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Giveaway: Jude Mason and Jenna Byrnes' Blog Tour Kicks off Today!

I’m pleased to welcome Jude Mason and Jenna Byrnes to the blog today. They are kicking off their blog tour for their latest release, Alex's Appeal. For a chance to win one of their ebooks leave a comment on this post.


Hi everyone! Thanks for joining us on the first stop of our blog tour, Janna's Erotic Romance Reader blog, and thanks to Janna for hosting us! All week long we'll be talking to readers about our latest project together, book 3 in the Kindred Spirits series, Alex's Appeal. If you haven't read the first two books (why haven't you?) never fear, each title stands alone so you don't have to read them in order. For those who enjoy series works, however, there are returning characters and we think it's fun to show you how their lives progress over time. So if you want the full effect of the series, read Ethan's Choice first, Hunter's Light second, and Alex's Appeal third. The fourth book, Quinn's Blessing, is scheduled for release from Total E-Bound in November.

Kindred Spirits Book 3: Alex's Appeal
By Jude Mason and Jenna Byrnes
Lawyer Alex Brookfield arrives at Whiskers' Seaside Inn with a big decision weighing heavily on him. He's been offered a judgeship, and while it's an incredible promotion, it would mean leaving the house he shared with his late, long-time partner. Russ died of cancer eight months ago, and although Alex is ready to move on, he isn't sure about such a big, permanent step.
Logan Emerson is the inn's chef, and wouldn't mind cooking up something special with the handsome attorney. He's not concerned about their fourteen year age difference. He just knows what he likes and isn't afraid to go after the hunky bear of a man.
Alex heard stories about the inn's ghosts from its owner, his friend and former lover Ethan Roberts. But he's totally unprepared for the spirit who shows up his first night there. Between futile attempts to fend off the frisky young cook, and his offer to help inn co-owner Cade Wyatt come up with a romantic marriage proposal for Ethan, Alex finds his hands, and his bed, quite full.

~ Coming August 2 from Total E-Bound, purchase here



If you'd like the chance to win one of our co-authored titles, please leave a comment on Janna's blog with your email address and let us know which book you'd like to win. Each day of our blog tour, we'll give away another ebook. Tomorrow we'll be at author Marie Sexton's blog, talking about our motivation for writing this series.

Here's a list of our co-authored titles for you to choose from:

Kindred Spirits 1: Ethan's Choice (contemporary, paranormal m/m)
Kindred Spirits 2: Hunter's Light (contemporary, paranormal m/m)
Kindred Spirits 3: Alex's Appeal (contemporary, paranormal m/m)

Untamed Hearts 1: Feral Heat (shifter, m/m/f)
Untamed Hearts 2: Bear Combustion (shifter, m/m/m)
Untamed Hearts 3: Wolfen Choice (shifter, m/m/f)
Untamed Hearts 4: Stallion's Pride (shifter, m/m/f)

Slippery When Wet 1: Wanted Dead or Alive by Jenna Byrnes (contemporary m/m)
Slippery When Wet 2: Livin' on a Prayer by Jude Mason (contemp m/m)
Slippery When Wet 3: Never Say Goodbye by Jenna Byrnes (contemp m/m)
Slippery When Wet 4: I'd Die for You by Jude Mason (contemp m/m)

All the books listed are ebooks. For more information please visit our websites and blogs.

Contest is open to anyone and is an overnight contest. This means you’ll only have 36 hours to leave a comment. The contest ends at 11pm Sunday Janna’s time (GMT+1, which is 5pm EST/4pm CST).


Thanks for having us today Janna, and happy reading everyone!


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  1. I would love to read Ethan's Choice. This sounds like a great series and I don't want to miss it!

    donnafisk at bellsouth dot net

  2. @Donna: Thanks for swinging by! Ethan's Choice it is. :)

  3. Oh, I like the sound of Kindred Spirits. I'd start with Ethan's Choice too.
    Very cool, this blog tour :)

  4. I like these two authors' works, but I've never actually read this series, though I've been meaning to.

    I'd very much like to get Kindred Spirits 1: Ethan's Choice, to start me off on this series. ;)

    (ttkove AT gmail DOT com)

  5. I have read all Jenna and Jude's stuff and they are without a doubt two of my favourite set of ladies..

    I am really anxious for the release of the third book in the Kindred Spirit series..

    Fun contest ladies -wishing all the entree's loads of luck...

    Happy Saturday Janna..


  6. I would love Hunter's Light if I can get this blog to work. No visual. debby236 at att dot net
    Congrats on the release. The blog tour sounds like fun.

  7. I've read and enjoyed a few of their stories already. I haven't read the Kindred Spirits series so I'd love a chance to win Ethan's Choice.

  8. They all sounds pretty good.So I'll pick Ethan's Choice.

  9. Hi! I think I'd like to start with "Kindred Spirits 1". This is all pretty cool... your blog tour. Thanks!

  10. Oh, look at all these people! Hey everyone! Isn't this a gorgeous site?!

    What a nice surprise!

    I'm so glad you're all enjoying the start of our blog tour. Jenna and I haven't done one together before, but it seems we'll have to make plans to do more. The Kindred Spirits series has been great fun writing and promises to go on for a little longer yet. It's so cool when a story just keeps going. Each new character we introduce somewhere in the story has their own ideas and yells about 'equal time' or something. LOL

    Janna, thanks so much for having us!

  11. Hi Jenna and Jude!! I have Ethan's Choice, but haven't read it yet. *shame* But it'd be good to have Hunter's Light on deck to read next!

  12. Hello Jenna & Hello Jude!

    I would really like to read Ethan's Choice!!


  13. Of course I would find a prime choice in a M/M series here LOL I'm really excited about the blurb of ALEX'S APPEAL but as I’d like to start with bk 1 in this series, Kindred Spirits 1: Ethan's Choice (contemporary, paranormal m/m)
    it is :) BTW, I love the synchronic vibe of the covers!

  14. I would love to have Hunter's Light. I have the first in this series and would love the second!


  15. Hi ladies,

    Just popping in to show my support. yes, Janna's site is gorgeous and so is the cover for your new book.

    Best of luck with the release,

    My best, Keta

  16. Hey Janna. Thanks for hosting Jenna Byrnes and Jude Mason. Its hard to choose, I love shifter stories though. I would have to pick Feral Heat, but I know I'll start Kindred spirits series soon.

    What a great way to kick off a blog tour. Thank you.

    armiefox at yahoo dot com

  17. Hello Everyone,

    I just finished reading Feral Heat,(fabulous shifter menage story), and would love to continue with this series, so Bear Combustion would be my pick.

    caity_mack at yahoo dot com

  18. *Waves at Everyone*

    Oh, Feral Heat was our very first book together. And, I'm a definite cat person, so I loved the creation process...a lot! LOL

    The Kindred series cover. Part of it is a picture my husband took of the westcoast of the island we live on. The tides are phenomenal and when you add what we call a southeaster, it can be so wild the tide can't even come in. It's totally gorgeous though and a great place for our spirits to visit the Inn.

    Don't you people know it's summer time? You should all be outside playing gardener, or chasing the gardener, or something. Hehehe!


  19. Hey everyone! Thanks so much for coming out to kick off our blog tour, and thanks again to Janna for hosting us.

    Hope you're all having a wonderful weekend and Jude, you go outside and play if you want. It's 95 freaking degrees here, I'm quite happy in front of my computer. *G*

    ~ Jenna Byrnes

  20. I love reading the m/m genre and am excited to read both of your backlists. If I win, I'd like Ethan's Choice.

    joderjo402 AT gmail DOT com

  21. Alex's Appeal sounds great. I'd love to start off the Kindred Spirits series with Ethan's Choice.
    I also loved Feral Heat and Bear Combustion. Great reads ladies.
    See you on the rest of your tour trying for Ethan's Choice.
    Carol L.

  22. Hey everyone! Thanks for swinging by! I've been following Jude's advice and played outside - I was at a family BBQ...
    And when I just got back I was stunned that you all dropped by!

    Jenna and Jude thanks so much for being here at my place today! I'm really happy to have you over.
    Seems like Ethan's Choice is a favorite pick. :)

    Wishing you all good luck in the contest! xoxo

  23. I would love to have Feral Heat.

  24. Thanks for the great contest.
    I'd have to go with Untamed Hearts 2: Bear Combustion as I already have the first book in that series and would love to read the rest.


  25. Wow, all of these books sound great. If chosen, I would like Ethan's Choice, please.

    Tracey D
    booklover0226 at gmail dot com

  26. If I won I would love to get a copy of Ethan's Choice. All of the series sound good but there was something about this one that I like a little better.

  27. Oh wow, I'm going to have to check out the Untamed Hearts series. I'm a huge fan of m/m/f. The paranormal aspect makes it even more appealing. :)

  28. Janna,thank you for allowing Jenna and I to take over your blog for the day. I'm blown away by the response and can't thank you enough.

    Everyone, thank you all so much for joining us here. It does seem like Ethan's Choice is out front, but Feral Heat and a couple of others got tossed in there as well. It's fantastic to know some of you have read us. Thank you, thank you!

    Good luck to you all!


  29. Thank you for swinging by everyone! You're all counted in! And the contest is closed now. So, I'll be heading over to and back in a short while to announce the winner!
    Good luck to you all! :)

    @Jude: You're very welcome and it really is my pleasure! Thanks for coming over this weekend. :D

  30. I know I'm too late for the contest, but just wanted to say I like the sound of Kindred Spirits :)


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