Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sexy Sunday Hunks

To warm up this very cold and snowy day:


  1. OMG I love them all! Have to look a bit longer.
    Thanks for sharing these!

  2. ROFL, I just flashed the winter pics from the Netherlands and you got me all warm and toasty again! I so want to snuggle with the guy on the bed, wrapping his arms around the pillow. Hello, good morning and goodnight, he so will burn up my body temperature :)

    Thanks for all the eye-candy Janna.

  3. I got pretty warmed up, thank you ;)
    Better make this post go away before bf shows up lol

  4. Feeling warm and fuzzy inside now, thank you! I want to eat a "beschuit" with all of them LOL... Great eyecandy!

  5. @SusiSunshine: You're welcome hon! Stay as long as you want :)

    @Leontine: I didn't know about your winter pics when I posted these hunks ... some coincidence, huh? :) Glad to see you're back in town ;)
    The pillow guy is lovely, isn't he? I really love his muscled bum! A guy that's hot and sweet at the same time, just perfect!
    Good luck warming up, sweetie!

  6. @Blodeuedd: LOL! I waited until hubby left too before posting these! *grin* It's not that your bf doesn't profit from you being warmed up though! :D

    @Marissa: Yeah, that 'beschuit' thing sounds good to me too!! Except I don't care for the crumbs in bed that much *grin*!

  7. Hey Janna - Oh I'm warming up all snuggly with pillow guy while my eyes fuse themselves on that tantalizing short of pic no.1 Oh man, what I would give to strip that short with my teeth. *wicked laughter*

  8. Thank you, Janna! Lovin' these pics, and the eye candy of the week - you've got him just where I want him ;)

  9. Am I the only one that likes a little less bubble on the butt? LOL.

    Your hottie of the week is uh...ahem...GORGEOUS! I admit I've stopped by here more than a few times just for a peek at his prettiness. Perhaps if I ask his mistress nicely she'll let him come hang out on my blog later? hehe

  10. After seeing those pics, I might just have to go stand barefoot in the snow just to cool off! Hot!

  11. Oh wow... Yummy treat for the eyes to behold! That is some delicious candy I do not mind getting my hands all sticky with! Hummm.... ***Is it hot in here now... I thought it was chilly??*** Now I just have to satisfy my hunger... Off to bed with one of these!!!
    Thanks for the candy honey!
    I hope you had a great weekend!

  12. Wow. I'm going to have to turn the air on here. We may not have any snow in Florida but looking at these you would think we were having a heatwave. Very droolworthy. I may have to coax a few of these guys over to my site. *wink*

    Have a great holiday and looking at these I know you'll stay warm. lol

  13. @Leontine: You wicked woman you!! :) But I'm with you on the deliciously filled shorts of hunk nr 1! *drool*

    @Patti: You're welcome hon!
    I know! I don't want to let him free next week, when it's time for another hottie of the week *sob*

    @Fiction Vixen: Really? What's not to like about a muscled ass? :)
    So, you've got the hots for my tied up guy huh. LOL! I will send you an email with his enlarged prettiness attached to it, so you can take a better look at him ;) Mistress Janna likes to make you happy!!

  14. @Eyre: LOL! That's a good way to cool down :)

    @Chris: Exactly!

    @Cecile: LOL! I like to share, sweetie! Especially with you :)! Hope you had a great weekend too hon!

    @Pixie: Florida! You make me jealous! Now I understand why your hot Santa's are so scarcely dressed :)
    Have a great Holiday too, sweetie!

  15. *gulp* I want to online stalk all of them! Fiction Vixen how can you not like bubble butt on guy? Janna I have my quarter ready *waves it around* I'm ready to do some bouncing.

  16. @Smokinhotbooks: Can you believe her?! ;) Yeah, let's have a quarter bounce contest! Yay! Which one of these hunks will have the bounciest (is that a word?) butt! LOL!


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