Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Few Quickies

I wish I had time to write long(er) reviews of all the books I read, but that just isn’t the case, unless someone insists on offering me a job doing so. ;) As I don’t see that happening soon… uhm ever… I settle for a few quick thoughts on some of the m/m books I read lately. All were novellas except the one by Shelley Munro and M.L. Rhodes which were a little over 100 pages, and the yaoi novel.
Clicking the title will bring you to the synopsis at Goodreads, clicking the author’s name will lead to the publisher’s or bookseller’s site. I’ve read all books as an ebook, except the first.

Yuki Shimizu, Love Mode Vol. 1 (192p)

I actually don't know how to rate this, being it my first yaoi novel, but I liked it. And some parts I really liked. So, I go for 3.5 stars atm. Let's see how the other yaoi novels I have on the shelves will compare to it... Next is either I Want To Be Naughty or Barefoot Waltz.

M. L. Rhodes, Bring the Heat (121p)

I like M.L. Rhodes' writing a lot and she's really good at making me feel the emotions of her characters, which was done well in this story. But it felt also a bit too rushed and I'm not a big fan of the insta-love theme. Still an enjoyable read with likeable heroes. 3.5 stars

Sara Bell, Pool Hall Green (66p)

This was a fun, light read about some heavy topics (homophobia, blackmail, addiction, violence). Luckily, it never became dramatic and the problems were dealt with in an unexpectant way. But I just didn't feel the attraction between Drew and Evan. I didn't believe they were meant for each other. The story was more focused on Drew and Evan dealing with their family and their problems than on them falling in love. The family story lines were interesting though. 3 stars

Devon Rhodes, A Detour Home (43p)

A Detour Home was the first book I've read by Devon Rhodes, but definitely not the last. It was a great read. The heroes are cute and hot and perfect for each other, only they need a few years to find that out. I loved the careful exploration of their attraction, and their first love scene was beautiful and exciting - and not only because of the risk of discovery by their roommate. Maybe the break was a bit long, but luckily their love survived all those years. ;) Cam and Jon's love story is cute, sexy and entertaining! 4 stars

Stephani Hecht, Double Shot Cappuccino (60p)

I really enjoyed Double Shot Cappuccino which was the first book I've read from this author. It’s a sweet love story between a cute coffee shop owner and his deceased brother’s hot best friend. The shared history of friendship and loss is in the end the glue that makes their relationship more than just a bunch of steamy, sexy encounters. I loved the heroes and I loved the setting of the coffee shop and the secondary characters coming with that setting. I also loved the old video operating as the catalyst for Tyler’s eye-opening moment. It’s not a long read but it certainly feels like a full-fledged story. 4 stars

Kim Dare, Gay Friendly (47p)

This was a really cute D/s story about a young novice and an older Dom who feels the urge to protect the other man from groping hands during their stay in a ‘gay-friendly’ hotel. Ellis is adorably innocent and a natural sub. Mitchell can’t help himself to feel attracted and protective. Their relationship is a D/s one but very light and mild. I loved both the inexperienced, cute Ellis and the gentle, patient Mitchell. They were a great match. 3.75 stars

Musician Adam and roadie Nate feel attracted to each other. But Nate is still mourning the loss of his wife. This story had the potential of a sweet Gay For You romance, but somehow I didn’t feel Adam and Nate’s chemistry and love. I had some trouble getting past the continuity problems regarding Adam’s tattoo (which seems to be there in the beginning while it shouldn’t be there) and Nate’s sexuality (did he like men before he met his wife, is he straight, has he wanted to be with a man before, is he not gay, or is he bi? Does he himself remember what sex he likes?). Aside from this, I felt their romance and feelings for each other drifted to the background when Adam’s history and family issues became more prominent. Plus I didn’t buy Adam’s brother’s change in behavior after his marriage nor that the assassin freaked out and ended things the way he ended them. This story just asked a bit too much suspension of disbelief for my taste. For those who don’t mind a few over the top secondary characters and some discontinuities, this might be a sexy read about a rock band and two hot guys, mixed with a light paranormal ingredient. 2.75 stars

Finding Home is a cute Gay For You story and Adam and Rhone are such a sexy couple. What I liked best about this book is that the heroes spent the first ten years of this story just as friends, gradually becoming closer and closer, although Rhone stays clueless about Adam’s crush on him. It’s so sweet that Adam never considers telling Rhone about his feelings but chooses for the friendship. Until one day Rhone finds out and recognizes his own feelings as love. I must admit that this ‘discovery’ felt a bit rushed in the end, maybe because I was yet trying to grasp the over the top scene in the office with Adam and his female colleague! I’m reading the sequel Saying I Do now and am still enjoying Adam and Rhone’s hot chemistry. 3.5 stars

That was it! Back to reading Saying I Do. :)
What are you reading at the moment?


  1. I so love your quickies!!!!!
    I hope all is gone with you lately!! Hugs and Kisses!

  2. Yeah, that discovery scene in Finding Home nearly ruined the entire book. WTF?!

    I liked Pool Hall Green more than you did. :D And hey, I read and enjoyed A Detour Home this week, too.

  3. I've been waiting to hear your thoughts on Kim Dare's book, lol.

    I've read a lot of Shelly Munroe m/f erotic romances via Ellora's Cave and thought they were just ok.

  4. @Cecile: Thanks, honey! I'm good, busy, but good! Hope you're okay too! :D

    @Chris: I'm glad I'm not the only one who had a WTF moment! LOL!
    Yeah, Pool Hall Green was okay but not amazingly romantic. :)

    @KC: You did? Well, Kim's was a short but sweet story. :)
    Just okay describes Shelley Munro's book pretty accurate. ;)

  5. I've been meaning to read Devon's book for ages. I need to get on that. I've got the Sara Bell book, but I haven't read any of it yet.

    I hope you're enjoying Saying I Do. I really like Dane's writing.

  6. Great set of quickies. I really liked Double Shot and Gay Friendly was cute. Haven't read the others yet.

  7. Thanks for the quickie sweetie, glad it was good for you! ;)

    @ Chris, thanks for the love too!

    A few of those others are on my TBR list, oh, and I also had the WTH moment along with you guys.

  8. @Eyre: It usually is the other way around, because you read so much more than I do. :)
    I am enjoying Saying I Do very much. She writes very hot love scenes! Yowzah! :D

    @Lily: Those were both sweet reads for me too! I can't believe I read some books you haven't yet, lol. Like with Eyre it usually it's the other way around. :D

    @Devon: Lol, I hope the quickie was good for you too! ;) Next time I'll take my time to make it really good. :D

  9. Nothing wrong with a quickie! LOL! Thanks for all of the information!

    On the other hand, I am reading LARGE right now! I just finished Demon blood (400+ pages) and am starting the equally large, Bonds of Justice!

  10. I felt the same way about Pool Hall Green.

    Also, I think I'll check out Double Shot Cappuccino - it sounds interesting! Thanks!


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