Monday, October 26, 2009

Hope Tarr's It's a Wonderfully Sexy Life

10b4a2bab7c0461daed5835c60e2114bimg After all the gay love, dominating and threesomes I settled for a nice and lovely Blaze novel. Just started reading It's a Wonderfully Sexy Life by Hope Tarr. Before, I've read her novel Bound to Please, with pleasure, rated it with 4,5 stars. This one is from december 2006, so it's sort of a Christmas story... I know, not the right time of the year to read this one, but I want a nice and friendly story :-)

Back Blurb: Baltimore street cop Mandy Delinski isn't expecting any miracles this Christmas. She's thirty, a little too round, still very single and she lives with her parents. So who could have guessed that her whole life would change before New Year's Eve? That a simple job policing a Christmas party would find her in the arms of sexy-as-sin bartender Josh Thornton? That they would be on the brink of making love before the night ended?
That Mandy would find her perfect man in the morgue the next day?
Or that she'd be given a magical chance to go back a week, save Josh…and have the best sex of her life. Does Christmas get any better than this?

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Didn't have much time to read today, so I didn't finish Hope Tarr's Blaze novel yet. But I'm enjoying it so far. It's really sweet with a heroine who's insecure about her curvy figure but the hero of course likes her body very very much. The sexscenes are pretty hot as well and the author' s put a little bit of magic in the story. It's exactly the nice story I needed right now...

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10b4a2bab7c0461daed5835c60e2114bimg Yep, it was lovely, this Blaze novel by Hope Tarr. Once you surrender yourself to the magical element of this story, it's a really nice read. The characters are very likable, sweet and sexy. The story certainly doesn't lack suspense either, although some of the 'protected wittness' stuff was a bit unbelievable, but hey we're talking about a story where the heroine can make time go back a week because she makes a wish on New Year's Eve. So how important is believability *grin*. The hero, Josh, is definitely a guy to fall in love with, his feelings for Mandy are really sweet and well written about. I rate this novel with 4 stars!

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