Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Reading List - November 2009


My reading list for last month is pretty unimpressive. I've only read 14 erotic romances in November with among them quite a few short stories. It's been a busy month, as well in RL as online. So that must be the reason: life and blogging kept me from reading more books.
Though the good thing is, I discovered so many interesting blogs and met so many fantastic bloggers! It's rather time-consuming, but I love every minute of it!
So here's my saddening short list:

Jill Shalvis, Double Play, êêêê, ¹½
Maya Banks, Songbird, êêê,
Evangeline Anderson, The Assignment, êêêê½, ¹¹¹
Elle Kennedy, Heat of Passion, êêêê, ¹¹
Michelle Cary, Some Kind of Hero, êêêê, ¹¹½
Claire Thompson, Mistress for a Day (free short story), êêê, ¹½
J. Buchanan, K. Kelly and HB Kurtzwilde, Toy Box: Rope, ê, ¹½
Chris Owen & Jodi Payne, Deviations: Submission, êêêê, ¹¹½
J.M. Snyder, Mastering Stefan, êêê, ¹½
Maya Banks, Blame the Rain (free short story), êêê, ¹½
Tawny Weber, Going Down Hard, êêê½, ¹½
Lorelei James, Rough Riders 4 - Tied Up, Tied Down (reread), êêêêê, ¹¹¹
Shayla Kersten, Double Happiness, êêêê, ¹¹
Claire Thompson, Switch, êêêê, ¹¹½


  1. Nice reading list!



  2. Very VERY impressive! Well done, you!

    Sassy Brit

  3. Cool list J..

    I have read some of those and seen a few I must get to..

    The Claire Thompson ones sound so good...

    I am so a Chris Owen fan girl -I don't even review them, I love her work too much...

    Congrats on your reading list....


  4. Can't say I've read any of those books :)! But it's not so short a list. It's five more than mine :).

    Here's to another fabulous month of reading!

  5. When I investigated the M/M genre back in spring this year I encountered the info of; Evangeline Anderson, The Assignment a few times. I'm of reading what you think of it because 4,5 stars and the heat level of that book *woohoo* I love orgasmic & ultimately satisfying ;)

    On to a great December month Janna!

  6. -MsM: Thanks, yours is nice too!

    -Sassy: Sweet of you to say that! I don't think it's that impressive at all, but thanks!

    -EH: Yeah, Claire Thompson's writing is good! She was new to me.
    LOL, you just don't review Chris Owen's books? I hadn't thought of that possibility!! One wants to stay professional of course... ;)

    -Hey Amy: Cheers to that! I haven't missed your list, have I? You didn't post it (yet) or did you?

    -Leontine: Yep, I've seen her book around the blogs myself before I bought it. I think I wanted to read it because it was Ms Moonlights favorite M/M read of the year! And nope, nothing wrong with the heat there :)
    Have a great reading month, girl!

  7. No, you haven't missed my list of November reads. I used to post, but I haven't in awhile. I do keep a tally of all my read books on my sidebar for the year on the right hand side down toward the bottom :). Maybe I'll post November's list later :).

  8. Good list - there are a few I want to read on there.

  9. -Amy: Found it! Pretty impressive all those titels from one year. I love it that you can see them all in one glance! But it takes some searching ;)

    -Patti: Thx! Come on, don't tease me... which ones!?


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