Tuesday, December 1, 2009

November – month of many firsts & Blog Award

Inspired by Kris’ incredible Firsts series at her place Kris ‘n’ Good Books I’m sharing my month of firsts with you. It got nothing to do with the kind of firsts Kris is posting about though (go check it out if you haven’t, it’s kinda mind-blowing!). Nope, my firsts are much more tame, because they’ve got to do with first experiences in blogging, not in reading romances.
Maybe you know, maybe you don’t know, but I haven’t been around here that long yet…only for a month or so.
And looking back at November I can only say that it has been crazy (in a good way :)). I’ve met already so many fabulous peeps! You know who, yeah YOU! It’s so amazing, really!

Here's my list of firsts:

• I got my very first comments from Ms Moonlight and Erotic Horizon, and since then so many more hussies came by and left a comment. I truly appreciate that very, very much :)

• I got welcomed warmly at all of your blogs too! Heart-warming, girls! Thank ya all!
Two of the most heart-warming among you were:
Leontine, my fellow-Dutch new-found friend who wants to send me books after ‘knowing’ me for not even two weeks! I love to talk with her about smutty books in Dutch (via e-mail). You rock, sweetie!
Cecile, the funniest and most generous commenter on all of our blogs. You make me laugh so many times and so hard and you make me feel at home, girl!
I think you all agree with me that it makes a gal feel special when popular girls like them come by at your place.
But you are all special in your own ways, too many to enumerate them all!

• I also got tagged with my first Meme, it was the M/M Meme.

• Then I won my first book at a contest, ánd my first ebook! Yep, I was the lucky winner of two giveaways: Home for the Holidays by Sarah Mayberry, won at historicalromancereleases.com and Night is Darkest by Jayne Rylon at The Black Raven Erotic Cafe.

• And I also joined my first Challenge: the Erotica Romance Challenge 2010.

• Another first was that I published my 100th post in November!

• And last but not least: I got my first Blog Award, yesterday.

That's right, I received for my blog some award love from Leontine of Leontine’s Book Realm! She awarded me with the Kick-Ass Blog award.

Larissa’s Kick-Ass award:

I decided to create and give an Award to some Blogs I think are truly Kick-Ass...

The Rules:

• Accept this award, add the badge above and post about it on your blog with the name (link) of the person who granted it to you.

• Name 5 Blogs you think are Kick-Ass and write why. Don't forget to let them know that you have Awarded them.

Well, I don't know who hasn't received this award yet, ‘cause it seems that everyone I know already has! Which is great! But if you haven't, I'm passing it to YOU!


  1. LOL. Tame I'm definitely not.

    I really like your firsts, sweetie, and just look at how many of them you had in November! Wow!

    Big congrats to you on your first award. That is very cool.

  2. Nooo, you're definitely not tame! (Neither am I, but my firsts are a bit, especially compared to yours *wink*)

    Thanks, the number of firsts amazes my a little :) It has been a great month for me!

  3. Holy cow girl! 100 posts in one month? I think that must be some sort of record!
    Welcome Janna, it's great to have you and your wonderful blog.



  4. 100 posts already? Wow! Congratulations on all your firsts, I am thoroughly enjoying your blog - keep it up!!!

  5. (((((((super duper hugs to you honey)))))) You know I love ya!!!! And I am just glad that you feel welcome at my place, as much as you make me feel special at yours!!!
    You are blowing me away.... One month... 100th post... Damn girl!!! You freaking rock apples!!!!
    I am loving up your firsts!!!! Kisses to ya!!!!

  6. Hi ladies, I have a confession to make about the 100 posts *blush*. When I got overhere I posted about 40-50 posts at once in a few days time. Those were short reviews and a few thoughts about books that I already wrote in September and October. So no record or anything... 'cause it actually took me 3 months!
    Since October 25 I did about 50-60 posts I think!

    -MsM: thanks, hon! BTW I recall you were not only one of my first commenters but also my first follower :) So you earned a special place in my heart! :)

    -Patti: thanks, sweetie! You're definitely one of my must frequent visitor and loyal follower! I love all of your comments :) You're great!

    -Cecile: Honey, you're freekin' awesome. I cherish your hugs and kisses and right back at you, girl! That's why I like you so much! You're warm and you make my place "gezellig"! :)
    (do you know that Dutch word? I bet Leontine has introduced you all to some of our special words already, right?)

  7. Awh, you make me feel all warm and tingly inside with new found friendship ;) And Kris' post on firsts, need to check that out, me wants to know what it entails!

  8. I mean it from the bottom of my heart, Leontine! You're the sweetest :)
    Yeah, you definitely should check out Kris' series. They made me whimper like a virgin ;)

  9. Hey honey! I will have to learn what this word means -->"gezellig"
    Sounds very interesting!!! =)
    And yea, I checked out Kris's first... and all I can say is Wow. I am a virgin at a whole lotta other things apparently!!!

  10. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  11. -Cecile: "gezellig" is hard to translate with just one word! It's a good thing though and when I look it up in the dictionary it comes up with "cosy, snug, snugly, cosily, pleasant, sociable, chatty, homy, close, intimate, inmost, innermost, personal". It's a combination of all those things! We use it a lot, us Dutchies.
    About Kris's firsts, let it be a comfort that I am too, apparently!!!

    -Jayne: Welcome at my place! And thanks for the congrats! I'm definitely gonna enjoy Night is Darkest if it is as half as good as the excerpt promissed it to be! Thanks for stopping by!

  12. Congratulations on all your firsts..loved the meme you did yesterday I haven't read any m/m...yet! but my interest has been piqued:). So happy firsts day to you and your wonderful blog.

  13. They're not really that bad... are they???

  14. @Adrienne, thanks sweetie! Ah, another M/M virgin! Maybe you can join Cecile who is taking the plunge into the wonderful world of M/M romances!! If you want some encouragement, I'll be happy to cheer you on, hon!!

    @Kris: Your firsts? Well.. umm...to be honest...
    Kidding! NO! I think they are an eye-opener at least and sometimes mind-blowing as well, but most of all they're enjoying :) Although they make me realize I'm a freekin' virgin at a lot of things!!

  15. Congratulations on all your firsts. Your blog look great, too. I hope you enjoy Night Is Darkest!


  16. Hi Jayne, there you are again! I see your smartphone did what you wanted this time and used your right identity ;)
    Welcome again and thanks so much for your kind words and for stopping by! I'm gonna enjoy your book :)


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