Monday, October 26, 2009

Review of Able-Bodied by Karen Foley

Ablebodied Karen Foley
Harlequin Blaze, February 2009
Genre & Keywords: Contemporary | Uniformly Hot: Delta Forces | Injured Hero | Reiki Heroine | Opposites attract

Heat level:

I like Karen Foley’s former Blaze books a lot. And Able-Bodied didn’t disappoint me either. The author invests a lot in character development. In Able-Bodied the hero is a bad ass military hunk, who is in pain. The heroine is a fragile looking but brave practitioner of Reiki and she happens to be able to take away people’s pain. So he needs her and it turns out that she also needs his protection when someone from her past comes after her. They make a nice couple and them hooking up together is plausible. Both are scared for commitment but enjoy the hot sex they’re finally having, very much. Only when it comes to admitting their feelings for each other I feel like Karen Foley rushed the story a bit. Still, I enjoyed this Blaze, but not as much as her other books. Maybe it’s because I’m not that fond of unbelievably large and hulky guys, especially not when they hook up with tiny little women. So, I didn’t fall in love with the protagonist, though I normally like reading about men in uniform (of any kind!). Because Ms. Foley knows how to tell a story and put some excitement and steamy love scenes in it, Able-Bodied was still a great read!

Back Blurb:
Uniformly Hot-series. Subject: Ransom Bennett, Delta Force Operator Current status: Injured but still hot-blooded! Mission: Regain crack military reflexes. Prove he's ready for active duty. Obstacle: Hannah Hartwell. Fascinating. Tantalizing. His new neighbor. All Ransom wants is to get healthy enough to return to the field. But sexy Hannah is testing his composure. The woman is under his skin…but she's also fleeing a shady past. Damn! Hasn't he learned not to play with fire? Still, Ransom can't help exposing her secrets…and a lot more! Then it's on to his post-injury mission. The highly clandestine operation will involve delicate negotiations, complex maneuvers and fiery explosions. And that's just in Hannah's bed!

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