Monday, October 26, 2009

Just One Taste by Wendy Etherington

1fc99aecad20474d9330bf4bd61c895cimgAnother sweet Blaze novel is what I needed after the intense Seduction by Lora Leigh. So I picked Just One Taste from my Blaze TBR pile. It's from 2006 and the first novel of two about the cousins Broussard. I've read the second one last year (A Breath Away, 2007) about security specialist Jade Broussard who meets her bad guy when he requests her protective services. I liked that one and rated it with 4 stars. Now I'm gonna read Jade's cousin Lucas's story and I hope I'll enjoy it as much.

Back Blurb: Nothing tastes sweeter than forbidden fruit. And Lucas Broussard has forbidden written all over him. From the top of his dark head on down, his designer suits cover the heart of a rebel - and lots of secrets. Socialite dropout Vanessa Douglas should know, because she's got a kindred spirit. Despite how alluring he is, Vanessa really must resist. After all, her fledgling catering business depends on being welcomed back into the family fold...and their endless fund-raisers and formal dinners. It's an entrepreneur's dream, even though toeing the social line is a tad, uh, restrictive. Still, a single night with Lucas won't be her downfall, will it? Surely she could indulge just this once, then return to playing good girl in the morning. Too bad once is not enough with this man. And even more devastating than his bedroom charm are the secrets he's about to reveal...

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1fc99aecad20474d9330bf4bd61c895cimg Finished Just One Taste by Wendy Etherington and it was great. See my earlier post for the back blurb. It's just what you'd expect from a Blaze novel. Nice characters with good reasons to withold information from the new lover. When secrets come out they've got the right responses. Then new problems rise followed by a split up. The pain of the hero is tangible. Than a good reconcilliation follows and in the meantime the heroine has solved her family issues as well. I'm not sure if the language is my cup of tea, but I definitely like the speed with which the characters get hot with each other. The sex scenes are elaborate and frequent, and are sweet and sexy. So I really enjoyed this story and I rate it with 4,5 stars.

Originally posted at September 2, 2009

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