Thursday, December 31, 2009

Why I’m hooked & my sad little 2009 lists

As you might know I’m doing this blog since the end of October of this year (the 26th to be precise). And I’ve gotta admit, in those two months my life’s changed.

Now at the end of the year I see all those enthusiastic bloggers lists of best this and worst thats, or some resolutions for 2010. Well, the resolutions thing I can do, but I’m saving that for the New Year. The looking back on 2009 is more difficult though, since I haven’t been around for the whole year. I have been reading erotic romance for only 6 months now…

But since it’s my first turn of the year in bloglandia I just wanna give it a try! I warn you though that my lists might turn out to be sad little ones ;)

Before I start the listing, I wanna say that I’m super duper happy that I started the blogging thing in October – I’m completely hooked! It’s not only because I found a perfect outlet for my pent up desires and longings (the man candy and hot vids and pics serve that purpose very well *grin*) but what got me really addicted to the blogging is meeting all you nice people and the lovely, wonderful comments and emails I received from you! Author Bronwyn Green wrote to me yesterday about my blog “the vibe is awesome. It's like it's a nice people magnet.” And that’s what got me hooked, really! Thanks you all, for being so wonderful and welcoming me into romblogland!

Now, let’s see if I can stir up the sleepy grey cells that are called my brain and come up with some wonderful rom-reading memories…

I love threesomes ;) so I’ll give you each time 3 of my favorites.

First my Favorite Authors of 2009 (of whom I read more than 1 book that I loved):
* Lorelei James
* Shayla Kersten
* Sarah Mayberry
I already feel bad for leaving out so many other wonderful authors *sigh*

My Favorite Heroes:
* Kade McKay from Tied Up, Tied Down (Rough Riders, #4) by Lorelei James (sexy and sweet cowboy – look out for my Letter to his woman Sky to be posted on my blog next Friday!)
* Noah from the Deviations series by Chris Owens and Jodi Payne (lovely and hot submissive gay guy)
* Guy McCann from The Maverick by Rhonda Nelson (tough and hurting sex-on-a-stick soldier)

My Favorite Contemporary Romances (with lower heat level *grin*):
* Skin Game by Ava Gray
* Double Play by Jill Shalvis
* Seducing Simon by Maya Banks

My Favorite Steamier Contemporary Romances:
* Heat of the Moment by Elle Kennedy
* Running with the Devil by Lorelei James
* Boomerang Love (The Thorns, #1) by Melissa Lopez

My Favorite Men in Uniform Romances:
* Firefighter: Caught off Guard (The Heroes of Silver Springs, #1) by Tonya Ramagos
* Cops: Hidden Force by Shayla Kersten (M/M)
* SEAL: Risking it All by Stephanie Tyler

My Favorite Cowboy Romances:
* The Rough Riders series by Lorelei James
* Bound by Love by T.A. Chase (M/M)
* Two in Hand by Mary Winter (Menage and M/M)

My Favorite Blaze novels:
* Below the Belt by Sarah Mayberry
* Fly Boy by Karen Foley
* Double Dare by Tawny Weber

My Favorite Historicals:
* Lover’s Knots by Katherine Cross (M/M)
* The Courage to Love by Samantha Kane (Menage)
* Bound To Please by Hope Tarr

My Favorite M/M Romances:
* A Helping Hand by Shayla Kersten
* Warrior’s Cross by Madeleine Urban & Abigail Roux or The One That Got Away by Madeleine Urban & Rhianne Aile
* Gobsmacked by L.B. Gregg

My Favorite BDSM Romances:
* The Initiation of Isabella by Jenna Ives
* Thirty Days & Forever by Shayla Kersten
* Deviations: Domination by Chris Owen & Jodi Payne

My Favorite Menage Romances:
* The Perfect Gift by Ashley Ladd
* Long Hard Ride (Rough Riders, #1) by Lorelei James
* The Boys Back Home by Sierra Dafoe

And last but not least, I’ll share my Favorite Man Candy from the past months with you!

Happy New Year everyone!!


  1. You've just given me a ton of new authors to try next year!

    I've only been book reviewing blogging since July, and really don't know why it took me so long to start-it's been lots of fun, and I've found so many great new authors!

  2. I nearly got a cramp from scribbling down all these authors. LOL
    Great list you've got there.
    Hope you have a great reading year 2010!
    Guten Rutsch!

  3. I have LOVED getting to know you and your blog :)

    And darn it, most of those books/authors I have yet to read!!

    Nice lists!!!!

  4. You've only been blogging for two months?! You're off to a fabulous start. :) I'm glad you stopped by my blog and that I blogstalked you back here!

    Obviously, Warrior's Cross needs to be the next book I read! I take it you liked The One That Got Away? :)

  5. Happy New Year! Those are some great list. Because of you, I just went and bought the Men of Smithfield. lol

    Have a great day today and here is to many more months of blogging. :)

  6. Girl, you know how I love ya!!! I am so glad that we have found each other out here!!!! I have only been doing this since March of this year... Isn't it amazing what is out here in the great big blog world!!! I would have ever guessed I would have met some wonderful people!!!!!

    And with that honey!!! Your place does rock apples - but of course you know that!!!!
    I love ya!! And am sending my very best wishes to you and hubby for the New Year!!!

  7. Thats a great list! And you've done great in these last few months. I am really happy you started your blog, its alway so great when when another book lover begins a blog and shares their love of books with others. Not to mention the great eyecandy! Yummy!

    Happy New Year!!



  8. *sigh* Janna you have one of the best blogs out for erotic romance. I love visiting you. The images alone give me the shivers. :) psst...I'm a fan of the threesomes as well. hehe Love your lists, so much to check out. xoxox

  9. VERY nice man candy. Sigh.

    Seems like you had a pretty successful year, great reads, fun blog, new friends. What more could we ask? Wishing you many good things in 2010.

  10. So glad you enjoyed Boomerang Love by Melissa Lopes and Ashley Ladd's Perfect Gift:) Those are on my TBR-again lists:)

    Another author you might try is Brynn Paulin. She also writes BDSM and menage:) You'll fall in love with her Cress brothers;)

  11. @A Buckeye Girl Reads: Yeah, I know what you mean: what took me so long :) It's so much fun!!

    @SusiSunshine: LOL! Thanks honey! Wish you a Guten Rutsch too and a lots of great reads in 2010 :)

    @Mandi: Right back at you, sweetie! Love your blog too and I can't tell how many booktitles you've made me scribble down ;)

    @Chris: Yeah, me too and I like you blogstalking me a lot. Otherwise I would have missed The One That Got Away among others, and wow that would have been a shame!! It's really one of the best and hottest reads for me so far! Like is not a good word for it, LOVE is better! Thanks hon!

  12. You are very, very welcome... and I just emailed you some more recs.... :)

  13. @Jambrea: Ow, that's so wonderful :) You'll love the Men of Smithfield (I hope ;)) Let me know when you've read Gobsmacked, I'm curious what you think...
    Have a great New Year, hon! :)

    @Cecile: your the sweetest and I love you too, honey!! :) It amazes me that you're only blogging since March! You're right about meeting all these wonderful people and I'm truly happy to have met you too!
    For you and your family a Happy New Year and a wonderful 2010 too, sweetie! :)

    @MsM: Thanks girl :) Same goes for your blog, one of the first I discovered and made me think about starting my own blog!
    Happy New Year 2u2 hon! :D

    @Booklover1335: Thanks! You too a Happy New Year :)

  14. @Fiction Vixen: oww, thanks so much sweetie! I love visiting your blog too with all your great reviews an witty posts! :)
    xoxox right back at you!

    @Tam: Thanks honey! What more you ask, well let's see... lots a chocolat (without the weight gaining), more time to read, many more new friends like you, more hotties, hot lovin', fireworks (in 2 and a half hours)... ;)
    Kidding, I'm really happy with all the great things in my (blog)life now! :D Wishing you many good things for 2010 too, sweetie!

    @Molly Daniels: Great that you loved the same books! Mia recommended Brynn's book too, I'm def gonna check her out now. Thanks :)

    @Chris (again): Really? That's great, thanks! *off to my inbox now*

  15. Awesome lists!! Some I need to check out too. AND GAWD, keep the man candy cumming, erm, coming, will you?!

  16. *drools* God, I LOVE hanging out here. The cookies are delicious. :)

    Happy New Year, Janna hun. May your 2010 reading be full of steaminess.

  17. Happy New Year, Janna!!

    Your blog rocks and it's hard to believe you've only been doing this for 2 months. You go, girl.

    Thanks for the yummy cookies.

  18. Janna- You have some great books listed here! Got all of Lorelei James' Rough Riders series including the novellas and do love me some McKay cowboys!

    Have to say that I went out and got Warriors Cross after seeing it on your list and am looking forward to reading it this upcoming week before heading back to school based on your recommendation.

  19. * Noah from the Deviations series by Chris Owens and Jodi Payne (lovely and hot submissive gay guy)

    Oh, I've got that one on my e-reader too (still haven't figured out a name for mine LOL)

    Reading the title: * Bound To Please by Hope Tarr, erm, *looks at shelves* Yeah I got Vanquished/Untamed and Enslaved :) But those are all historical romance...wonder know how the heat level is *grin*

    * Deviations: Domination by Chris Owen & Jodi Payne

    I've got that one too on my e-reader. Chris Owen really writes my kind of erotica and wondered how she would do at duo writing with these kind of topics.

    For "just" two months you've got wonderful lists Janna and i've penned down a name or two!

  20. Happy New year!

    I hope you have another great yea filled with hunks and great books ;)

  21. Happy New Year, Janna!

    I'd say we don't read the same books! I've not read any of them :D. But I think that's wonderful that there are so many out there to choose from. There's something for everybody!

    I hope this new year proves to be wonderful for you!

  22. @Mia: LOL, I will!

    @Kris: Thanks sweetie :) But don't let my looks fool ya, I've got brains too, you know... ;)

    @Lily: You and your blog rock too, hon! Happy New Year :)

    @Daniella: Yeah, the McKay men you gotta love! :)
    I always get a little nervous when people go buy books based on my recs... I hope it doesn't disappoint you, hon! Let me know when you've read it, okay? :D

  23. @Leontine: I think ýou'll love the Deviations series by Chris Owens, hon! I still have a few from the series to read myself, but I loved the first books. Read it in the right order though, since it's a continuing story!
    Bound to Please by Hope Tarr is actually a Blaze novel. If you like your men from 15th century Scotland kidnapped, tied to a bed to perform stud service than this is one good read for you! And it's definitely steamy :)

    @Blodeuedd: Right back at you, sweetie!

    @Amy C: I think you're right, variety is great! :) Happy New Year to you too and I hope your 2010 is going to be wonderful as well!

  24. Janna, why are you doing this to me?? WHY? I lurve my men from 15th century Scotland...and I lurve them perform studservices!

    Thanks for the heads up that Chris Owne books being a continuing storyline, I hadn't noticed that *eek* Now going to search for right reading order!! I'm notorious for my ways and starting in the middle of a series LOL

  25. LOL! I know, sweetie :) I think I still have Tarr's pocket somewhere, I can send it to you if you want?
    Yeah, you are notorious for your starting in the middle of the series ways *grin* that's why I mentioned it! :D

  26. You really do have a fantastic blog, hon! I'm still AMAZED that you've only been doing it for two months. You rock!!!

    Happy New Year, Janna - wishing you love, laughter, happiness and hot books! :)

  27. @Bronwyn: Thanks so much hun! You rock too! :)
    And a happy and wonderful 2010 to you too with lots of great books, contracts and other things that make you happy and laugh! :D


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