Monday, October 26, 2009

Review of Switching Seth by Jenna Byrnes

Switching_sethJenna Byrnes
Switching Seth
Total E-bound, 2009
Rating: êêêê½
Heat level: ¹¹¹

Switching Seth is a hot read about a m/m/f ménage including bdsm, so it’s not for the faint of heart. But for those who want to try reading bdsm for the first time, this book would be a good start, because it’s very gentle and playful and not about power exchange. It never turned or put me off, although I haven’t read many bdsm stories, when Seth, Michael and Carla played with ropes, paddles or clamps. Their plays were very lovingly and where things were taken a step too far for Carla (in public, with other people joining in), Seth, and later Michael as well, were very understanding and supportive.
Seth is such a sweet guy, he’s the perfect hero for this story. And it’s not surprisingly that both Michael and Carla are in love with and attracted to this man and want his happiness the most of all. He’s hot as a submissive as well, all tied up, gagged and blindfolded. He’s enjoying the loss of control and the pain, but only when they are in the playroom. He’s not the kind of submissive that does all the chores in their household. With Carla he switches from submissive to Dom and back all the time.
At one point in the story the threesome falls apart and Seth has to choose between Michael and Carla. The solution to this situation comes from Carla and it turns out differently. But I think this impasse in the relation of the three of them could have been worked out better. There were too many leaps and holes in Seth’s feelings. I would’ve wanted to read a little bit more about his inner struggle with his emotions (and Michael’s and Carla’s as well). That’s the only thing that withholds me from rating the book with 5 stars instead of 4,5 stars!
Switching Seth is Book 1 in the Rose & Thorn Society series, the second Book – Never Say Never – is coming in November from Total Ebound and I can’t wait to read it. If it is only half as good as Book 1, it’ll be a fun read. And I'm definitely gonna try more of Jenna Byrnes' work!

Back Blurb:
Seth Carter is the perfect submissive. He'll do anything for his lover and Master, Michael. But Seth has a secret desire: he'd like to try being a Dom. Realizing he'll never dominate Michael, with his Master's permission, he goes looking for a slave of his own.
Carla Nelson is new to Southern California and the BDSM club, the Rose & Thorn Society. She's looking for a submissive, but falls deep in lust when she meets Seth. The words 'gay and married' resonate in her head, but she can't fight the intense attraction. When he calls her with a proposal, she discovers she may not have to.
Seth wants to dominate Carla. With Michael training him, he promises they'll fulfil her every desire. The allure of having two men at once--two Masters--is strong. The fact that one is the handsome Seth makes the offer irresistible. Carla agrees to accept Michael in the package deal, unaware of how he really feels about the arrangement.


  1. Thanks for the review! Glad you enjoyed it. Can't wait to hear what you think of Book 2, Never Say Never.



  2. You're welcome, I really did enjoy it! I hope to read book 2 before the end of the year, it's just that there're so many books and so little time. But Never Say Never is def on top of my TBR pile!!


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