Sunday, December 13, 2009

Today's Man Candy: Dean & Sam

Some of you may know or have guessed it already, I'm a Supernatural fan! I like the storyline, the adventures and I just lurve the two sexy brothers, Sam and Dean Winchester.

I might as well admit that I have a little... alright a huge... crush on Dean! Although Supernatural is not about romance, he has everything I love in a romance hero, in fact that I love in a man period.

He's sexy, confident, caring, tough, dark and brooding but also funny and witty, gorgeous, emotional at times, hot, selfless and he has the most amazing eyes. *sigh*

This morning I stopped by at Ms Moonlights blog and she has this amazing post: All I want for Christmas is Sam and Dean. She found a lot of great and hilarious Youtube vids which you should go check out at her place. The last one is a bit disturbing though, so be warned!

I can't wait for the hiatus to end with the next episode at January 21st!

And when you click on the next pic of Jensen be careful not to drown in his eyes...


  1. oooooh my god! love him! I'm torn between the two boys. I can't wait for that hiatus to finish too! I wonder why I was there in the first place actually.

    Checked out that last video..had and you're right. it IS disturbing! lol I laughed through some of it though


  2. Oh I love SPN! Even got my bf hooked, of course he does not have to know I check out Jensen now and again ;)

  3. @Pixiedust: Yeah, the hiatus sucks! But luckily we have all these Youtube videos to watch during the endless waiting period:)
    And I'm def a Dean girl, although Sam looks pretty fine too ;)

    @Blodeuedd: I've got my hubby hooked too, and of course he doesn't know either that I'm lusting after Jensen (I hope he doesn't stop by at my blog today ;) my hubs that is)!

  4. They are hotties, but I'm going to commit heresy here. Please don't stone me, but I don't watch that show. I lost interest after season 2.

  5. *girl scream* I love SUPERNATURAL and can't wait for season five to start. I'm awaiting it with bated breath how heaven and hell are going to fight coming battles ;) I love both Sam and Dean but since Dean is a bit older I am favoring him slightly more. And who doesn't love a guy with a tough attitude, a leather jacket (from his father, can I say AAHHHWWWW) and a crush on his classic car.

    Do you girls see the dreamy eyes and smile on my face when thinking of the Winchester boys *grin* I wouldn't mind finding them underneth my x-mas tree wrapped in only a red bow *wink*

  6. Great post Janna, you can't go wrong with Dean and Sam. *grins* And thank you for pimping my blog.



  7. @Eyre: *throwing stones* *wink* You've missed two and a half great seasons with some serious hotness in the 4th season where the boys got some great love scenes! Just so you know what you've missed ;)

    @Leontine: ouch, I'm half deaf now, girl *wink* But I'm totally with you! I want to scream like a teenage girl too!! I actually thought about going to Rome or Barcelona when the SPN conventions are there next year ;) but than I realised I'm not a teenager anymore *snif*
    Ooww, great image... just a red bow *dreaming away* :D

    @MsM: Thanks girl! They're so loveable!! Any time hon, that was the least I could do after you made my day with your post :)

  8. Hey honey!Sorry it took me a while to get here this weekend!!!
    I want to thank you for going over to Hawk's Place!!! Thanks!

    I will make a confession ***ducking*** I have never watched Supernatural. **peeking from behind the door** The guys are hot, but I am not a big tv person. But they are hot!!!!!
    I hope you had a great weekend honey!!!

  9. Wow those green eyes of his could mesmerize, I pretty sure if he told me to do anything, I'd probably do it.

  10. I've never seen an episode either...OMG I need to get out more. What.Have.I.Been.Missing?LOL...Anyway I've put series 1 on my xmas list after (accidently) coming across Dean and Sam on my web travels LOL

  11. @Cecile: Don't apologize, sweetie! You're here, that's what counts :)
    You're sure missing out on something beautiful when you've never seen these hotties in action. I'm not a big tv person either, but I watch some shows online ;)

    @smokinhotbooks: I know! Me too!! *sigh*

    @Adrienne: Oh I'm so jealous that you still have to discover series 1! The first two seasons were the best! I hope you've been a good girl and Santa will spoil you, cos you've got so much fun waiting for you then!

  12. Oh he is LUVVVVVVVLYYYYY! :)

    I don't watch it, but I'm going to have to now. I've got a lot of drooling to catch up on!


  13. I'm a little baffled that not everyone is watching SPN!

    LOL Sassy, guess you have to yes!! You sure have a lot of drooling to catch up on! Cos the brothers get a lot of screen time since the show is only about them and their hunt, 40 minutes of hotness each epi :)

  14. Hi!

    I thought I'd come on over here meself and thank you for visiting my place...Hon, this is a wonderful blog and I'm adding you to my list!
    A friend of Cecile's is always a friend of mine!


  15. Hi Hawk, welcome at my place! I'm so pleased with your visit and thanks for adding me to your list!
    Can't tell how happy I am with Cecile's and now your friendship! Yay!! She is the best, isn't she?
    Coming over to your place now to admire the new looks!

  16. Hey Sweetie,

    I'd like to welcome you into our sisterhood...I have a Sisterhood award for you to nab...go back to my place...go to my old post titled RETURN TO CHRISTMAS WINNERS that post you'll see I'd just welcomed a few new sisters to the sisterhood. I want you to join take that award and post it on your blog for all to see you're a part of the sisterhood!

    That way when you see it on other blogs you'll knew a fellow sister! ;-)

    Hugs and welcome!

  17. O wow! That's really awesome!! Yippee! I'm hopping over right away! Thanks so much :)
    *dancing and singing* Yay, I'm a sister!!


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