Monday, October 26, 2009

Review Coming on Strong by Tawny Weber

Coming_on_strong_2I finished this Blaze novel Tuesday night. Tawny Weber is one of my favorite Blaze authors, I truly enjoyed Double Dare and Risque Business which I rated both with 5 stars. Coming on Strong is from April 2009 and the first of two books, the other one is Going Down Hard (May 2009). The characters of the second one in the series are already introduced in Coming on Strong and have a one night stand which'll get a follow up in their own story.

But this story is about party planner Belle and her former fiancé and now millionaire Mitch. Things went wrong on their wedding day when Belle left him standing at the altar after hearing some nasty gossip about Mitch. Now, six years later, they meet again when she is hired to plan the big opening party of his new resort. Of course, there're a lot of bad memories and feelings of hurt between the two of them, but they still feel attraction for each other. And it doesn't take long before they end up in bed together. But all the hurt and brused pride is still there and not talked about, so it's bound to explode in their faces. And it does.
Weber doses it well and the storyline in which this blow up takes place is full of suspence in which an evil saboteur plays a role. This is very well done and great to read. The couple is very likeable and their feelings are conceivable. The heroine is sassy, confident, cheerfull and easy to love. So is the hero, who is very sweet and adorable in his insecurities. Together they are hot, with great love scenes. But I must say that it bugged me a bit that they had sex before talking about what went wrong on their wedding day. That's just asking for trouble, although the author did a good job at explaining why they didn't want to talk about it. And for the story it was of course a good move, to add more suspense towards the blow up ;-).

I rate this novel with 4,5 stars and do look forward to Going Down Hard!

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