Monday, October 26, 2009

Review of The Boys Back Home by Sierra Dafoe

The_boys_back_home Sierra Dafoe
The Boys Back Home
Samhain Publishing, Aug 2008
Rating: êêêêê
Heat level: ¹¹

This was the first book by Sierra Dafoe I read and she instantly became one of my favorite authors! Sadly she hasn’t written that many contemporary romance novels, but more futuristic and paranormal romances (those are not really my cup of tea). The few contemporary ones she has published I’m definitely gonna read. Luckily one of them is, like The Boys Back Home, a cowboy story (The Mighty Flynn).

The boys in the title refer to the two handsome cowboys, Kyle and Alan, who grew up with their best friend Cassie. When they were young they were inseparable to the point where the girl falls in love with both boys and the boys each fall in love with the girl. Cassie can’t choose between the two of them, so she doesn’t show her love. When one night she discovers Kyle and Alan kissing and having sex with one another, she feels that neither one of them need her nor cares for her, and she runs. She leaves town without a word and doesn’t return for three years. When she does return, it’s to sort out her emotions because she’s on the verge of marrying another man. It doesn’t take her long to realize that she still loves the two friends. But it’s taking a while figuring out that they love her as well and want her in their lives.

There’s a lot of pathos, hotness and love in this story. All dosed very well, which makes you wanna keep reading and reading. Sierra Dafoe has created a perfect triangle of love, because the guys, who turned to each other out of frustration of waiting for Cassie, developed deep feelings for each other as well. Their friendship and loyalty have turned into love and a hot attraction for the other man. It’s kind of sweet really, also how they waited on Cassie to be the first woman to ever make love to. Alan, for instance, is completely magnetized by her breasts. And with her in their bed they both are totally happy and satisfied. All three characters are loveable and portrayed very well with each different characteristics, emotions and behavior. The only negative remark I can make about this book is that it was way too short ;-). I could have read about these protagonists for many more hours. So it won’t be a surprise that I rated this book with 5 stars.

Back Blurb: She could never choose between them…until they both chose her.
Even as a young girl, Cassie Jordan knew the rules: one man, one woman. Especially in rural Idaho. But how can she choose between blond, kind-hearted Kyle Watson and dark, sensuous Alan Caine?
She can’t. Not even when she discovers the two handsome cowboys in bed together and is convinced that neither of them cares for her at all. That discovery sends her running all the way to Chicago and into the arms of another man. Now, with her wedding fast approaching, it’s time to return to Preacher’s Bend to sort out her tangled emotions.

Now that Cassie’s back in town, Kyle and Alan are determined to do whatever it takes to keep her there. As far as they’re concerned, there’s only one place on earth Cassie belongs—in their arms.
Warning: This title contains explicit M/M sex, M/F sex, and two cowboys taking the woman of their dreams for the ride of her life!

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