Tuesday, December 8, 2009

My Crazy Day, part 2

Yesterday I had this very lucky streak with the random.org gods letting me win Leontine's 20 books, remember? Guess what, that was not all I won that day!
Right before I went to bed I found out that I won an ebook: Nothing but Trouble by Jenna Byrnes! I won it in the Sunday contest on her blog that she spontaneously offered to all the readers of Cecile’s fun post about her M/M deflowering. And when I woke up this morning I found an email from Jenna Byrnes with two attachments ‘cause she also included the free story Valentine’s Trouble.
I’m so gonna enjoy those reads! Thanks Jenna!!


  1. Yay what a great monday you had!!! Enjoy your reads!

  2. You go girl, you go girl... yayayay for you!!! What an awesome day you had!!! I know you will enjoy Jenna's books... I can not wait to read the sequel!!!
    I hope your day is going great!!!

  3. Hey Janna, Hope you enjoy the reads! Thanks for posting some of my covers on your blog. I'm following your blog and have you on my blogroll too.

    Take care!


  4. It's like Santa came early for you!! You must have been a good girl this year! *wink*

  5. @Marissa: Thanks, hon! I will :)

    @Cecile: LOL! If you enjoyed it so much I def will too! Did you get the sequel already? Looking forward to your thoughts, honey! Don't get arrested reading again okay? LOL!!

    @Jenna: Thanks for stopping by at my place!! Can't tell you how much I appreciate that! And for following me and putting my blog on your blogroll too! I must be the luckiest woman today!

    @Fiction Vixen: *chuckle* I'm always a good girl, hon! Smutty but good!

  6. Girl, after reading the first one... I know for sure I will get arrested reading the sequel... The first one did things to my body that **blush** I was not sure a m/m book could do.... to a hussy like me!!! LMAO!!!

  7. I know!!! Same here! But I got deflowered a little while ago now, so I'm past the blushing *grin*! Not past the other things a hot M/M story can do to a woman's body though! LOL!

  8. Lmao... such hussies I swear!!! But I am sooo loving it up!!!!! **no blushing that time**

  9. I got a bit sidetracked by Twitter ;) and it's near dinnertime overhere!
    I'm gonna post the pics of my hubs from last night in a bit *wiggles eyebrows* and than I'm off reading Gobsmacked by L.B. Gregg. The beginning of that M/M story was great already with a first chapter where the hero smacked his cheating lover on the head in church 'in front of God and everyone' LOL!

  10. See, Twitter will be the death of you... You forgot all about us over here... **sniff sniff** lmao!

    Well, I just had lunch and I actually have something on my desk to keep me busy and really earn my paycheck, lol!!

    Now you know I was looking for my pictures of hubs working out last night... I was a little disappointed when I did not see him yet... I will go look as soon as I am done here... OH hell... I am going now...
    I have heard some awesome stuff about LB Gregg too... Hummm... Must go check out... OMG... that is too funny what he did in Church!!!

  11. Ow honey, I will never forget about you!! LOL!
    I was at work too and then me and hubby had to get something to eat, but now I'm gonna put his pic up... Enjoy, sweetie!

  12. Hey Janna congrats on the win..

    Nothing But Trouble is one of those reads that stick with you long after you have closed the last page...

    Congrats again..

  13. Thanks hon! Oh, I'm so looking forward to that! I'm glad I won it!


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