Monday, January 4, 2010

Mondays Hot Couple & Catching up on some (short) reviews

Here's today's Hot Couple! I've read a few more books than I've reviewed lately, so I'm trying to catch up by doing a few quickies on a couple of those books, to start with the anthology When Good Things Happen To Bad Boys. Other short stories and novella's will be up next...

Lori Foster, Erin McCarthy, HelenKay Dimon
When Good Things Happen to Bad Boys
Kensington Publishing Corp, 2006

Genre & Keywords
: Contemporary, Anthology
Rating: êêê
Heat level:

This is a bundle with three stories (about 100 pages each) and I’ll just give you my quick thoughts on each story. The anthology as a whole was okay, enjoyable at times. I like reading them every now and then because they give me a quick sample of some new to me authors.

The Back Blurb:
"Playing Doctor" by Lori Foster:
Attitude makes a huge difference in bed. It could be Axel Dean's motto. The sexy physician likes his women with sensual moxie, and Libby Preston definitely seems to fit that bill. There's that naughty grin. That hot bod. Her eager kisses and cheeky insults. Her...admitted virginity. Whoa. Okay, cue cold shower. Axel may not be an honorable man, but he has his limits. Except Libby won't take no for an answer. She's determined to have someone show her what she's been missing, and suddenly, Axel can't bear to think of Libby playing doctor with anyone else...
My Thoughts:
This was a fun read! From the beginning Axel and Libby hit it off. Their attraction was tangible and sizzled from the pages. When Libby admitted to be a virgin Axel backed out of their sexy encounter. They meet again under hilarious circumstances which were a wee bit too coincidental imo. Then their relationship evolves into a sweet and tender one and that part was very well written. I made it the best story of this bundle for me.

The Back Blurb:
"Lady Of The Lake" by Erin McCarthy:
Pro baseball player Dylan Diaz is pretty sure he's going to hell. When you rescue a drowning woman from a lake your first thought should be, "Are you okay?" not, "Can I make mad, passionate love to you?" But the minute sputtering kindergarten teacher Violet Caruthers is on Dylan's boat, that's all he can think about. Maybe it's the potent combo of a nun's personality inside a stripper's body. Maybe it's the way she drives him crazy with desire and laughter. Or maybe, Dylan's finally found what's been missing in his life, and he's not about to let go...

My Thoughts:
In the first story we had a virgin and in this second one a woman who desperately wants to get pregnant. Both not my favorite type of heroines. Especially Violet is on top of that not easy to like. She’s insecure about her appearance while she apparently has a stripper’s body! I got annoyed by the amount of times her big breast were described or mentioned. I don’t want to know! I want to know all about the hero’s gorgeous bod, yes, but not too much about the heroine’s! I’m I asking too much? Anyway, the story was build around a few too many unbelievable coincidences but it was a quick and sexy read which gave me a few enjoyable but not very memorable hours.

The Back Blurb:
"Hardhats And Silk Stockings" by HelenKay Dimon:
Hannah Bridges is the most infuriating woman architect Whit Thomas has ever met - and the sexiest. If he could just get the tough contractor to stop proving herself at every turn, they might have time to discuss more important things, like his hands on prints. What Hannah needs is a night of pure bliss that's all about her: no regrets, no control, no limits. Now, in a private room where pleasure is the only goal, Hannah is about to receive a delicious education in total ecstasy...

My Thoughts:
This story had me laughing a few times. Some scenes are really embarrassing for the hero and it makes him loveable. The plot is wafer-thin but it has a really nice setting for some hot scenes. There’s an old house and a private room with sex toys and the h/h are assigned to renovate the house when one night they get locked in the private room. You can imagine what that means for their love-hate feelings for each other. Of course, everything ends well but not before they have to overcome some obstacles. Enjoyable read for the time being as well!


  1. I really, but then REALLY dig the pose of your hawt couple. Tears away from image. Well, it seems that you've had a few nice reads but nothing overly spectacular. I often love these novella's to sample the authors work and I've got a dozen or so on my e-reader. I just love to sample *grin*

    word verification; hooters, huh, what? Mine? So not going to flash 'em dirty minded blog directory!! rofl

  2. LOL! Seriously, hooters? Maybe it's your new hot avatar that evoked that, Leontine :)
    Nope, nothing spectacular, but not unpleasant to read though... I've got a few more of the sampling kind on my ereader as well, but at the moment I like to read the long and well plotted kind of novels :)

  3. Sounds funny, and good. But hey I am with you on teh boobies, I don not need to knwo that. Give me some hero info instead

  4. Exactly, that's all we need! Long descriptions of his hotness :)

  5. Oh that's a very nice hot couple Janna! And nice job on the reivews!



  6. Glad you like my couple, MsM :) And that's nice of you to say, thx...

  7. lmao about the boobies-T.M.I., right? Loved the hot couple!

  8. Hmm. Neither the virgin nor the trying to get pregnant are my favorite heroines, either. It sounds like this might not be the greatest Erin McCarthy book out there.

  9. Yes indeedy that is a hot couple.

    I've never read any of those authors..I would love to try Erin McCarthy or Lori Foster.

  10. Girl, you so rock!! Those is a very hawt couples photo honey!! hot! Delicious!
    And those books... girl, you rock! Simply put, you rock!
    Hope you are having a great day!

  11. That's a seriously hot picture!

  12. Hot picture and love your review. I may pick it up, on the strength of the first and third novella. ;) I love stories that make me laugh.

  13. Love the hot couple keep 'em coming:) and your reviews, the only author I've read is Erin McCarthy who I really like, she has a nice style sweet and funny (well the stuff I've read anyway).

  14. @A Buckeye Girl Reads: Yep, way too much info! Makes me feel self conscious ;)

    @Chris: I guess it's not, though it's probably just my quirk with the pregnancy thing! I haven't read any of her other books, but Flat Out Sexy is on my TBB list. I heard some really good things about that one :)

    @Mandi: Yeah, I'm gonna try more of their work too! I think I'll start with Flat Out Sexy (McCarthy) and Too Much Tempation (Foster).

    @Cecile: LOL, I'm getting a wee little dizzy from the rocking, honey :) Thanks sweets!

    @Lily: I put it up especially for you, sweetie! :)

    @Silver @ The Raving Readers: Yep, laughing works for me too! Although this was perhaps more like a kinda awkward giggling ;)

    @Adrienne: Well, if you insist... ;)
    Was Flat Out Sexy one of the books you read by her?

  15. If a story makes me laugh, color me THERE! I love anything Lori Foster does, too. One of my auto buys.


  16. @Regina: I'm content already with a giggle or two ;) I still have to get that autobuy feeling with Lori Foster, this story didn't do that for me, but I have Too Much Temptation on the shelves too, so...


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