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Zombies and Romance? Do they match? Review of I Fell in Love with a Zombie by Sean Kennedy

Sean Kennedy
I Fell in Love with a Zombie
Dreamspinner Press, 2010

Genre & Keywords:
M/M, (post-)apocalyptic, horror, zombies, violence

Why I read it:
I received a copy from the publisher for review. I enjoyed Sean Kennedy’s other work and the zombie aspect piqued my curiosity.

Rating: 3.75 of 5 stars
Heat level: 1 of 3 flames

Jay didn’t expect to be one of the very few survivors of the virus that decimated the country, leaving shambling, ravenous zombies behind. Fighting for his life amongst the dead, he keeps moving until the day he’s surrounded and facing his bloody end—and shockingly, another zombie saves him. But not just any zombie... it’s Dave, the first man Jay ever loved, and there’s something special about him even now, in the midst of the horror around them.

I Fell in Love with a Zombie is a part of the 2010 Daily Dose Set, Midsummer's Nightmare, which includes 30 M/M stories of supernatural romance that may feature an edge of suspense and heart-pounding fear; a taste of the paranormal worlds of ghosts, vampires, and werewolves; and even the stuff of nightmares and dreamscapes.

I Fell in Love with a Zombie is a novella written by the author of Tigers and Devils, one of my absolute favorite m/m romances. I adore Sean Kennedy’s writing and I love his sense of humor, also present in this very unusual story. The premise of I Fell in Love with a Zombie intrigued me immediately when I read the backblurb. I was curious how zombies could have a place in a romance story. It seemed an impossibility, because I’m one of those soppy romance readers who need a HEA or at least a HFN (Happy For Now) and I just couldn’t see it happening with a zombie.

But I guess Sean Kennedy did make it happen. Sort of. The ending can be seen as a HFN. Although I’m not quite convinced yet about their HEA. But I bet, if Mr. Kennedy decides to write a sequel to Jay’s and Dave’s story, he can make me believe in a happily ever after for these guys if he wants to. Maybe he doesn’t want to. Maybe he didn’t want to write a romantic love story. I can’t really tell for sure. It’s not very romantic what’s happening in Jay’s and Dave’s life but rather gruesome and horrific. Yet, a love story it is. Or isn’t it? Jay and Dave were lovers a long time ago and Jay considers Dave as the one that got away. And even when Dave can’t talk much, being a zombie and all, his behavior shows he cares for Jay. If we consider this a romance story then at least it isn’t a conventional one, that’s for sure.

Does it really matter? Not much, especially when we look at the other qualities of this novella. While reading the first pages - about the beginning of this incredible apocalyptic disease - I Fell in Love with a Zombie reminded me of a novel from José Saramago called Blindness. Here we also see a rapid spreading epidemic, which, in Saramago’s case, makes everyone blind. In Sean Kennedy’s novella it’s a swine flu like virus that causes people to die quickly and some of them to return as zombies.
Both stories show a fascination with how people will behave when put in extreme situations, when conventional rules of behavior don’t seem to apply any longer. Where Saramago’s novel turns into a more moralistic lesson on human behavior in general, Kennedy’s novella focuses mainly on the feelings and events of one individual who tries to survive and entertain hope for a better future. But both stories make you wonder how you would behave in an extreme situation like this. With a few strokes of his pencil Sean Kennedy paints a very believable and realistic threat to our modern society. And that realistic picture relentlessly invites a ‘what if’ question.

One of the other qualities of this story is the way it’s voiced through Jay in a first person POV. I enjoyed Jay’s narrative voice almost as much as Simon’s from Tigers and Devils. Jay’s view-point on things is witty, toned down and light. It makes all the horror bearable and even comical thanks to the way he describes the violent and gruesome occurrences. His voice makes this story a hopeful story. And I adore how Jay is interpreting Dave’s behavior; sometimes with so much humor I had to laugh out loud.
But the choice for this one-sided point of view in first person also means no insight at all in Dave’s thoughts and feelings, aside from Jay’s interpretations in that regard. Somehow Dave’s (absent) point of view seems so incredible intriguing to me. I mean, who wouldn’t want to have a peek inside the head of a zombie, right? And maybe Dave’s POV would’ve added something that could’ve made me believe easier in their HEA. I guess, to convince me now, only a sequel to I Fell in Love with a Zombie will help... Just so Mr Kennedy knows what I’d like. ;)

In short, I really enjoyed I Fell in Love with a Zombie because of the wit and lightness of Jay’s narrative voice and the originality of the story’s setting and vision on society. The message of hope that spoke louder than the horrid events and the unusual communication between the heroes added to my appreciation. However, as a romantic story I found this novella was not completely convincing. I guess I need to know more about how a human and a zombie are going to work out their differences and their communication problems to believe in a happy future for Jay and Dave. It´s because they are such intriguing characters, that I would happily read a complete novel about them.

So, to answer the question in this post's title: Do zombies and romance match? I think they can, actually. Mr. Kennedy has shown me it’s not completely impossible. In fact, he has me wishing for a sequel to Jay’s and Dave’s story that I would buy and devour as soon as it would hit the shelves of the ebook store.

What do you think? Can zombies be good heroes in romances? Would you read a romance in which one of the main characters is a zombie? If you already have, can you recommend a good one (m/m or m/f)?

Sean Kennedy’s website | blog | on Twitter| on Facebook | on Goodreads
Buy I Fell in Love with a Zombie here

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  1. I´ve already put "Tigers and Devils" on my wishlist, when I read your review some time ago. Since I really want to try m/m now, I guess that would be a good start...

  2. This is in my tbr..I'm def getting to it soon!!

    It's funny how the word zombie makes so many romance fans run the other direction. I read the anthology Half Past Dead and it features a zombie hero that was pretty sexy :) I for one don't mind a zombie in romance! Yes body parts may fall off, but the important ones stay intact!! ;)

  3. I liked this book, although I wanted it to end on a more settled note! :)

    With very few exceptions, I don't think that zombies work so well in romance. The exceptions must have non-falling apart zombies. :)

  4. What? Ugh, nah I do not want a zombie in my book...though I did love the Mark Henry book, but she did eat people, so no HEA there

  5. Blogger is eating comments, but I got the email notifications, so here are my responses. I hope my comment will show up...

    @evi: Tigers and Devils is a very good choice for your first m/m! I hope you'll love it as much as I did! :)

    @Mandi: LOL! Good point! I guess zombies are okay for me too as long as the important body parts stay intact. ;)

    @Chris: Yep, on a more settled note would've been nice. :)
    This was my first zombie in romance, and it was an exception then since it had a non-falling apart zombie. LOL

    @Blodeuedd: Not even a sexy one? ;)

  6. I do think a zombie can be a hero and I quite enjoyed Sean's book. Another story I recently read by Kiernan Kelly has a zombie hero but he's more "reanimated" which is the term they use. As Serious as the Grave aslo touches on issues such as the mob mentalilty of the us vs them that can happen in a crisis and how politicans can stir up hatred against a targetted group. So some funny moments combined with some social commentary. I even got Chris to read it. :-)

    Ally Blue has a free zombie story on her site which is much more grusome but in the end has a very sweet undertone about two guys who find themselves zombies and coping with loving each other and what it means to their relationship.

  7. I didn't want it to end. My only ho-hum I thought it could have been a lot longer. This is such an interesting concept and one you don't see for m/m - *crosses fingers* hoping for a sequel.

  8. I guess zombies need love too! If the zombie was heroic before the virus, I could see how s/he might maintain the trait. If they aren't oozing fluids or having parts fall off, then maybe...

  9. @Tam: Even Chris, huh? ;D It actually sounds interesting, I'm adding it to my tbb. :)
    Thanks for the tip about Ally's free story!

    @KC: Yeah, I didn't want it to end either! *crosses fingers with you*

    @West Coach Beach Wife: heeheeh, I guess you're right that they need love too. :) Ugh, oozing fluids and having parts fall off is definitely not sexy, LOL!

  10. Great review, this does sound different. I have yet to read a romance with zombies in it myself. The closest I've come to was Pride & Prejudice Zombies, which I did enjoy :)

  11. Personally, I find zombies off-putting in a romance. So I don't think I'll be reading one any time soon.

    Thanks for the review.

  12. @Chris: LOL! And now you're not going to bruise mine, are you? ;D

    @nadia: Thank you! Thanks for stopping by! :) I've seen Pride & Prejudice Zombies in the bookstore and was wondering about it. :) The cover sure looks exciting and zombielike. Aren't there actual zombies in it, you mean? :D

    @Silver: Hey hon! Haven't seen you in a while! :D Thank you for your thoughts. Off-putting, yeah, especially when they are classic like we know them from the movies, right? LOL

  13. I agree with Silver. Rotting fleshy bits is just too far off the mainstream for this gal.
    Fangs, Wands and Fairy Dust

  14. Great review! I wonder if you got the zombie Dave point of view does he still think or is it more feelings alone? I read a zombie romance - the one Mandi mentioned in Half Past Dead (Zoe Archer's story) - and I really liked it though in that one the zombie thankfully didn't rot or lose body parts or murmur "brains" so he made a good romantic hero ;)

  15. Hmmmm. I adored Tigers & Devils - I was re-reading bits of it last night - but...zombies. Zombies are just so not my thing. So, I'm torn...

    Great review Janna - thank you! And good luck for the final - I'll be cheering for The Netherlands!

  16. @Steph: Well, in Dave's defense, he didn't rot! ;) Thanks for stopping by, Steph!

    @Heather: Nope, we don't get Dave's POV, we have to interprete him through Jay's thoughts on his behavior.
    LOL! That zombie sounds a lot like Dave. Fortunately. ;)

    @orannia: Ah well, this zombie story is not that long, so you can give it a try without losing to much time ;) And you'll love Jay's voice!
    Thank you! Yay!! We can use all the cheering and support we can get when we're up against Spain on Sunday! :D


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