Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Contest Alert: Today and Tomorrow you can win Sex On the Beach by Susan Lyons

Today (Wednesday) the girls of The Raving Readers will feature a review of Sex Drive by Susan Lyons, book 1 of the Wild Ride to Love series. And the author has also graced them with an interview on January 14 (Thursday) and a never before seen excerpt!

They also have a giveaway!!! Courtesy of the author, Susan Lyons.

Giveaway: Autographed trade paperback copy of Sex On The Beach (released Jan 5, 2010)

How to Enter: You can do any of the following:

1. Comment on any of the posts on the Raving Readers blog on January 13 and 14.
2. Ask questions. Susan will be dropping by the blog from time to time and will answer any questions you might have.
3. Answer the question at the end of the posts.

Who Can Enter: Anybody on this planet.

Contest Deadline: 11:59pm EST on January 14, 2010

Winner Announcement: The name of the winner will be posted on the blog on January 15, 2010. Instructions will be given then on how to claim the prize.

So, go over there and show the girls some love while you make a chance to win an awesome book!


  1. I'm hopping over later today :) I really like Susan Lyons blurbs but haven't actually read anything from her. I think I'll toss my name in the giveaway pot too.

  2. I like their blog, I like this story, have read it for ROOB, it is very tropical, just what the doctors orders with this cold! Janna, I love your hottie of the week, can he come over to eat a "beschuitje", I promise I will return him in one piece... well almost in one piece #grin#..

  3. @Leontine: Same goes for me! I know Marissa read both books, she tweeted about reading the last one that wasn't released yet, the tease ;) And since then I want to read them, so I'll have my name tossed in the pot as well :)
    Btw I have an anthology on the shelves with one of her stories: Men on Fire! It has this delicious cover! Didn't you buy that one too?

  4. @Marissa: I was just talking about you to Leontine ;) I'll tweet you a link to a large pic of my hottie, so you can pick him up for a 'beschuitje', lol!

  5. Hmm. Haven't read any of her stuff... yet. :)

  6. @Chris: I think her books are all pretty straight, but I'm not sure though... Maybe, if you sign up for the giveaway it can be one of your handful of M/F books of this year ;)

  7. @Janna: Thanks for posting about our giveaway!

    @Chris: Yes, I think all her books feature m/f mainly, but the sexing is hot! And the romance between the characters incredible. It's worth to pick one up and try. might win the giveaway and it could be your try-new-to-me author book. :)

  8. @Silver: Thanks for stopping by! And you're welcome. Did you get my email?

  9. Oh wow, I will be hoping over there in a bit... This sounds like a very hot little read.. And I think Marissa is right... maybe this is just what the doctor ordered from all this nasty cold weather!!!!
    Thanks for the heads up honey...
    And thanks Ms Silver for teasing us with "the sexing is hot! And the romance between the characters incredible"!! That is every hussy's dream!!!

    And umm. yea. about your hottie of the day... **gulps down ice straight down** One piece huh Marissa... yea, I bet I know what piece she wants!! LMBO!! Oh I am so evil! But I promise to be gentle with him.. He looks like he needs some help with his ummmm...
    Have a great day honey, you just brighten mine up!

  10. That is one cover I could not read while near other people ;)

  11. Do I see you blushing Blodeuedd... Hee hee!! Isn't this just a "Hussy Smexy Cover"!!!!

  12. @Cecile: Thanks hon, for hopping over to the Raving Readers' place!
    I think I better make this guy hottie of the month or the year :) The kind of attention he's getting, jeezz ;)
    Glad he could brighten up your day, sweetie :)

    @Blodeuedd: LOL, because of the title right? ;) I guess it depends on the people you're with at that moment and where you are... If it's on the beach with some hot guys around you it would draw quite some positive attention, I bet :D

  13. I haven't read any of her stuff but I seem to remember a cover with a fireman by her that I may have?! I'll head over there in a little but your hottie of the week is very distracting...

  14. @Tricia: Yep, that hot cover is from Men on Fire, a firemen anthology. One of the three stories is by Susan Lyons. It's on my shelves too :)

  15. OH now I can pipe in with my two cents on that book, Men of Fire. I bought that book solely on the freaking cover!!! And I am so glad that I did, I have yet to read it, but oh man I can not wait to read it now that I know the authors!!!! And Susan Lyons... I just finish reading Sex Drive by her... and OMGOSH that story is awesome! LOL!!! Hot! That's all I'm sayin!

  16. Cecile I told you that Damien was a sex-on-a-stick kind of guy!! Janna thanks for the enlarged hottie, I am so going to have my wicked way with him!

  17. @Cecile: Me too! lol! That cover is hot, but I couldn't resist 3 stories with firefighter heroes either ;) If Sex Drive is that good I have to add it to my TBB list! :)

    @Marissa: *grin* He's the perfect wicked way kinda guy, so enjoy, hon!

  18. Oh Marissa, I bow to you honey, because he was a walking talking sex on a stick kinda man!!! He was all sorts of wonderful delicious yumminess!!! Oh Janna, you need to get on the stick honey and get this book!!

    This enlarged hottie huh?!?! LMBO!! He is **cough cough** very endowed!


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