Thursday, December 10, 2009

Early Christmas present & Touching My Soft Spots

Today a box with 20 books arrived! I'd won them at Leontine's Blogaversary this week. Thanks again, Leontine!! You can imagine it felt like an early Christmas for me!! Look at them!

I spent quite some time browsing them and reading little tid bits to figure out with which one I should start. Eventually I picked 5 books to put on top of the pile because they touched my Soft Spot one way or the other (I admit... most covers had a lot to do with it... again)!

Here's the complete list with the 5 Soft Spot hitters highlighted with the blurb and the cover:

1. Sherrilyn Kenyon – One Silent Night (Dark Hunter series, #16)

2. Sherrilyn Kenyon – Dream
(Dark Hunter series, #17)

The son of Warcraft and Hate, Cratus has spent eternity battling for the ancient gods who birthed him. He is death. Now that an ancient enemy has been unleashed, Cratus's task is to destroy it.
Delphine Toussaint is a philanthropist whose passion is for world peace. When a chance meeting brings her together with Cratus, the two develop a striking bond. Cratus is at first baffled by this human and her open nature...but soon he realises that Delphine is the key to completing his mission.
Delphine, meanwhile, is troubled by nightmares that are starting to become a reality. The only comfort she can find is around Cratus. But she refuses to give in to war, and he refuses to lay down his arms. Yet one of them must give in, or humanity will pay the price...

3. Meljean Brook – Demon Night (2008, The Guardian series, #3)

Charlie Newcomb worked hard to get her life back together. But all that is shaken when she’s set upon by three vampires desperate to transform her beauty into something evil. Because Charlie is the vital link to something they want—and need. It’s Charlie’s flesh and blood sister, a medical scientist whose knowledge could be invaluable to the predators.
But to get to her, they must first get to Charlie, now under the intimate protection of Ethan McCabe. As her Guardian, Ethan is attracted to her vulnerabilities—as well as her strengths. The closer he gets, the more protecting her becomes not just his duty, but his desire. But will it be enough to save Charlie when the demon night falls?

4. Christine Feehan – Wild Rain (2004, Leopard series, #2)

5. Christine Feehan – Ocean’s Of Fire (2005, Drake Sisters, #3)

6. Chistine Feehan – Twilight Before Christmas (2003, Drake Sisters, #2)

7. Charlaine Harris – Dead Until Dark (Sookie Stackhouse, #1)

8. Annette Blair – My Favorite Witch (2006, Accidental Witch Trilogy, #2)

9. Gena Showalter – Heart Of The Dragon (2005, Atlantis series, #1)

10. Jeanne Adams – Dark And Dangerous (2008)

Dana Markham is up against a cold-blooded killer who knows her all too well: Donovan Walker. Wanted for drug trafficking, armed and dangerous—he’s also her ex-husband. What she knows about him could land him behind bars forever…or put her and her young son in an early grave if Donovan finds them first. Dana’s one chance lies with a man she barely knows at all. Tall and darkly sensual, Caine Bradley is an undercover FBI agent who’s been posing as Walker’s henchman. Compelled to work with Caine to lure her ex out of hiding, Dana must fight against her own raw, urgent needs. But is he
who he says he is? Her passionate desire for him could be her salvation—or her
greatest mistake…

11. Donna Kauffman – The Legend Of MacKinnon (1999)

Three centuries ago in Scotland a curse was born of the long-standing feud between the Claren and the MacKinnon clans. Now, generations later, destiny has decreed that three women, the last of the Claren line, be granted one final chance to set things right.
Maggie, Cailean, and Delaney Claren are three cousins who grow up unaware of one another--until an inheritance brings them together. Now mysterious journals and the deed to an ancient Scottish castle will bring them face-to-face with the warriors at the heart of the MacKinnon family, three brothers sentenced to cruel fates by a terrible curse.
Duncan is trapped in the form of a ghost, Rory must live an immortal life alone, and Alexander has been wrenched by time from the past to the present, with no way back. Ferociously compelling, dangerously relentless, they are bound by no mortal laws--except desire for the three Claren women. The journals speak of one key that can break the powerful spell. And finding that key will plunge them all into a world of unforeseeable danger and tantalizing desire....

12. Melanie Jackson – The Selkie (2003)

13. Brenda Joyce – A Dangerous Love (2008, The de Warenne Dynasty, #11))

14. Margaret Mallory – Knight Of Desire (2009, All the King’s Men Series, #1)

15. Jennifer Ashley – Penelope And Prince Charming (2006, Nvengaria series, #1)

16. Delilah Marvelle – Lord Of Pleasure (2009, School of Gallantry Series, #2)

17. Melissa Marr – Wickedly Lovely (2009, YA)

18. Jaid Black – Deep, Dark And Dangerous (2006)

A star in a world of wealth and privilege....
Fed up with Hollywood backstabbing, famous movie actress Madalyn Simon decided to escape the spotlight. Her new back-to-basics existence in an Alaskan cabin did take getting used to, but at least she was in control of her own destiny -- or so she thought. While snowmobiling on the frigid coast with her sister, the pair is
taken hostage by a band of rough men who want them -- for reasons beyond imagining.
A captive in a world of inescapable seductions....
They are neo-Vikings from a hidden underworld, in search of women Outsiders to breed for the New Sweden clan. Their sexy leader, Otar, wants only one woman: Madalyn. Overpowered by his masculine strength and unmasked desire, Madalyn must become Otar's wife or face the marriage auction block. Now, in a world beyond dreams and as real as the hot flesh of her enticing warrior-husband, Madalyn discovers the power of an all-consuming passion -- as the fires of revolution threaten all she has come to love....

19. Lora Leigh – Menage A Magick (2003, Wizard Twins, #1)

20. Lilli Feisty – Bound To Please

Have you read any of these books? Which one would you recommend me to start with and why?


  1. Wow! You are on a roll! LOL Congratulations, go girl! :)

  2. You will love Jaid Black's book, she was at one time referred to the Queen of Steam :)

  3. That is so awesome - and quick! I know you're going to be in book heaven for quite a while!

  4. Oh... that is quiet some present!!!! yayayayay for your win!!!! I would be no help at all. I have not read any of these books and I think I might own like one or two out of them! Well, if you can't find any good suggestions, you can always pick a name out a hat!
    Hope you are having a great night!

  5. Congrats on the win!! Have a great time reading your new books.

  6. I agree, that was fast delivery..

    I can see some wonderful evening curled up with a good book in your very near future..


  7. What a wonderful pick Janna and again, enjoy all the books! I myself am very curious about Meljean Brook, I have the whole Guardian series on the shelves and really need to start reading the first one ;)

    I'm glad the books got there in one piece and undamaged!

  8. Mind of I drool some over those book too, wow that was one big prize and what an xmas pressie it would be :D
    Happy reading!!!!

  9. @Sassy: you could say that! This week alone: 24 books :)

    @Smokinhotbooks: That sounds promising :) I believe I've read a short story of her that was also set in New Sweden...

    @Patti: *grin* I think I will be, yes!

    @Cecile: Thanks for the tip, sweetie!

  10. @Lily: Thanks! I def will :D

    @Erotic Horizon: We live in the same country and it's rather small ;) Our mail and packages our usually delivered within one day!
    I like the image of curling up :) add my sweet little cat and a cup of Earl Grey to the picture and you won't hear me all night :D

    @Leontine: Thanks, honey! I didn't realize that you hadn't read all of these books already! I was thinking you were a very neet reader cos all the books looked so new! LOL! I'm so gonna enjoy them!

    @Blodeuedd: If you wipe my precious books clean afterwards I don't mine, sweetie! It sure was a big prize and I consider myself a very lucky woman!

  11. Janna, I did read a few books but that's it and I have this aversion for spine creases. So I try to avoid making them *grin* After I read abook it goes back on the shelves. So the few I read look like new ;)

  12. I'm a spine crease avoider too, Leontine :) You know, with the ebooks it's not an issue anymore *grin*!

  13. Wow, congrats, that is pretty impressing pile of books. :)
    Enjoy your reading. ;)

  14. Wow Janna what a lovely box of books and all freebies. I've read Wicked Lovely and really enjoyed it, it's hot in a YA way and Seth is too yummy for words....piercings and slightly edgy....Happy reading:)

  15. @Milka: Thanks sweetie! Welcome at my place! It was indeed an impressive haul ;) I saw at your site that you've read Wicked Lovely. I'm curious about that one!

    @Adrienne: Thanks hon! I haven't much experience with reading YA but I'm kinda looking forward to that one. I mean, who doesn't like hot, yummy and edgy with piercings *grin*

  16. Great books! Just pick what appeals most to you, whatever your in the mood for!


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