Monday, October 26, 2009

Review Thirty Nights by JoAnn Ross

N108788 Thirty Nights is one of the very first Blaze novels (nr. 5 to by exact) and I bought this secondhand one for £ 0.01 at Amazon, *grin*. I must say that more recent Blaze's are far more graphic, now, I'm not sure if that's a trend with these early ones (from 2001) or if it's just this author. I've never read any other novel by JoAnn Ross.
Still, this was a good read. The story is very well written and the scarred hero is easy to like and love, the better we learn to know him. The heroine is also sympathetic and strong, although I found it hard to believe that she was still a virgin at the age of 25. There's also a bit of suspense written into the story (a death threat) and some suffering and anxiety when the heroine is shot. The sex scenes were not particularly hot, that was a bit disappointing. Still, I rate this novel with 3,5 stars, because it was a pleasant read, with sweet moments and an unpredictable setting and setup.

Back Blurb: Hunter St. John wants Gillian Cassidy. In his bed. . . fulfilling his fantasies. For thirty nights, that's the deal. He's going to make her scream with wild, wanton pleasure. Enjoy a little revenge in the process. The perfect way to get her out of his system, right?
Maybe. Gillian is shocked by his threat to destroy her father if she doesn't agree to his proposition - shocked and aroused. She's never forgotten Hunter and the way he made her feel. But it's emotional blackmail. It could also be the best sex of her life. . . . Except what happens when the thirty nights are over?

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