lot to do with practice... But let´s just see!

  9. Work is playing havoc on my twitter life. Words like 'deadlines' are just not fun :(

  10. @evi: I look forward to Friday, hon, and I'll definitely drop by if work let me! :) You know, it was the same for me at first, writing in English took me forever, but now it's going much faster! It has to do with practice indeed. :) But the most important thing is that you're doing what suits you best, because blogging is supposed to be fun foremost! :D

    @KC: Let's scratch the word 'deadline' out of the dictionary, shall we? :)

  11. I hope you're having a great week, and that work isn't taking too much of a toll on your reading life!

    I'm in the middle of Divine Misdemeanors by Laurell K. Hamilton; although, I may have to put it aside because I bought a ton of manlove today. ;)

  12. Thank you for the picture. Sorry to hear work is so hectic! *hugs* I'm currently reading Patricia Briggs Silver Borne but am thinking I need an m/m weekend...specifically some Brandon & Nicky *grin*

  13. It's already Thursday but I hope the week hasn't been too trying for you...

    You have a great set of book waiting for you to sink into...


  14. I'm currently reading, oh, about 100 things. :) Eliza March's new one, Judith Rochelle's Target, a Melissa Marr and on and on...

    I also have an award for you, Janna, here. I love your site. Keep up the good work!
    Vixen Pearl
    Vixen Reviews

  15. @Eyre: Well, the work week caused me to neglect responding to all your comments. :( Sorry about that!
    Oh, I like the sound of a ton of manlove! I look forward to your findings, Eyre! :D

    @orannia: *grin* an m/m weekend sounds wonderful, especially when you get to spend it with Nicky and Brandon! I adore them! :)

    @EH: I hope to dive into those books very soon, hon! :D

    @Vixen Pearl: Hey girl! Welcome at my place!! :) I dropped by at your blog last night and I absolutely LOVE it!! I've immediately added you to my blogroll so I can come over more often! Thanks so much for the award, hon! I really appreciate it! :D


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