Monday, October 26, 2009

Review of Lover's Knots by Katherine Cross

9781419919558Just finished Lover's Knots by Katherine Cross and I truly enjoyed it! Wow! For those who don't enjoy M/M romance it's probably not that hot, but for those who are openminded about that, it's a really great, hot and loving story. It's a historical romance as well, and the 18th century setting just adds to the reading pleasure and suspence.

Back Blurb: Third Lieutenant Andrew Clayton wanted senior officer Daniel Barret from the moment they first met. Something about the charismatic man with the scarred knuckles and street-tough voice heats Andrew’s blood and makes his body ache. He’d give up everything for just one taste of the forbidden—his position in Society, his commission…even his life.
Daniel’s sure he’s losing his mind. Nothing else could explain his obsession with noble-born Andrew or his constant desire to spread him across the wardroom table and mark his fair skin. In His Majesty’s Royal Navy, the punishment for their love is death. One misstep could have them both at the end of a hangman’s noose.
But everything changes when they’re granted an unexpected leave. Far from the captain’s watchful eye, Daniel agrees to one week—seven days to explore each other’s bodies, to let four years of suppressed desire consume them—before they must return to their ship and the way things were. But some passions can’t be tamed once unleashed, and some dangers are worth the risk.

Erotic scenes enter the story very early in the shape of Andrew's dreams. At first you don't see through this, but it's a great trick of the author because it gives her the opportunity to tell their first advance twice, and to let them display their attraction in public at some point - something that's impossible in the 18th century society. These erotic scenes are very hot - with Daniel, the man with the lower position in society, as the dominant partner. He's a natural leader where Andrew is more of a follower. I don't mean that their relation is about dom/sub, although there's some tying up in two of the love scenes. But actually these scenes are about Daniel's surrender to their love, even when he is the one who's handling the ropes.

The historical background does add a interesting layer to the story. I've learned a few things about life on a ship, and it didn't bother me that Daniel's and Andrew's love story was intertwined with war scenes. They were great for the suspension in this book, as well as the acts of jealousy of fourth lieutenant Sinclair, who's threatening to discover their secret.

The feelings and emotions of the two heroes did get a prominant place in the writing, especially their feelings of lust were well written about, but also their feelings of love. Those of Andrew were a bit more underlined than Daniel's. It was sweet how defensive and angry he became when Daniel was badmouthed by some guys in a bar. I guess, the love scenes were that hot because of the clearly present love and admiration between the two lovers. I think it was very well done!
So I rate this book with 5 stars!

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