Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Review of The Master's Prize by Maggie Nash

Maggie Nash
The Master’s Prize
Total E-Bound, March 2009
Genre & Keywords: Contemporary Bdsm Bondage
Heat level:

It’s been a while since I finished The Master’s Prize by Maggie Nash, but I’ll try to write a quick review. It will be short though, because of the elapsed time.
Mitch has noticed Elise when she visited Club Fetish on a dare. Mitch was training a Master and Elise was intrigued. He finds out that she is a radio show host and when he learns about the radio charity auction he is the first to claim the prize: a kiss from radio host Elise. This is a nice point of departion for a hot story. The moment the two kiss the heat is on. No matter how hard Elise tries to resist him, his touches and kisses are blowing her away. Ms Nash does a great job to render their arousal and attraction in these and later love scenes. I found this a scorching hot read, with nice characters and a little bit of bondage to increase the pleasure between the hero and heroine. Mitch is said to be a Master but I wasn’t convinced he is the real deal, or that Elise is a truly submissive. Bondage is just a nice sexual play for them, which is fine by me, by the way. It added a little more tension to the plot, which was built well. So, The Master’s Prize is a good, quick read that I can recommend.

Back Blurb:
What happens when a conservative girl sneaks in to a BDSM club for a look and makes an impression on the Master trainer? He pulls out all stops to claim her for himself.
A radio charity auction gives Mitch Collins just the opportunity he was looking for. When he claims his prize, a mind-blowing kiss confirms all his fantasies and leaves him determined to win her trust.
Elise Blake can't believe she has to kiss a stranger for charity. To make things worse, the man who claims her kiss is the training Master from Club Fetish, the club she'd visited on a dare. Her secret fantasy scared her to death so why did his masterful ways prove so irresistible?
Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of bondage and submission but is not meant to be a complete depiction of the lifestyle.


  1. I only just found this Janna...thank you so much! I am so pleased you liked TMP.


  2. It's so nice of you to drop by! Feel welcome at my place :)
    Yeah, I really did like your book, it was a great and hot story!! So I better thank you ;)


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