Monday, October 26, 2009

Review of Maritime Men by Janey Chapel

475773 I like reading about men in uniform, so I thought this novella (ca. 60 pages in my version) would be full of great characters. The back blurp announced an attraction between two Navy SEALs, which is difficult in the not so gay friendly military world. A story full of potential conflicts, issues and struggles. But none of that was the case in Maritime Men.
I missed that a lot. Janey Chapel didn't give the reader much insight in the thoughts and feelings of her two main characters, Cooper and Eli. The story is told from Cooper's point of view but is mainly describing what's happening, hardly what he's feeling. This is a huge shortcoming imo. I like to read about the feelings and thoughts of the characters.
Besides that, the story lacked suspense as well. There's hardly a beginning, middle and (happy) ending. So it's not much more than a few hot (but a bit emotionless) scenes amidst some military training action scenes and bar scenes. All nicely placed after one another and nothing more. So no more than 1.5 stars out of 5 for this story.

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