Friday, December 11, 2009

Happy Gay Friday & L.B. Gregg and Jenna Byrnes

I've finished this week a few M/M reads. First there was the short free story Four Golden Rings by T.A. Chase (look at my sidebar for download), which features the heroes of Chase's two Love of Sports series. It was fun, quick and toothaching sweet. It was nice because I read the Love of Sports books and I knew the characters.

The second story I read was Gobsmacked by L.B. Gregg. I posted some tid bits earlier and Mandi 'warned' me for a cereal stuck to butt scene :) which I anticipated a lot! And indeed... it had me laughing out loud and I kept me chuckling for many minutes. Until the hot sex exploded form the pages... I plan to write a review about this first book in the Men of Smithfield series later, but for now I can tell that I'm very glad to have this book recommended to me! It's witty, sexy and has lovely characters!

Last but not least I read Nothing but Trouble by Jenna Byrnes. This book I'd won last Sunday at the author's blog and is the same book that 'deflowered' Cecile who had never read a M/M romance before. It's a long short story (around 50 pages in my pdf version) and considering the length it was really good. It was a bit rushed towards the end, things happened fast and love was found very quickly but that's not unusual with the shorter stories. The most important thing is that the couple was loveable and their relationship was sexy and very, very steamy! My, the love scenes got me blushing from head to toes! My hubby didn't know what hit me... or him.

And, as I just posted, I decided to sign up for the M/M Romance Challenge 2010 since I like reading about man love so much :)

Enjoy today's steamy wet couple. Happy Gay Friday to you all!!


  1. Oh honey... I need a shower I think... Like now... Whew... In between those two... Yea, that is what I need right now...

    **Cecile is off to shower**

    Love the quick glimpse into your mind of m/m honey!
    Hope you have a great weekend!!!

  2. Yeah, that would be a pretty perfect place to be right now :)
    Any time, sweetie!
    You have a great weekend too, with your hunky Mr Santa ;)

  3. Thanks so much for the link to the T.A. Chase download and for the hot couple! Wow!

  4. Oh, thank you for the most excellent cookie up there!

    The Men of Smithfield are hot hot hot, aren't they?

  5. I do hear a lot of good about gobsmacked :) And I remain a virgin, but one day

  6. Hey Janna,

    Glad you enjoyed my book. Hope hubby enjoyed it, too, heh heh heh



  7. @Eyre: You're welcome sweetie! You actually have to thank Chris for the download cos she emailed me with the tip ;) Happy reading!

    @Chris: Any time! Yeah, Mark and Tony def are hot! I don't know about the men of book 2 and 3 yet but I'm going to find out soon! I can't wait :)

    @Blodeuedd: LOL! I'm feeling that you're almost ready to get deflowered hon! Just don't let it happen too hastily, be sure you're ready ;)

  8. Hi Jenna,
    Thanks for stopping by!
    I certainly did enjoy it a lot :)
    My hubby enjoyed me... eh it... as well *grin* although he's not much of a reader and didn't know it was a M/M romance I was so excited about!! He shies away for man love ;)

  9. Each of the three LB Gregg books has one scene in particular that really stands out to me. Gobsmacked it is the cereal, Happy Endings it is the massage table, and Cover Me it is the quote "desk, please say on the desk"


  10. *grin* those sound even more promising than the cereal! And given how good that scene was I'm so looking forward to the other two books!!
    With your little teasers you're doing a great job of pushing them to the top of my TBR tower, Mandi! :)

  11. Ah, well...M&M....hum, can't say I'm into that. I'm old fashioned, I love the M&F...but, for those who do enjoy it... I think it's in any fashion between people has to be beautiful.


  12. O but I do love the M/F too!! Actually I like the variety of al sorts of love. Every variant brings it's own thrill to the story!
    I guess you may be old fashioned, as you say so yourself, but you're open minded too. I heart that!

  13. The erotica bit covers alot of the storyline in all of these, but with strong lovable characters they all ended up good reads for me as well... Good choice of stories there me dear...

    Happy reading..


  14. Yes, the erotic scenes were frequent and hot! I like that combination with strong characters a lot :)

  15. After reading this, it looks like I"m going to have to add the Men of Smithfield to my list! AND...I am a BIG TA Chase fan. I LOVE his stuff!!! :)

  16. @Jambrea: O yes, it's really worth it. Especially when you like a funny read. I've done another post about Gobsmacked after I finished the book - you can find it in my tag cloud at the sidebar. See that one, to know what I mean with funny :)


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