Monday, January 25, 2010

Mondays Hot Couple & Sexy, Smutty Scene

This week’s sexy smutty scene is from a book I haven’t started reading yet but only because I enjoy the anticipation until I’ll finally pick it up. I won’t be able to postpone reading it much longer, the little tastes I already had are drawing me in more and more. An example is the next smuttalicious scene, it’s from Magnus by Jambrea Jo Jones, from page 53:

“You know what I want, Emily.”
“Joe.” She sighed.
He growled. He loved the sound of his name falling from her lips. He couldn’t wait to hear her scream it as she came. He continued toward her.
“I’m going to fuck you, Emily. It isn’t going to be gentle the first time. Maybe not even the second. I need to be so deep inside you I don’t know where I end and you begin.”
“God yes.” She moaned.
Her back hit the wall. She had nowhere to run, not that he would let her. Mag reached her and put his palms on the wall, ignoring the pain in his shoulder. He caged her in. He pressed his body to hers, loving the soft feel of her breasts against his chest. He wanted more, needed to taste her. She melted into him; he wrapped his arms around her so she didn’t fall.
Her lips looked ready for him to taste. Her tongue peeked out to wet her lips and he had to kiss her. He pressed his lips to hers and his tongue demanded entrance into the warm haven of her mouth. She let him in. He rewarded her with a gentle nip to her lip. He nibbled and sucked his way inside. She tasted so sweet. He couldn’t get enough.
He broke the kiss and trailed kisses down her jaw until he reached her neck. He needed another taste. He bit her then laved the sting with his tongue. When she didn’t protest, he nuzzled his face into her neck and inhaled. The light vanilla scent mixed with a smell that was all Emily went straight to his cock. He pulled her tighter against him and mumbled against her throat.
He heard her whispered, “What?”
He backed up so she could hear him, “Clothes off. I need to feel you. Take them off or I’ll tear them apart.”
They were both panting when he backed away to watch her strip. Emily ripped her clothes off, their need too great for either of them to take their time. There was no slow and soft with them, not this time. Mag groaned when Emily stood before him in her bra and panties.
“Fuck,” he breathed. “You’re so sexy.”
Then she did something that made Mag want to slow down and savor her. She smiled. Not a man-eater grin, but a shy smile.

Jambrea Jo Jones weblog

Magnus is a marine Colonel and his job is his reason for being. Protecting the United States of America from all threats is his sole purpose in life. That life is turned upside down when a woman is assigned to his team of elite Marines and his attraction to her threatens his career.
NCIS Special Agent Emily Patterson’s orders: infiltrate Colonel Rivers’ team and find the culprits behind a slate of kidnappings connected to a sex slave ring. Her mission parameters didn’t include an attraction for Colonel Rivers but nothing in Emily’s career could have prepared her for Magnus. Her job becomes more difficult as she gets to know the man behind the uniform and Emily finds herself wanting to prove herself to him, potentially exposing her identity before she clears Mag.
Mag and Emily struggle against their growing feelings for one another, both knowing the consequences of giving in to lust. Mag is Emily’s team leader and fraternizing is against the rules. Emily is investigating Mag and his team; getting involved with him could ruin her investigation and her career.


  1. Aww the smut, perfect way to end a boring Monday

  2. Janna I just had to stop by for Smutty Monday. Life it good now that I have gotten my fix.

  3. My monday wouldn't be monday if I didn't stop by your place to find a hot couple (and this one is haaaaaaawt *thud*)and a scorching smut scene for me to devour. Hon you made my monday right again!

  4. @Blodeuedd: Glad I could do that for you, hon!

    @KC: I'm always happy when you stop by, sweetie! I love being your smut supplier ;)

    @Leontine: I love to hear that! :D I live to make your Mondays right, sweets!

  5. *Fans hand in front of face*

    Wow... Talk about a Monday treat! That scene about scorched my computer screen off! LOL. Great pick, thanks for sharing--- now I've got to add this book to my wish list! If that scene is any indication of what to expect from the rest of the book... Wow is all I can say! :D


  6. RAWR!!!!!!!!

    And the cover....I feel weak.

  7. I like to do that with books, too - but sometimes I manage to work myself into a state where I almost CAN'T read the book because I've anticipated it so much.

  8. @sparklybearsy: *grin* not by far as smutalicious as your excerpts, hon!

    @The_Book_Queen: LOL! Welcome, sweetie! I hope my 'Monday treats' will tempt you to stop by a lot :)
    I can't tell if the rest of the book is as hot 'cause I haven't read it yet... But this sure sounds promising, right?

    @Mandi: Me too, very weak!

    @Chris: Yeah, I know what you mean. Probably has something to do with the fear of getting disappointed.

  9. I'm is it bad to blush as my own scenes? lol

    Thank you for sharing. I hope I don't disappoint when you actually read it. :)

  10. @Jambrea: LOL! You hadn't forgotten how hot it was, did you? ;)
    I bet it won't disappoint me, I better don't wait too long anymore :)

  11. OMG - that is HOT! GO Jambrea! Really gotta read this one soon! Thanks Janna! :)

  12. @Janna Um...maybe lol.

    Thanks Bron

  13. @Bronwyn: Couldn't agree with you more!

    @Jambrea: LOL!

  14. Nice excerpt - very hot! And that cover - nom nom nom...

  15. Sum verra nice smut there hon... dayum!!!!! Whew!

  16. MMM I heart smut, you always know how to find the good stuff!

  17. @Patti, Cecile and Marissa: Glad you enjoyed it, girls! :)


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