Monday, October 26, 2009

Review of Boomerang Love by Melissa Lopez

Boomerang_love Melissa Lopez
Boomerang Love (The Thorns, #1)
Samhain Publishing, January 2008

Genre: Cowboy | Australia
Heat level:

Boomerang Love is the first of three stories about the Australian Thorn brothers: Cohen, Ethan and Miller. This first one is about Cohen, the youngest brother, who met an American girl, Hayleigh, one year ago. Now she’s back in Sydney, but only for a few days. The past year Cohen nor Hayleigh could forget their one night of passion and both are happy to reacquaint and pick up where they left off a year ago, even if it’s only for one weekend. And again the sex is hot, very hot! But it’s more than just the wonderful lovemaking. They like each other beyond that, and Cohen invites Hayleigh to his station in the Outback, where she meets his mother. Not many girls - especially city girls like Hayleigh - are willing to live in the Outback, also known as never-never land. It’s been hinted at that Miller’s ex-fiancée left him at the altar because in the end she couldn’t live there. But even if they only know each other for a few days, Cohen and Hayleigh have strong feelings, strong enough to overcome that issue.
Melissa Lopez makes their emotions and doubts very believable, so I totally bought that the two fell in love after only a couple of days. Their physical attraction is also very well written about; their lovemaking is not only blazing hot but sweet and even funny sometimes. I liked that the author introduced Cohen's brothers and mother in this story, which makes me look forward to the other books in this series: Riptide Love (#2) and True Blue Love (#3). Boomerang Love appears to be the shortest and True Blue Love the longest story, so there’s enough to look forward to ;-).

Back Blurb: Take a walkabout on the wild side. Book one, The Thorn Brothers. When you toss a boomerang, you know it will come back. But all bets are off when it's a lover you've let go. Cohen Thorn and Hayleigh Davenport shared one night of wild sex neither of them can forget, then went their separate ways half a world apart. But now Hayleigh's back in Australia for one more weekend of passion. If she can't get this Outback rancher out of her system once and for all, she'll at least have memories to last a lifetime. They've only got three days to steam up Sydney and the Outback, but in the place known as Never-Never, anything can happen. Soon they realize there's a powerful force drawing them together. Is it simple lust, or lasting love? Warning, this title contains the following: explicit sex, graphic language.

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