Monday, October 26, 2009

Review of One on One by Cathryn Fox

One_on_one Cathryn Fox
One on One
Samhain Publishing, February 2009

Genre: Contemporary | Best Friends Turn Lovers | Firefighter
Heat level:

One on One is a lovely short story about two best friends becoming lovers. Taylor is lusting after firefighter Christian for a long time now, but all they do together is watching movies and sharing ice cream. Her friend helps her to form an idea how to seduce him, namely playing the best friends card. She’s going to ask his advice on getting men to notice her. With the result that he can’t resist her.
I like best-friends-turning-lovers stories and the fact that the hero is a sexy firefighter is a big bonus. But even without these elements Cathryn Fox writes a hot story. The sex scenes are steamy and the protagonists are very likeable. We learn about both their feelings because the point of view changes continually between Taylor and Christian. Their perspectives on the events are sometimes funny and add to the hotness of the attraction between the two of them. One on One is a quick but fun and hot read!

Back Blurb: It was just a sexy game. Then things went south…

Taylor Dayton has been holding back a secret from her best friend, firefighter Christian Bain: he’s the only man who can douse the flames inside her. It’s time he noticed her as more than an ice cream and movie pal. What better way to melt the blinders from his eyes than propose an irresistibly sexy grooming session?

Christian can hardly believe the woman from his erotic dreams has just issued a siren call no red-blooded male can resist. He’ll give her what she wants, and when he’s done with her, she’ll need more than a fire hose to cool her down.

When their little game leads them to discover their secret fetishes and fantasies, they realize that this sexy seduction is no longer just a game.

This time, it’s for keeps.

Product Warnings: Hot sex in creative places, may leave reader salivating for more…

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