Friday, October 30, 2009

Reading Cowgirl Up and Ride by Lorelei James

I've got a day off today and have no other appointments or obligations. So I'm spending my time how I like it best: reading! This morning I finished Two In Hand by Mary Winters, which was a great read. I'll write a review later, after I've finished the one about Private Maneuvers by Denise A. Agnew. Now I'm enjoying one of Lorelei James' installments of the Rough Riders series: Cowgirl Up and Ride. Ms James knows how to evoke a nice wild west world of very hot cowboys and sweet girls and I just love all the secondary characters of the McKay and West clans. This is the third book in the series and it's about the oldest son Cord McKay, while we're further introduced to his brother Colt and their twin cousins Kane and Kade, who will starring in the next installments. It's my fifth Rough Riders book, because I didn't start reading in the right chronology, and it's very promising so far.
Here's a short excerpt, just to give you a little taste:

“Then c’mere. You’re gonna hafta get used to havin’ your body against mine.” Cord pulled her even closer. “Get used to feelin’ my hands on you. All over you. All the time.”
Her hormones did the happy dance.
The band segued into a slow, mournful ballad and AJ’s eyes drifted shut. She lost herself in the sensation of finally being where she’d always dreamed: in Cord McKay’s arms.
“How much experience do you have?” Cord murmured.
“You ask a lot of questions.”
“I expect an answer to every damn one.” His lips brushed her temple. “Where all’ve you been kissed besides your pretty mouth?” Cord’s free hand slipped up her waist to her ribcage. His thumb lightly stroked the bottom swell of her breast before sweeping higher, across her nipple, until it was a hot, tight point. “Here?”
Her breath hitched. “Ah. No.”
He twirled them, dancing backward, smoothly inserting his leg between hers. “Here?” He pressed up so she was riding his thigh. “You ever had a man’s mouth tastin’ your sweet spot?”
AJ softly moaned at the exquisite pressure and heat of his hard muscles rubbing her tender flesh. The thought of his tongue licking there made her throb with want.
“Yes or no?” he growled.
Dizzy, she managed, “N-no.”
“Has any man ever touched this pussy?”
“You’ve touched yourself? Made yourself come?”
Cord hissed. “You’re drivin’ me crazy, thinkin’ of all the things I’m gonna do to you. How many different ways I can make you come.”
“Show me.” AJ tightened her thighs around his. “Show me it all.”
“Remember you said that.” He blew softly in her ear and she shivered like a newborn babe. “Soon as this song ends, I’m goin’ outside. Meet me by my truck in ten minutes. This is between you and me. No one else needs to know what we’re doin’. Understand?”
The final drumbeat sounded and Cord eased away from her. AJ locked her knees to keep herself upright.
“Ten minutes. And you’d better not be wearin’ them sassy panties.”

(p. 37-38)

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