Monday, October 26, 2009

Review Wildfire by Cheyenne McCray

Wildfire_sm Like I promissed yesterday, here's my review of Wildfire by Cheyenne McCray.

Well, it certainly is blazing hot, this one. Witness the little excerpt I posted earlier, here >>>
Dee and Jake really hit it off. These past lovers meet again after ten years and they still feel the same attraction (and love) for each other. But Dee is a hurt woman and doesn't wanna give in to Jake anymore. Still she can't deny her desire for him. Although they do have sex she isn't willing to give her heart again. But Jake is determined to win it back. So while they have hot sex, gradually they're falling for each other hard.
Unfortunately the background story is a bit lame. It's shoved aside for a hot sex scene at a few crucial points, where imho it would have been better to pursue the background story. It's about the theft of cattle, not only Dee's cattle is stolen, but that of many other ranchers in the little town. The local sheriff and his deputy are not able to track the rustlers down and Jake, as a Special Agent with Customs, is putting his investigative skills to use to help Dee. But that part of the story isn't very convincing, because he isn't really doing anything. And surprise, surprise by the end of the book the hero and heroine have found their love and HEA, but the rustlers haven't been tracked down.
Because Wildfire is Book 1 in McCray's Wild series, it's likely that this 'mystery' will continue in Book 2, Wildcat. This tells the story of Dee's best friend Catie who gets hooked up with the new sheriff. I can't wait to read this one as well.
Although the background story isn't finished and satisfying, the love story was really great and scorching hot. So I rate Wildfire with 5 stars!

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