Monday, October 26, 2009

Review of A Helping Hand by Shayla Kersten

A_helping_hand Shayla Kersten
A Helping Hand
Ellora's Cave Publishing, August 2008
Genre: Gay | M/M | Cops | Best Friends Become Lovers | Straight Guy Turns Gay
Heat level:

Wow!! This novel is very, very hot, sweet, sexy, lovely, arousing, enjoying and surprising. I really recommend this book if you like reading about M/M love, friends turning into lovers and handsome, straight guys discovering their attraction to a man with all the confusing feelings and doubts that go with that discovery. Because Shayla Kersten truly wrote a great story with all these ingredients. And luckily this novel is the first in a series of three, the other two titles are Hidden Force and Hidden Hands. All are M/M stories with policemen as heroes. I’m gonna read them for sure, because if they’re only half as good as this one… *gasp*

A Helping Hand is the story of best friends Rich and Dan, who live in a small town and work for the Sheriff’s Department. Dan is a lady’s man; he’s dating a lot in his search for the right woman to spend his future with. Rich is gay but quiet about it. And he’s in lust with his friend Dan for years now. When he witnesses Dan’s car take a spin and crash, he realizes that his feelings go much deeper. A period follows in which Rich has to take care of Dan because of his injuries. In this period the two men get to share intimate moments which lead to more. And this really shakes their worlds.
Not only are their dialogues and actions well-written about, their feelings, doubts and behavior are also believable and developed very well. The love scenes between the two men were scorching hot and a real joy to read. So, again I’m rating a book by a new-to-me-author this week with 5 stars!

Back Blurb: Deputy Sheriff Rich Taylor has many secrets. His sexuality is only the top of the list. Even his best friend Dan doesn’t know Rich is gay. For good reason. His feelings for Dan are more than friendship. When Dan’s injured, the thought of losing him forces Rich to admit his years-long lust has turned to love.
An accident turns State Trooper Dan Fletcher’s life, and his car, upside down. With his right hand out of commission, he has to rely on his best friend for his basic—sometimes intimate—needs. After spending most of his life looking for the right woman, he begins to wonder if he’s been looking at the wrong gender—an impossible concept in their small-minded world.

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