Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Today's Man Candy & a taste of Gobsmacked

 Isn't he gorgeous? Just love the red socks, don't you?

This morning, before work, I started reading Gobsmacked by L.B. Gregg and I can't wait to get back to that story. I loved the first chapter where the hero smacked his cheating lover on the head in church 'in front of God and everyone' LOL! Here's the description of that scene:

My hands clenched the book rack, and my fingers brushed against the
Bible proudly displayed there. Staring at Jamie's once sweet curls hugging his
rough jaw, I slid the good book out of its safe haven. The cracked leather was
worn, but its bulk reassuring. Encouraging, even. So I hauled back, fueled by
boiling rage, and gobsmacked that bastard as hard as I could in front of God and
everyone. The Bible hit the back of Jamie's head with a resounding Thwack!

Priceless isn't it?


  1. Oh what a fantastic scene Janna!! I have LB Gregg purchased with three books, this one is one of them ;)

  2. Yes the red socks is what caught my attention..ahem.. ;)

  3. Love that scene! You still have good scenes to go *cough*cerealstucktobutt*cough*

  4. @Leontine: That's what I thought, hon! It pulls you straightaway into the story. I've got the two other books of the Men of Smithfield series as well! Yum!

    @Blodedeuedd: LOL! I thought it would go nicely with the x-mas vibe on my blog ;)

    @Mandi: *chuckle* I'm so looking forward to that!! As weird as it may sound :)

  5. I'm a L.B. Gregg virgin O_o this author is going on my New Years resolution!

    *looks at Mandi* cereal stuck on the butt, you say...? Surprisingly this makes me want to read this even more!

  6. The cereal scene is classic!

    Yummy pic! I'd watch soccer if that was all there was to the uniform.

  7. Oh my dear, he is looking delicious after a workout or after a shower...yum... And I am so loving the red socks... I can just picture them.... hummm... hussy said shut up... lol!!!

    Cereal stuck on butt... humm.... Will be going find that one out....
    Hope you had a great night honey and a wonderful day tomorrow!

  8. I lurve his red socks too, but something else caught my eye, his soccer ball, wouldn't you just want him playing for your favourite team:)

  9. Oh he's lovely! Very nice Man Candy indeed! ha!

    Nearly forgot the main reason I came here...to tell you YOUR A WINNER!

    Check out the winning post here - and thank you so much for taking part and following! And adding the contest in your sidebar. Contact me if you would like me to add any of your contests to my blog! Oh, and also to claim your prize!!!

    Sassy dot Brit at gmail dot com

    Speak to you soon!

  10. @Smokinhotbooks: Great New Years resolution!! Gregg's writing is so funny, had me cracking up several times already :) And the M/M couple is HOT!!

    @Eyre: Can't really wait to find out about the cereal!! I've got to suppress the urge to browse through the book to find that scene ;)
    Yep, watching soccer would improve immensely if they would lose the shorts and shirts LOL

    @Cecile: Lol! I bet now you understand why I went home Monday night when he came to pick me up with his motorcycle from the BeefCake Club, don't ya? :D
    Yeah, you go for the cereal stuck to a gay butt, girl! You'll get the hang of M/M romance real quickly!! ;)

    @Adrienne: LOL! Yep, that's what caught my eye right after the socks too *grin*! I def would want him playing for my favorite team... MY team that is, just him and me...*sigh*

  11. @Sassy: O WOW!! Just can't believe my luck these days! Thanks for dropping by and telling me!

  12. O my...... soccer has become a lot more interesting all of a sudden!

  13. Love that book, I'm glad you're enjoying it.

    I think I just acquired a new appreciation for soccer ;)

  14. I use to do that alot - start a book before going out, it drives me crazy for the entire day....

    I don't know how you survive the wait...

    Congrats on your win...


  15. Girl... ***hand smacks forehead*** Now I see why you left us so quickly!!! Ummm... hummm...

  16. @Marissa: lol! yeah, I never was much of a soccer fan but this man puts things in a diferent perspective!

    @Patti: Hey hon, you were the one who recommended it to me! Yeah, I'm really enjoying it! :)

    @Erotic Horizon: I kinda like the anticipation! And when I don't use every spare minute in a day instead of waiting until I can finish a book in one haul I wouldn't be reading much ;)

    @Cecile: LOL! I knew you would see it!!


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