Monday, October 26, 2009

Reading: Wildfire by Cheyenne McCray

Wildfire_sm I haven't finished reading this book yet, but I like to share a little fragment from Wildfire here. Because so far it's pretty scorching hot. It's set in a ranching decor and does have a 'cop' hero, which are a few of my favorite elements combined. Only thing that buggs me a little bit is the very frequent mentioning of the heroine's "prominent nipples". But the hero is rather loveable in his determination to show the heroine his sincerity this time around (after leaving her ten years ago). Wildfire is the first book in a Wildwest series. Enjoy the (a bit censored ;-)) excerpt after the Back Blurb!

Back Blurb: Rancher Dee MacLeod needs a man in the worst way. Trouble is, since Jake Reynolds left her ten years ago, she can't find a man who scratches that itch like Jake did. She's hot and horny, but she hides her blazing passion beneath a cool, distant exterior. Her ranch hands call her "Ice Queen."
Ha. If they only knew…
Jake Reynolds, the one man who knows just how fiery Dee can be, thought he'd gotten the sexy redhead out of his system. But when he moves back to Arizona, he learns the truth...he's still in love with her. He's realized what an idiot he was to leave, and now Jake will stop at nothing to get Dee's hot body back in his bed. He intends to do whatever it takes to win her heart again, this time for keeps.


The instant Jake's lips touched Dee's, his hunger grew, so deep and fierce he knew he'd never be satisfied. Reason went right out of his head and settled way down south, straight to his c***.
Clenching his hair in her fists, Dee ran her tongue over his lips. That sweet, sexy tongue that always used to drive him wild was now about to make him insane.
Soft moans came from her throat as she nipped at his bottom lip. He groaned and her tongue darted into his mouth with her own hunger and need.
He had to taste her. Had to feel her. His arms tightened around her as he explored her mouth with his tongue, plunging in and out, letting her know exactly how badly he wanted to f*** her.
With a quick movement, he took the clip out of her hair and let the mass tumble down to her shoulders. He slid his fingers into her wild mane, picturing them both naked, her hair like flame against his skin.
Dee squirmed in his lap as she kissed him, her round little ass rubbing against his c***. He was so damn hard he was afraid he was going to come in his jeans.
She pulled open the snaps of his shirt, then slid her hand inside, trailing her fingers through his chest hair, across his hardened male nipples, and down, down to the waistband of his jeans.
Before she could go any lower, he caught her hand and broke their kiss. (p. 46)

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