Friday, July 16, 2010

Happy Gay Friday & Does Summer Affect Your Blog(hopping)?

Wew, I think I’m officially in a reading slump this month. So far I’ve only read 6 books and just one was a full-length novel… Let’s just say I’ve had other things to keep me occupied. ;)
The truth is, my vacation is coming up by the end of the month and our secretary is going on vacay one week ahead of me. So, we’re working our asses off to get all our little projects completed before we leave it all behind for four weeks. That way I’ll feel much more relaxed while sitting in the French sun, sipping French wine and nibbling from French bread and French cheese. :D
But it’s costing me some of my reading hours…

Aside from that I’m busy plotting and planning some guest posts with a few of my bloggy friends for when I’m on vacation and touring through France. Because I don’t want it to go all quiet over here. In fact, I want you to have a great time without me! So, I’m really happy that these friends are helping me out with some fun posts! Plus I’ll run a nice ‘Vacay Giveaway’ during those first weeks of August! I hope you all join in the fun!

Speaking of giveaways, I have agreed to join in a few blog tours in July and some come with a giveaway. Here’s what you can expect for the next weeks:

July 21
Blog tour to celebrate six new m/m releases from Keta Diablo, including a giveaway of one of her books (winner’s choice)

July 27
I’m guest posting over at Leontine’s Book Realm, with a review of Lorelei James’s Raising Kane, and she’ll give away one of Lorelei James’s Rough Riders books (winner’s pick)

July 29
Blog tour Pack of Lies. I’ll be reviewing Vanessa Vaughn’s m/m novel Pack of Lies, which is a beautifully written first book of a paranormal series.
*M/M ‘purists’ alert: this m/m book also has m/f scenes!
I usually don’t watch book trailers that often, because I like to make my own picture of the characters but the one for this book is fast and beautiful without forcing an image upon the viewer, so here it is:

July 31
Blog tour to celebrate the release of Alex’s Appeal, the third m/m book in Jenna Byrnes’ and Jude Mason’s Kindred Spirits series, including a giveaway of one of the books from this series (winner’s choice).

August 2 – 16
KC and K-Khan from Smokinhotbooks are having a party: 14 Days of FAB (Freakin' Awesome far this year) and I join them with a guest post on one of those days. They’ll have a giveaway at the end.

August 2 – 20
Vacay Giveaway. Party time at my blog while I’m on vacation, with various guest bloggers and a giveaway of two gift certificates for two lucky winners at the end.

Well, I believe that’s enough info for today ;)

I’m curious what you do with your blog - if you have one - when you’re on vacation? And what about bloghopping? Do you use summer and vacation time to bloghop more and find new places, or the opposite, do you spend less time online? Personally I discovered the whole world of book blogs during summer time last year when I used the relaxed days of vacation and summer to spend some time online! :)

Have a Happy Friday!


  1. Awwww, my blog has gone begging off and on all summer long but I'm trying to get back into the groove of hitting my favorites again. Have big fun on your vacay.

  2. Just hopping by to say hello! I am following and can’t wait to read more from your blog. Summer doesn't effect my blogging much because I am a stay at home mom and most everyday is the same :D I have a Crescendo contest going on and here is my link for my Follow Friday

  3. Nice of you to plan something for us on your vacation :=)

  4. I actually do less bloghopping, especially in August when hubby has 3 weeks vacay - he demands his "quality time" LOL

    And YAY for both features...I'm participating in both and really look forward to them :) Such fun summer times to be had in blogoverse!

  5. I'm back in college, getting ready to begin the nursing program and taking entirely too many classes for the shortened summer semester (no vacation for me). But during the month of June, I knew I'd be SUPER busy with 3 fast-paced classes at once, so I did a month-long guest blog event called "Why I Love to Read". I still posted reviews and random thoughts and such, but for the most part, I was able to relax. Unfortunately, June is over, and I need to get posting on other reviews and random thoughts now! LOL

    As for my blog hopping... Summer has KILLED ME. If I don't get it in my email, I usually forget to do anything regarding blog hopping. I haven't even signed up for the Friday Blog Hops as often as I want to.

    I kind of can't wait until Fall...

    You have a lot coming up! I'm going to have to keep your blog open in my Firefox so it's automatic for me to visit!


  6. Just hopping by to say hello! It is always summer here, plus our blog is new-ish. I wrote things up a few months ago and have them lined up for Memoir Mondays, as a test. Eastie, Cabana Boy and I happen to be without internet, moving or out of the country at the same time! Keeping up with comments is something I worry about. I love being social!! :-)

    Beach Wives' Diaries

  7. reading slumps suck!

    Ok, so here's what I want you to do, if you're interested. Pick any one of my currently released books to do a giveaway. I may not be able to break your funk, but I'll sure do my part to try.


  8. @Regina: Well, I can imagine you had more important things to deal with IRL. :(
    I'm happy to see you swinging by again! :D And thanks, I look forward to my vacation already!

    @brandileigh: Hey there, good to see you here, feel welcome at my place! :) I've just been to your blog and look forward to reading more of your posts too! :D

    @Blodeuedd: Yeah, I'm nice like that! ;)

    @Leontine: Those demanding hubbies! LOL! Mine is asking for quality time too by taking me on a tour through France, hoping I can't go online there *g* He doesn't know yet I'll bring my laptop *wicked smile*

    @MamaKitty: Ow, no vacation is tough! Guest bloggers are awesome, aren't they. Helping you out like that! :)
    I can totally understand that you can hardly find the time to bloghop with a schedule like that! Of course I won't object to you keeping my blog open in your Firefox, lol! I'm happy to have you swinging by! :D

    @West Coach Beach Wife: I guess it's different when it's always summer, lol! That's the advantage of running a blog with three peeps, you never have to worry about going on hiatus! :) Except for the responses to comments maybe *g* and yep, I know all about your social side. :D

    @Mia: If I'm interested?! You bet! :) You're super, Mia. I'll email you with some virtual hugs and kisses. ;D

  9. Look at how organized you are! O.O Wow. I am not worthy!

  10. OMG you have a lot going on!

    I'm going on vacay next week and sadly I'll be abandoning all internet. If I can get on the internet I'll consider it a bonus :)

    And yes, apparently the heat slows down my reading as I have also been in a funk.

  11. @Chris: LOL! I'm just good at keeping up appearances! ;) You are! :D

    @Patti: "If I can get on the internet I'll consider it a bonus :)"
    The same goes for me when I'm leaving for vacay in august.
    Ohnoes, it's epidemic ;) Let's hope we both get out of the funk soon!

  12. I went on a mini vacation a few months back and managed with a couple of prepared posts and a bit of time on the computer before bed. Sounds like you'll be gone for quite a bit of time though. I'm impressed with how you're handling this.

  13. Just hopping by, great blog! I'm a new follower. My Blog Hop/Friday Follow

  14. Yeah, I feel so unorganized after seeing this list... Wow girl you knocking it out the park!!!!!
    And I soo can not wait to see what you got going on while you go on vacation... You know what they say.. While the cats away.. the mouse will play!! hee heeeee

  15. OMG - That photo is amazing and beautiful!

    I just got back from a 2 week vaca back home. My reading is really low and blogging is so-so. I've just spent 2 hours "hopping" to try and catch up!

    Looking forward to all of your great events. Especially Keta's giveaway! I loved Sin Eater's Prince!!

    Enjoy, Jen

  16. @Lily: I'll be away for nearly three weeks and I can't be sure to have access to internet every day. Maybe not even every other day! I'm glad you like my solution. :)

    @Aimee: Thanks for swinging by! :) Right back atya!

    @Cecile: Heh, you're quite some mouse you! :D Well, this cat doesn't mind at all when the mice will play and have some fun! LOL! I can trust you to throw a good party! =)

    @Jen: I'm sorry to hear it's costing you some effort to get back in the reading and blogging mood again. I'm a bit afraid that might happen to me too after three weeks away from things. Not really looking forward to that...
    Glad to hear you look forward to the events. :)

  17. I don't vacation away from home...not with family pressures and a 16 and a half year old cat. I do hope you have a lovely vacation!

  18. I didn't for years either, for the same reason as you. We always had great vacations anyway. Nevertheless I'm pretty excited about going away this year! :)


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