Monday, October 26, 2009

Review Seduction by Lora Leigh

9781843606413_2This is the third book in the Bound Hearts series, one of the many series by Lora Leigh. This series is about a group of dominant men, all members of the Trojans club, who like to share their women. So does Jesse, the main character of Seduction. He is in love with Terrie, the widow of his younger brother Thomas (in the first two books of the series we've met his twinbrother James). But Jesse thinks she's afraid of him and his needs. He takes care of her but is not pushing her into a relationship with him because he's scared to hurt her. That's kinda sweet for such a dominant man actually. He does however dare her to seduce him whenever she's ready for him. Terrie takes the challenge and is set to seduce him into a threesome with one of her girlfriends. Because for a change she wants to give something (read love) to him instead of him giving to her. He trusts her and allows Terrie to chain him to the bed and to invite her friend Tally to pleasure him. Than there's of course no way back and she surrenders to his sexual needs.
Lora Leigh writes very fast pasted stories and the action starts immediately, so no long paragraphs about the characters' backgrounds or issues. Just fast and hot action in a very graphic language. I like that in an erotic story and in this particular one the hero and heroine were pretty sympathetic and appealing. So this third book in the series I rate with 4 stars.

Back Blurb: Jesse Wyman knows Terrie's reluctance to accept the desires that are a natural part of him. Desires he sees lurking in the darkest depths of her eyes. But Terrie must accept those needs herself.
In a bold and risky turn, Jesse dares her to seduce him. Challenges her to accept her needs, to push her own boundaries.
She must convince him. She must be willing to risk her heart, her very soul, for the ultimate prize. But is Terrie more daring than even Jesse knew?

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