Monday, October 26, 2009

Reading: Rode Hard, Put Up Wet by Lorelei James

Rodehardputupwet72smRode Hard, Put Up Wet is the second book in Lorelei James' Rough Riders series. There're now seven novels and one short story in this series and I first read book 4: Tied Up, Tied Down. Then I got my hands on book 1: Long Hard Ride and the short story (also called no. 6.5): Strong, Silent Type. All three were great and worth 5 stars.
Now I'll try to read the rest of the books in the 'right' order. Because although each book can be read as a stand alone, the sub characters return in the other books. The Rough Riders series is mainly about the McKay family.
James' other series, The Wild West Boys, is linked to The Rough Riders series. It's about the West family and some McKays are hooked up with some members of the West family. Are you curious how this is working out and which couples feature which books? Look at the McKay/West family tree here >>>.

So far I'm enjoying Rode Hard, Put Up Wet very much. The main hero and heroine are Cash and Gemma, but there's also a bonus couple: Carter McKade and Macie, Cash's daughter. So two love stories for the price of one, gotta love it. See for a sexy quotation after the Back Blurb. Enjoy!

Back Blurb:
Struggling stock contractor Gemma Jansen swallows her pride and tracks down circuit rider Cash Big Crow to offer him a job managing her ranch. Cash agrees on one condition: theirs won’t be strictly a working relationship. She’s the boss during the day, but once she’s corralled in the bedroom, Cash calls the shots. Despite concerns about their age difference, Gemma consents.
Cash suspects the sexy widow hides an untapped wild streak. He intends to loosen her tightly held reins of control—even if he has to break out his horsewhip to do it.
But Cash is in for a surprise. Gemma proves a rough and ready participant in any leather-n-lace game Cash dreams up
Between riding herd on his wayward daughter, Macie, and rowdy cowboy Carter McKay doggin’ Macie’s every boot step, Cash struggles to hide his true feelings for Gemma – except this time, Gemma’s grabbed the bull by the horns and she’s playing for keeps.
Summer’s going to be a hot one at the Bar 9.

Warning: this book contains: explicit sex nine ways ‘til Sunday – including ménage a trois, inventive use of ropes, naughty girls getting spanked, stubborn men getting hog-tied, graphic language and whoo-wee! hot nekkid cowboy action.

Lord it was hot.
Macie wiped the sweat from her forehead with the inside of her arm and dropped the empty bucket near the water pump. A low groan drifted out from the barn. Weird. The door was ajar. Curious about the strange noise she heard, she stepped inside and immediately was plunged from bright sunshine into darkness. She picked her way through discarded tools littering the dirt floor, the scent of hay and feed and horseflesh overwhelming her senses. She rounded the corner by the last wooden stall and stopped.
Three men were crammed in the small space. Three men, naked, except for their cowboy hats and boots. She couldn’t see their faces, but at the moment it wasn’t their faces she was interested in.
They were all buck-ass naked. Oh, man, it’d be a damn shame to cover up such glorious bodies under chaps, jeans and long-sleeved shirts. These hunky cowboys should be all nude, all the time.
Two men studied a man who was bound. His muscular arms were stretched above his head, his strong wrists tied together and hooked to a long rope. His feet were spread wide, though the tips of his boots scarcely touched the hay-strewn ground. His bulky thigh muscles were rigid from the strain. A single thin golden sunbeam blazed between the wooden slats, highlighting his sweat-coated skin.
Macie’s eyes drank him in. Of the three, he was the most striking. Wide, defined shoulders. A hairless chest with sharply sculpted pectorals. His biceps bulged with corded muscles and thick veins. As her gaze swept down to his ribcage and his tapered waist, to the dent in his navel, the other two naked cowboys blocked her view of his groin.
But she watched in fascination as the men murmured to him before each one latched onto a flat bronze nipple. The bound cowboy arched, but no sound emerged. The blond man suckling his right nipple reached down between the man’s legs.
(p. 46)

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