Monday, October 26, 2009

Review Room Service by Jill Shalvis

Room_service_4This morning I finished Room Service by Jill Shalvis. And, wow, this is amazing. Hot and tender sex, with a lot of emotions, great dialogues and likeable characters.

Back Blurb: Farm-girl-turned-TV producer Em Harris is in way over her head in the sumptuous Hush hotel. Trying to bag chef Jacob Hill for her new cullinary show is one thing. Staying at the sex-themed hotel, where his restaurant is located, is quite another. Her goal is to convince Jacob, known for looking and cooking like a dream, to sign a contract. But after a few days of being enveloped in Hush’s sensual atmosphere, the only thing on Em’s mind is discovering if Jacob tastes as delicious as the food that he cooks… and she knows just how to find out!

The plot is good and has even a few subplots about relationships of the friends of the hero and heroine. Their relationships add something to the story without becoming to dominant. All the focus goes to the relationship of Jacob and Em of course. He's a one night stand kind of guy and she's a commitment kind of girl, so they shouldn't get together, but their attraction is to big to ignore.
Sweet is that Jacob tries to hold back his desire because he knows that Em is not a one night stand woman and he doesn't want to hurt her. But when he tries to scare her off, her reactions are unexpected and she gets to him. Their first love scene is really terrific and I like that it is also written from Jacob's point of view. That's missing at the end of the book, which is regrettable. It would have been nice to learn how he came to his insight of love, because he's such a loveable person. But that's the only moment in the novel that his perspective is lacking.
The setting was perfect as well, a sex-themed hotel with the rooms full of toys and all the erotic possibilities. It was sizzling. The scenes where Jacob and Em wandered around New York city were also lovely.
I liked that, althoug the couple got their HEA in their personal life, Jacob didn't give in to Em's business proposal. That would've been too perfect. And the TV show turned out well for Em in the end, so no harm done ;-)
With all these plusses it will not be a surprise that I rate this novel with 5 stars!
(I read a second hand paperback, because it isn't available as ebook).

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