Monday, December 7, 2009

Monday's Hot Couple & My Crazy Day


This has been a crazy day! First amazing thing that happened this morning was me winning Leontine’s blogaversary swag! Twenty books are on their way to me! Just like that! Am I a lucky girl or what? Thanks so much Leontine for the giveaway and the gods for loving me today! I’ll post some more about the 20 books when they arrive…

Then, this afternoon… I don’t know what happened… really I don’t… I unexpectedly became a tweep. Mandi from Smexybooks had this post about her and Smokin’ Hot tweeting about books and she put a link at the end of her post where to find her on Twitter… I clicked… and before I knew it I had my own T-account. Really, just like that :) Within a few seconds I got a welcome message from Mandi and some more followed (very quickly!). And now I can’t stay away anymore. Does that mean I’m addicted? If you want to find me on Twitter look here.

I meant to write a review today about Ava Gray’s Skin Game that I finished yesterday, but I don’t have time for that!! Nope I now have to check Twitter all the time ;)
And of course I also wanna make a stop at Leontine’s place for her Beefcake Club Night, because I got my membership card today. Yay! I can’t wait to meet tonight's guest Dante and her bartenders Aiden, Sam and Tristan. Especially Aiden, I mean… look it him!

Have a great Monday!!


  1. Janna, babe, I'm waiting for you with a cocktail at the club *looks intensely at Janna*

    Perhaps after that we can do some moves on the dancefloor. Ever since I started working at this club it seems mandatory I also work the dancefloor...

    I learned me some new moves, so I'm going to wait for you Janna *a smug grin slowly spreads on his face*

  2. Looks like you are having a GREAT Monday! I finally decided to give Twitter a try and my home computer died on me, so no Twitter for now :( Hopefully my brother is bringing my replacement computer this weekend and I'll be back in action :)

  3. Aidan is such a smooth talker....

    Hi hon, congrats on your win and welcome on Twitter. Love your pic as usual!!


  4. @Aidan: How can I say no to that intense look!! I'm coming *grin*

    @Patti: That sucks, sweetie! Hope you can get back at tweeting this weekend than. I remember your blogpost about this... and me thinking "Twitter, nope not my thing" LOL

    @Marissa: Yeah, he is! And looking so yummy too ;)
    Thanks for all the warmth, hon!

  5. Congrats on winning!

    Twitter is truly addictive.

  6. Thanks Eyre! I'm getting to discover that, yep! But I'm still a bit clumsy, for example I haven't figured out to adress someone in a new message! But I'll get to that, sooner or later!

  7. OMG I'm now stalking you via twitter. This will be fun we can chit chat back in forth in under 140 characters. FYI lots of challenging and lol-ing are in your twitter future.

    P.S. Lovvvvve the new x-mas look

  8. LOL! That def will be fun! I love chit chatting, challenging and loling ;)
    P.S. Thanks!!

  9. Congrats on your Twitter... I am only a blogger... lmao!

    And honey most of all... Congrats on the sway winning!!!! wooohoooo!!!!

    And those men at Leontine's... oh damn... they are something else!!!
    Hope you have a great night... Now... off to take a shower with your hubby... I am getting use to this, lmao!!!
    Hope you have a great day tomorrow!

  10. Hey honey!! Why aren't you on Twitter yet? Would be so great if you were overthere too!!

    Yeah, it was awesome last night with Leontine's men and guests!! And you had a great time with Dante too!!! *wink*

  11. Not sure I can handle Twitter... I see the addiction is has caused, lmao!! And I am not sure I am ready for that addiction!

    Maybe one great day I will take the plunge and Twit... lol.. Not sure if that sounds dirty or silly, lol!

    Leontine's place was kicking yesterday... and from what I hear it is breakfast time for us and tea time for her.... I am making a run over there right now to see what is up for breakfast...

    Hope you are having a great day honey!

  12. What a haul my dear - Lots of smut to take you into the New Year...

    And I see Aidan has gotten loose and is over here... is he sharing in the spoils or is he showing you his spoils..


  13. And you know I like my smut!!
    LOL, yeah Aidan is really something! He's quite a sharing and showing kinda guy ;)


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