Friday, January 1, 2010

Reading List - December 2009 & My New Years Resolutions

I'm not a big believer in New Year's resolutions. They never seem to stick, so I usually don’t make a list...
I intend to have lots of fun though, read as much erotrom as I can (a few challenges I joined will help me keep track of my reading) and talk about my smut a lot – here on my blog in many posts and with you in the comment sections of mine and your blogs; on Goodreads, Twitter and in the Yahoo groups or what other platforms I’ll discover in 2010; with some of you via email or in real life (IRL). For example I’m going to ‘do a Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan’ with Leontine (from Leontine’s Book Realm), my new found fellow Dutch friend! And for all of you who like to come here for the visuals ;) I’m definitely planning on continuing the eye candy treats at my place!

That being said, I wish you all a wonderful 2010 with lot of good reads and other great stuff that make you happy!

Now, before I forget, my last reading list of 2009. In December I've read the following 15 romances:

Aile & Urban, The One That Got Away, êêêêê, ¹¹¹
Madeleine Urban & Abigail Roux, Warrior’s Cross, êêêêê, ¹½
Chris Owen & Jodi Payne, Deviations: Domination, êêêê½, ¹¹½
Adrianna Dane, Sully’s Heart, êêê½, ¹¹½
Ashley Ladd, The Perfect Gift, êêêê, ¹¹½
Jude Mason, Knight or Daye, êêê, ¹¹
Lori Foster & Erin McCarthy & Helenkay Dimon, When Good Things Happen to Bad Boys, êêê, ¹¹
Jenna Byrnes, Nothing But Trouble, êêê½, ¹¹
Jenna Byrnes, Valentine’s Trouble, êêê, ¹¹
L.B. Gregg, Gobsmacked [Men of Smithfield, #1], êêêê, ¹¹
Skylar Kade, Maison Domine, êêê, ¹¹
Ava Grey, Skin Game, êêêê½, ¹½
Evangeline Anderson, Fireworks, êêêê, ¹¹½
Evangeline Anderson, I'll Be Hot for Christmas, êêê, ¹¹
Cat Johnson, Fireworks,êêê, ¹¹

I haven't done many reviews the past month. I'll try to do them soon, but I might just leave some of them be, and make a fresh start this new year...


  1. I haven't read any of those yet, but I picked up Skin Game a few weeks ago.

    I love your rating system. You rate not only the story itself, but the heat factor as well. That is very helpful for me when choosing a book because while I like heat as much as the next person, I want a good, solid story even more.


  2. Looks like you read some really good books. I loved Warrior's Cross and the Deviations series and have read a couple of the others.

    I see you have the Happy New Year 2010 video up (glad you liked it) and ooh, Tam's pressie is so cute!! ;)

  3. You read some good stuff in December! :) Here's to a great 2010.

  4. @UniquelyMoi: Skin Game is a good one! You're gonna enjoy it :) You're welcome, I find the two ratings handy too :)

    @Lily: Yep, I stole you vid :), just forgot to mention that I had it from you, but I've fixed that now! Don't ya love the eyes of Tam's cutie?

    @Chris: I did, thanks to you :) Yeah, let's have a great 2010 with lots of good recs! :D

  5. Oops, I didn't mean you needed to put my name. I was just glad you enjoyed it. I love finding and sharing yummy cookies. :D

  6. Yeah, love Evangeline Anderson too. Haven't read the others you've named though.

  7. Hey hon!! Let's Rock Out 2010!!!! Our friendship formed in 09... let it blossom in 010!!!!
    Honey... Here is to more smut, more erotic and more hussy purring and drooling!!!!!! Cheers honey!

  8. Have a Happy, Happy 2010!!

  9. @Chris: You're looking cute that way :)
    Btw I'm reading and loving another one of your recs now: Faith and Fidelity! My M/F books on my shelves are starting to feel neglected ;)

    @Lily: I know you didn't, but I just want to be an 'honest thief' ;) I'm with ya on the sharing thing :)

    @Silver: Great, another fan of Evangeline Anderson :) I've read a few of her books. You can find her in the tagcloud at my right sidebar to see which ones! I got your email and will send you a response today :D

    @Cecile: I'm all for the blossoming, honey! :) Really looking forward to it all! xoxox

    @J.Kaye: Thanks, you too! :)

  10. pssst *looks around*
    I'll tell you in here.

    Ok *looks around*
    sex while they other one was sleeping, they woke up and one was already busy and coming. It was their "thing"

  11. @Blodeuedd: LOL! Oh now I get it! I had no idea you were coming over here to tell about the scene! :) I guess, my place is a better place to talk explicitly about sex, heheh. Thanks for sharing, hon!
    I understand the WTF now! :D

  12. Oh well. Those m/f books have had a lot of attention for a long time!

  13. Happy New Years! I'm with you on the resolutions to hard to stick with just have fun sounds good to me!

  14. Girl you've read much of the good stuff this month and I'm toasting to your intention to have loads of fun *wink* Let's have a ball in 2010!

  15. @Chris: Yep, outrageously so!

    @Tricia: To you too, sweetie! Here's to a lot of fun :)

    @Leontine: Proost! Yeah, let's! :D


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