Monday, October 26, 2009

Review Lora Leigh's Wicked Intent

9781843608790 Wicked Intent, book 4 of Leigh's Bound Heart series,is as intense as the previous ones in this series, if not more. Tally can't give up control, especially in bed. But the dominating, and a bit devilish, twins Lucian and Devril want her very badly and they need her to give up control and surrender to both of them. As twins they feel exactly what the other twin feels, so the only way for them to have a relationship is to share the same woman - not only for sex but more.
To convince Tally she is meant to be their woman, for now and in the future, they have to take extreme measures. As dominant men they know a few tricks and have some toys at their disposal they can use to control her. In the end Tally surrenders herself to them but keeps strong enough to bring the two men at their knees once in a while. And they love that about her.
Although Tally is defenitely the strongest woman of the first four books in this series, I like that all the women are powerfull even if they submit to dominating men.
Even so I found it a bit hard to really like the characters in this fourth book, they seemed a bit cold and harsh. Devril was the most sympathetic of the three. Maybe I missed more insight into their feelings of love, how want and need turned into love. It was just stated. So I liked this one less than the previous books and rate it with only 3 stars.

Back Blurb: Control has meant everything to Tally Raines. Control of the office she ran as Jesse Wyman's secretary, and now control of Lucian Conover's office as well. But Lucian isn't content to be controlled by his fiery secretary. As a matter of fact, Lucian thinks she needs to loosen up and let the sexy, sensual woman hiding beneath her cool exterior free. And he will dare her to do just that… With a little help.

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