Thursday, July 8, 2010

Random Hotness

Temperatures are high and at work it has been busy. But who cares because... we made it to the finals of the Worldcup!! Woohoot! :) Ahum, yeah, I'm totally cool about it! ;) So, Sunday night is the match and we're up against Spain. I thought maybe I could treat you all to some nice candy, since it has been ages that I've done that! And perhaps in return you can cheer for the Dutch team, okay? *bats eyelashes*

But first go check out the giveaway at the new Romance Reviews blog. They have great prizes for more than one winner!

And are you wondering what yaoi is? Kris @ Kris 'n Good Books is having a series that tells you all about it. Click the button to go to her place.


And my Dutch blogger friend Leontine is having a mighty interesting week (or actually 12 days) coming up: Smutty Researchers at Play, with some awesome guest bloggers ;) Go see what she has planned @ Leontine's Book Realm.

And last but not least, the wickedly witty blogging twin sisters KC and K-Khan are celebrating their birthday with a giveaway of Maggie Stiefvater's Linger which ends July 9. Go check it out @ the Smokinhotbooks blog.

So, now it's finally time for some wet and cool hotties! Enjoy!



  1. Hey honey!!! OH gosh... a lot is going on...
    First.. YAYAYAYAYAYAY on your team making it to the finals!! I will gladly root for your team honey.. eyecandy or not!! You know that!!!!! **smiles.. but I do love the candy**

    You are such a dear to always think of cooling us off with such water play pictures, lmbo!!!! I think I will take me a few of them and go play in the water!!!
    Well it seems all is well for you honey!! I have missed you sum!!!!
    I hope you and hubby have a wonderful weekend and GO TEAM for Sunday!!!! Hugs to you honey!!!!!

  2. Hey Cecile! LOL, I knew you would appreciate the cool pics! :) Thanks for rooting for our team! When they win we'll take Monday off from work! There's no way we can show up at work freshly after a party like that. ;) But let's not get ahead of ourselves...
    I have missed you sum too, hugs to you!!

  3. Those pics are just what I need a ho, hot day like this. You always know what to show Janna

  4. Glad you like them, Blodeuedd! :) It's hot, isn't it?

  5. I was getting sleepy but after 'making eyes' at your man candy I'm all perky now.

    Thanks for the b-day wishes *air kisses*

  6. Oh I so want guy #3 to turn that hose on me. Please? Now?

    My friend of Dutch origin will be staying with me this weekend so we will definitely be cheering for the Netherlands. Although he may end up in a bar downtown which is far more exciting than my living room but we'll put on our lucky underwear for you. :-)

  7. Thanks for the cookies! And I'll be thinking lucky happy winning thoughts for the Dutch team!

  8. *waving pom poms for the Dutch team*

    Lots of interesting stuff going on. Thanks for sharing. And oh my, thanks for the cookies. Loved the first pic and since my car is kind of dirty can you send #2 & 3 over to help me out. Please? :)

  9. Thanks for the shout out, Janna!

  10. Hi! I'm visiting because of the blog hop. Great place!

    I'm a follower.

    I'll be hanging around awhile.

    VampAngel's Dilemma: To Read or Not To Read It? That is The Question

  11. @KC: Heeheeh, they're quite eye-catching, aren't they? :)

    @Tam: That hose looks pretty good, huh? ;D
    Have a great time with your friend, Tam. And thanks for putting on your lucky underwear for us! *psst, my lucky underwear is no underwear* I might try that trick myself. :D

    @Chris: My pleasure and thanks for the good luck wishes! I think all the good vibes do have an effect! :)

    @Lily: The hotties are on their way, hon! But only to help you to clean your car, okay? No naughty things! ;)

    @Kris: You're very welcome. It's my pleasure to help to spread the yaoi love! :)

  12. @Vampangel: Welcome at my place! And thanks for hanging around. :) I just hopped over to your place and it looks great! See you there! :D

  13. (((hugs))) for being a smutty cheerleader for my 12 days of playtime :) What a great way to bribe peeps to cheer for our Dutch team, I can't get enough of Robben, Kuijt en Sneijder, they haz soccer magic I say! Van Persie is a let down ;(

    I want to play with water and one of your man-candy guys just to refresh myself :)

  14. @leontine: My pleasure to be a cheerleader ;)
    I can't get enough of 'our' guys either, lol! And Van Persie, ah well, he can stay because of his looks ;D
    No problem, I'm sending the hose guy over, to cool you down. :) I'm not sure if it'll help! *g*

  15. Haha..I love the man candy with the white socks and sneakers.. Good luck with the game this weekend.. I am last right now in my world cup pool though so maybe it's bad luck to have me hope your team will win ;)

  16. I almost forgot to comment I was so distracted by the yumminess here! :P

    I'm hopping through via Follow Friday. I'm an old follower, but I just wanted to say 'hi' and have a great weekend!

    Among The Muses

  17. @Heather: Heh, the white socks and sneakers guy is adorable, isn't he? He can come wash my car anytime. :)
    Thanks for cheering for us, hon! There's no such thing as bad luck, only good vibes! :)

    @Tanya: LOL, that seems to happen more often here! :) Feel welcome to look as long as you want. *g*
    I'll swing by at your place later. Have a great weekend too! :D

  18. Thanks for the heads up on all those features around blogland...

    I wish one of those lads would spray me...



  19. @EH: You're welcome! I'm sure that could be arranged. ;)


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