Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Today's Man Candy and Sisterhood Award


It's been too darn busy days at my every day job. I hardly had time to do some bloghopping let alone blogging myself. I hate it when the EDJ gets in the way like that ;)

I hope to get some reviews done the next couple of days, but for now I thought the least I could do is treat you to some new sweet and sexy man candy. Although it's a shame he hides his nipples with that shirt...

And last but not least, I want to let you know that I just got invited to Hawk's Sisterhood. Yippee! Hawk, aka Houston A.W. Knight, stopped by at my place today to give me the Sisterhood Award and it makes me a very happy and grateful woman. I owe the lovely smutty hussy Cecile for introducing us, thanks sweetie!

Btw Hawk's blog did get a make-over this weekend and it looks awesome, go check it out yourself!


  1. Welcome to the Sisterhood honey!!! Even though are you already a part of my Smutty Hussy club, lol!
    Isn't Hawk the best!!!!

    EDJ sucks, it is taking my time away from blogging. Not happy! But oh man, the eye candy you leave us to drool over is.... y...u...m...m...y!

    I hope you have a great day hon!

  2. Thanks sweetie! Yeah, I'm proud of being a member of your smutty hussy club too!! Very proud :)
    And yes, Hawk is the best and so are you hon!
    Hope you have a great day too!!

  3. *blinks* so pretty. I just want to hug him and say "my precioussssss"

  4. Lovely hunk for the day :D and congrats on that awesome award

  5. Hey you two! Cecile and Janna...xoxoxox you're both sweeties and I'm so proud to know you both.'re a natural for the sisterhood, you're too much like us not to be with us! Hugs and welcome!

    Cecile??? Janna, did she tell you? she's my triples sister. Yap...she's the youngest of us....with all the looks and brains...but, we still love her to death! LOL

    Hawk ;-)

  6.'re part of the sisterhood...I gave you this award a long time ago!

    You should fill Janna in on what we do as sisters...remember two weeks ago? With all the guys and wine and M&M's...the ones you eat...{;-0 ah, that didn't come out right...the M&M candy that won't melt in your hand M&M's. LOL


  7. @Smokinhot: *g* I wonder what you want to say to my hottie of the week that I just put up at the sidebar? I bet not that ;)

    @Blodeduedd: Is that a hint that you want another hunk tomorrow ;)? Thanks hon!
    And what's this about M&M candy, Hawk's talking about?? Please fill me in :D

    @Chris: Thanks, sweetie!

    @Hawk: *blush* Thanks so much. I heart to be part of the sisterhood!
    LOL! Cecile is certainly looking good, she's a clever cookie!
    Ow I love M&M, the candy as well ;)

  8. Oh Janna... Those M&M did not melt in mouth, I can tell you that. That was a blast at Hawk's place... And I can say that I got stuck in the corner for being naughty!!!!!
    But oh man, it was so worth it!!!!
    I am a little devil!!!

  9. Congrats on award:) thanks for posting more gorgeous man candy, just the thing to warm us up !!! did I tell it was frosty and cold here this morning LOL,tho' now I wont be able to concentrate on the day job:)

  10. @Cecile: You?! Naughty?! I can't believe that!!! ;) Sure sounds like a blast these sisterhood meetings!! Can't wait to be a part of the next on :)

    @Adrienne: Thanks, hon! Any time :) It's snowing and freezing over here too! I wanna go outside with my photo camera but I have to work as well. Luckily this hottie provides some distraction ;)

  11. Hi there Janna so nice to have found your beautiful place here soooooo many yummy things to gaze upon!!! woohooo

    I'll definitely be coming back often!:)

  12. Hey JennJ! Welcome to my place :) Good to see you've found it and thanks! Gaze as long and as often as you want! LOL!
    I'm looking forward to seeing you around girl! :D


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