Monday, July 5, 2010

Mondays Hot Couple Inspired by Megan Harts Tempted

This week’s Hot Couple is actually a threesome. :) It’s inspired by the novel I was reading this weekend from Megan Hart: Tempted.

That romance is about the married couple Anne and James. When an old friend of James comes over for a visit there’s an instant attraction between Anne and the houseguest Alex. After awhile it seems only natural for the couple to invite Alex into their bed… The three of them scorch the sheets, but what does this mean for Anne’s and James’s marriage and James’s and Alex’s friendship?
I haven’t finished the novel yet, but think I will soon because I’m at a point now where it’s hard to put the book down. It did cost me some time to get there, but now I find Ms. Hart’s writing very addictive. Tempted is sort of a prequel to Ms Hart’s novel Naked in which Alex is the main character and finds his own HEA. So there’s no happy ending for the threesome as such in Tempted. I’m actually relieved about that, because I adore Alex and he deserves his own Love with a capital L. ;)

Are you a fan of Megan Hart’s books? Which one is your absolute favorite?

I’m usually not one to tell you about new releases or that you should buy a book that I haven’t read yet myself, but today I like to make an exception for a gay romance from Kim Dare, called Gay Friendly, that I’m going to buy, not only because she writes fun, kinky stories, but also because all the royalties the author receives for this book are being donated to a good cause - the Ty Hafan Children's Hospice.
Gay Friendly releases today at Total E-Bound and can be purchased here.

Ellis is gay and out - technically at least. Unfortunately the only other gay man he's acquainted with is his cousin Harry. When he suddenly gets the chance to visit a gay friendly hotel with his cousin, in exchange for paying his share of the petrol money, he assumes the impromptu holiday will be a nice gentle way to ease his way into gay society before he starts university in September.
Dominant Mitchell Thompson has fond memories of the hotel where he came out almost two decades ago. He returns there every year, and always finds it to be exactly the same unashamedly kinky hook-up party it has always been. When he stumbles across a sweet little novice who's obviously way out of his depth at the resort, his trip down memory lane suddenly becomes far more interesting.

Have a good Monday!


  1. Ohhhhh nice choice. I think you noticed that I read some Megan Hart books. *snorts* And you really want a favorite. That is just mean. Okay I will give you 2: Dirty and Naked. Loved both to pieces. And there is also a sequel to Dirty called Reason Enough (Spice Briefs) loved that one, too. Best would be you read them all.. =) There isn't one I didn't like.

    And the book sounds hot adn for a good cause. Who can resist that? Not me.

    Have a great Monday hon.

  2. I love Megan Hart´s Books, and have read 4 of them so far. As SusiSunshine said before, a choice is hard to make *gg*
    I absolutely loved "Tempted" (oooooh, Alex! *sigh*) and I´m very much looking forward to get "Naked" on my shelf!
    "Deeper" is my other favorite - but that one really made me cry a lot and left me somehow shaken. And by the way: Nick Hamilton is quite as hot as Alex Kennedy...

  3. Love the pic hon.. Hope you have a great Monday..

    I have read quite a lot of Ms Hart's books and my fav so far is "Stranger" - Simple yet a bloody good read..


  4. ohh I love the pic!!! Gorgeous!

    I've only read 2 books by Megan Hart: Switch and Tempted. Her books are quite heavy on my poor nerves lol Next one for me will be Naked then Dirty...
    Of course I blame Susi, she's the crazy one who introduced me to Megan Hart =P

    Happy Monday ma belle!

  5. @Susi: I might have noticed, yeah! *grin*
    Heh, I happen to have both Dirty and Naked waiting for me on my ereader! Yay! Am I happy those are your favorites! :) Have a great Monday too, hon!

    @Evi: Hey girl, welcome at my place! :) Another MH fangirl! Oh, I'm going to check out Deeper right away, I can't resist a man as hot as Alex! :)
    BTW I like your place too!

    @EH: Glad you like the pic, hun! :) Stranger you say? *scribbling down title for further research* Thanks! Have a great Monday as well! :)

    @pattepoilue: Isn't it a gorgeous pic? :) I agree with you about the nerves. Reading MH's book is quite intense. Lol, Susi is wickedly good at pimpin' books! Don't you just heart her?! :D

  6. Hi Janna, thanks for your warm welcome! Actually, I´m following your blog with my reader quite a little time now, and like it very, very much!
    Not only do I like Megan Hart, but I`m also a fan of Lorelei James´ books, and I know you like them, too ;-)
    Thanks for visiting my little blog - I wonder if you understand german? Since you´re from NL, I guess you do ;-)

  7. @evi: *blush* aww, thanks!
    I'm a fan of Lorelei James's books for sure. Her newest Rough Riders book is about to be devoured by me ;) I responded to your email a little while ago, did you see it? Yeah, I can read and understand German, so I will be visiting your blog more often! :D

  8. Janna, we´re doing double *gg*, I found your answer to my email after writing the last comment ;-)
    MH + LJ are 2 authors I don´t want to miss a book, they are all great. Since I only read in print, Rough Riders book 7 (Cameron) is my newest one from LJ, waiting on my shelf for me..

  9. I haven't read any of her books... and since she doesn't write m/m, I don't see any in my near future. :D

  10. You know I'm a MH fan. Tempted was disturbing for me. I was really worried about the state of James and Anne's relationship. I'm really looking forward to Naked. My fav MH book so far has been Broken. It absolutely wrecked me.

  11. Janna, I will talk Tempted with you after you've finished the book, perhaps on the 30th :) I do not want to spoil anything but I had one issue with it. I love MH writing, her voice and characters but...and that is for later. Great hot couple hun!

  12. Thanks for the pic. It made me realize I've been a role model for young children for too long! ;-)

    I'm new to Megan Hart and will add her to my list!

  13. @evi: I feel the same about Lorelei James's books as you, don't want to miss one. And maybe MH will soon be added to my auto-buy list too. :)

    @Chris: Nope, and especially not this one, because menage is so not your thing either. ;D

    @FV: I know. :) You're one of the wicked bookpushers that got me buying and reading her work in the first place ;) Adding Broken to my TBB, although I'm not sure if I want to feel wrecked, lol.

    @Leontine: Oh, now I'm curious! And wondering if I missed it, or if that issue is still to come in the part I haven't read yet... I think I'm going to make a list of all the things we have to talk about the 30th! :) I'm afraid to forget something important ;)

    @West Coast Beach Wife: LOL! I'm not a role model for kids (far from) and yet a threesome with me in it is only happening in my head ;D
    I'm curious what you'll think of MH's books.

  14. Oh honey... You knew I would pipe in about this one!! The picture you chose is perfection!! And Megan Hart.... oh gosh, YOU know how I love me some MH work!!! OMG!!! Broken and Stranger remain on my NEVER LEAVING MY CLUTCHING DYING HANDS EVER!!!!!! Broken left me all sorts of emotions and Stranger... well.. that was just my first!!! She is an awesome emotional, gut-wrenching writers everaaa!!!

    Thanks honey!!! Hope you and the hubs had a great weekend!!! Hugs to you!!

  15. @Cecile: Of course I knew! :) LOL, I also knew you're a MH fangirl! Broken and Stranger are already added to my TBB list for sure. As soon as I've read the three books (Tempted, Naked, Dirty) I have I'm going shopping! :)
    Hope you had a great weekend too, sweetie! :)

  16. I've read one MH book, and it definitely was well-written. It just didn't have the HEA I needed.

  17. Janna, I feel the same LOL That's why I know those hours will fly by. I think if we would sit down for some lunch we will not get up anytime soon to do some shopping LOL

  18. @Eyre: Oh, I'm starting to get worried now about the ending of Tempted. I need a satisfying HEA! It wasn't Tempted you read, was it?

    @Leontine: LOL! I know, but how cares about shopping, right? ;D

  19. I must read a Kim Dare book I've read such wonderful reviews on her books.

    Happy Monday.

  20. Love the picture! And Gay Friendly sounds very interesting! Thank you Janna! Oh, and all the best for the semi-final game!

  21. Janna, one thing you have to know about MHs books: they do NOT all have a HEA. MHs novels are not real romances, they are different, intense as someone said before, and they are special.
    I do not always like the endings of MHs books - "Deeper" has a somehow bittersweet ending - but I love the books, despite normally I need my HEA, too ;-)
    I cried a lot while I read the last pages of "Tempted" - but, you know, there would not be "Naked" now to come, if the ending would have been different.

  22. I guess there went something wrong with my comment, so here I go again:
    Janna, there is something you have to know about MHs books: they do NOT all have a HEA.
    MHs novels are not "normal" romances, they are a bit different, intense, as was said before, but they are special.
    I cried a lot while reading the last pages of "Tempted", but if there had been a different ending, we would not soon be reading "Naked", and Alex really deserves a book of his own ;-)
    "Deeper" has a somehow bittersweet ending, but I still love the book. With MH it´s not all about the ending of the book for me. And, you must know, I really long for HEA ;-) But I can accept the author´s way to tell the story, and the way to end it. (Sometimes I do like tragic love-stories *sigh*).

  23. @KC: Kim Dare's books are enjoyable, quick and kinky reads! :)

    @orannia: My pleasure. :) I'm all prepared and anxious already for the match (it starts in 2.5 hours)! Thank you. :)

    @evi: I got an e-mail about both your comments but somehow they don't show up here, maybe later like on the other posts happened.
    Anyhoo, your comment got me all worried about the ending of Tempted! You better tell me Naked has at least a HEA, or else I must stop reading now, lol!
    Thanks for warning me about MH's endings, hon! It's better to be prepared for a tragic love story! :)

  24. Yeah, "Tempted"... I would have wanted a different end, but I´m ok with it now that I know Alex gets his own book.
    Sorry, I can´t tell you anything about "Naked" yet, it is to be released in August, I´ve preordered it and am waiting hard for it ;-)
    I will surely read it as soon as I get it and then do a review on my blog. (And MH will better give him a HEA or I´ll have to stop reading her books *gg*)

  25. @evi: *grin* stop reading her books, huh? Somehow I don't think you will, LOL! I look forward to your review of Naked! I'm going to review it too. :)


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