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Review of Thirty Days and Forever by Shayla Kersten

Thirty_days_2 Shayla Kersten
Thirty Days
Liquid Silver Books, 2007
Genre: Gay | M/M | Bdsm

Heat level:

Thirty Days is the first of two books about Master Biton and his sub Cavan. In this book they meet, a few months after Biton has lost his partner and the love of his life, Eric. He’s still grieving and not looking for a new sub yet. In fact he’s considering a retirement. But when he’s invited by good friends to a private party he meets Cavan, who’s been badly abused. Biton is interested in the young man and his story. He’s not sure what he’s getting himself into, but Cavan’s terrible past and his psychological problems also help Biton to get over Eric’s death and his own grief. It’s really lovely to see how these two troubled men gradually grow on each other. Biton is really sweet for Cavan and the young man learns fast to trust his new Master. The title of this novel refers to the length of their D/s contract. Cavan is anxious to know if Biton wants to prolong the contract after their thirty days are up. Before the decision can be made, the two men will have to deal with a lot of issues.
I just couldn’t put the book down, because their story is really catching and getting to you. The way Shayla Kersten writes about their attraction and growing love for each other is very convincing and enjoyable. I truly felt compassion for both men and did fall a little bit in love with Biton, who’s not only hot but also so considerate and tender with Cavan. I was glad their story doesn’t end on the last page of Thirty Days but continues in Forever - and that I bought the two books together. Because I think their story isn’t complete at the end of the first novel. They still have a long way to go. Look for my thoughts about Forever after the back blurb.

Back Blurb: Biton Savakis, a 42 year old wealthy lawyer in New York City, is lost without his beloved slave of ten years. Since Erik’s death from cancer three months before, the will to continue his life as a Dom slipped away. Until now. The forlorn redhead looks as lost as Biton feels. Maybe the young man can help ease his pain, even if only for a little while. Unfortunately, the young man comes with his own emotional baggage.
Cavan never chose the life of a slave but he doesn’t clearly remember a time when he wasn’t one.
Beaten close to death and thrown aside by his former Master, Cavan doesn’t know how to do anything else. When Biton offers him a temporary contract, Cavan doesn’t understand the meaning of his new Master’s words. All he knows is he has a new home and someone to serve. But what will happen to him when the contract ends... In thirty days...


Forever Shayla Kersten
Liquid Silver Books, 2007
Genre: Gay | M/M | Bdsm
Heat level: ¹¹¹

After the arrest of Cavan’s former Master and their initial thirty days contract ended, Biton and Cavan are still together and trying to find out if they can have a true D/s relation. Cavan is still working to leave his trauma behind him and Biton is giving him his space. On advice of Cavan’s therapist they don’t have sex and they don’t talk about the therapy. That doesn’t help them to become closer, of course. When Cavan rebels against his therapist, because she tries to convince him to leave Biton, he runs and he has a breakthrough on his road to independency. It makes their relationship stronger and more equal. But then Shayla Kersten turns the suspension up a knot when Cavan’s past gets back at him.
When it was hard to put
Thirty Days down, it was impossible to do so with Forever. It was more thrilling and exciting, where Thirty Days was sweet, tender and full of pathos. Not that Forever wasn’t all that too, but it was even more than that. The love scenes were super hot on top of that. The two books complement each other in a wonderful way. You just want to keep on reading and reading about these sexy, hot, kind and lovely men. So I really recommend both books, I loved them!

Back Blurb: In Biton Savakis’ opinion, following the advice of Cavan’s therapist isn’t working. Refraining from dominant play with an abused submissive trying to heal is one thing. Biton is willing to forgo that part of his life. However, not talking to Cavan about making their arrangement permanent doesn’t make sense.
Three months after his new master promises him forever, Cavan is afraid it won’t happen.
Although the thirty day contract is long over, Biton hasn’t offered a new one.
Nightmares about testifying against his former master doesn’t make life easier.
Just as Cavan begins to understand what he means to Biton, Cavan’s past reaches out to steal his happiness and maybe his life.

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