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Review of Time To Do by Kim Dare

Time_to_do Kim Dare
Time To Do (Perfect Timing, #3)
Total-E-bound Publishing, 2009
Genre: Gay | M/M | Best Friends Become Lovers | Straight Guy Turns Gay

Heat level:

Time To Do is the third title in Kim Dare’s Perfect Timing series, but although it’s part of a series it can be read as a standalone. The books don’t share characters or locations, just the subject of ‘perfect timing’. In this short novel best friends Rigby and Brennan are roommates. Brennan is gay and secretly in love with Rigby while Rigby is straight. But this straight guy wrote ‘have sex with a man’ on a to do list, which Brennan happens to find one day. In a spur of the moment he kisses Rigby. They decide to tick off the items of Rigby’s gay list together. One thing leads to another and eventually they find their HEA.

Before they get there they have to overcome a few problems, especially Brennan has some doubts and insecurities about being second choice. These feelings were convincingly written about by Kim Dare. But Rigby’s feelings and switch from being a heterosexual to a bisexual guy weren’t sufficiently developed to my taste. I found it hard to believe that he didn’t have any doubts about his gay feelings or becoming Brennan’s exclusive lover. It just seems all a bit too easy in this story.
Like in You First, book 1 in the Perfect Timing series, the heroes operate a bit isolated; there aren’t sub characters to whom they turn with their issues or who lead to an elevation of the suspense.
And although I enjoyed the love scenes I found them a bit matter-of-factly; feelings of (physical) attraction and desire lacked a little. I like to read about which physical attributes the hero notices and turn him on, or about a touch or look that makes a heart flutter or stomach dip or something. That way it becomes more sensual erotic than matter-of-factly erotic. I rate
Time To Do with 3 stars.

Back Blurb:
Book three in the Perfect Timing Series
The words 'have sex with a man' can change everything, especially when they're written on a straight man's to do list.
Rigby and Brennan have been best friends forever. Growing up and going away to university didn't alter that. Brennan coming out of the closet to his straight best friend didn't change anything either.
But when Brennan finds an old to do list mixed in with his friend's possessions, and sees 'have sex with a man' written right there at the top, it alters everything. When Brennan realises the man he's in love with isn't as straight as he'd always thought he was, their friendship changes beyond all recognition.
When the friends decide it's time to start ticking off all the items on Rigby's gay to do list, they soon realise nothing will ever be the same - for either of them.


The name of one of the characters reminded my of this Dutch popgroup with the same name: Rigby. They have been the support act of The Kaiser Chiefs's last tour. Here's a clip of their new single:

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