Sunday, January 10, 2010

I’m ashamed for my book greediness

There’s no denying it any longer, I’m painfully addicted to not just reading smutty stories but to book shopping as well!! How did I come to this realization? It started with Leontine’s post about her December book binge and her asking me to list my shopping list so she could take a peek at it.

And it’s hard to admit, but I bought nearly seventy books last month... O_o… In my defense, December was a month with many, many great discounts (especially at Fictionwise) and this month always brings me in a shopping mood with all the holiday gifts to buy...

First of all I got over 20 ebooks and 20 dead tree books for free in December. I won quite some contests, there were a few free downloads form All Romance Ebooks and I received more than a handful of gifts from authors (like Mia Watts, Bronwyn Green and Jambrea Jo Jones – I blogged about them). A few others I haven’t mentioned before are the gifts from Kris Norris (who sent me her story Centrefold) and Molly Daniels aka Kenzie Michaels (who also gave me her story All She Ever Wanted as a pressie). It was wonderful to receive so much book love!

My December gifts:

And like I said, my poor credit card had to take several blows during my visits to ebook stores as Fictionwise, BooksonBoard, Dreamspinner Press and Noble Romance Publishing. And I didn’t even go to Ellora’s Cave, Loose Id, BookStrand, Total E-Bound or My Book Store and More – a few of my other favorite booksellers. I ended up buying 69 ebooks.

My December purchases:

So, now you know… I can’t restrain myself… but let’s keep it a secret, okay?


  1. I've been trying to be better about buying books. I really need to be frugal with my money until I have a full-time job (and can pay off credit cards), so I've been mostly limiting myself to used book stores or hand-me-downs.

    There's this bookstore back home that gives you credit for books you bring in. About 10 years ago, my mom and I cleaned out my YA book collection and took it up there. We still have about $500 credit, which means as long as we have a credit, our books are only $.50 when we go.

  2. You would've been my big competition in the Book Slut competition - good thing it wasn't last month! ;) I don't really want to count my purchases from last month - that FW sale was evil evil evil. And my willpower, it does not exist.

  3. Oh, I wont tell a soul ;) You just go and buy books. A woman has to have a hobby lol

  4. @Emily: I live in the Netherlands and don't have the possibilty to buy my favorite books in used book stores. The advantage of ebooks though is the low price, but it also is very tempting to keep clicking the 'buy now'-button ;)

    @Chris: I didn't want to count my December purchases either but Leontine ordered... uhm... asked me to ;) Can I not tempt you to list yours? I would looovvvve to have a peek at your list :)

    @Blodeuedd: LOL! That makes me look pityful, as if I don't have other hobbies... uh... anyway, thanks for not telling anyone, sweetie! :)

  5. A rough estimate from LibraryThing based on entry date suggests that I acquired around 150 ebooks in December. Um, lots were shorts. And most were from Fictionwise, so they were CHEAP.

  6. @Chris: *gasp* 150!! That's even for me shocking! ;) Nah, I understand actually (that's the most disturbing thing). But with your reading speed you'll probably have finished them all in a few weeks! And the books at FW were really cheap in December.

  7. I'd look chagrined, but I'm supposed to be embracing my book sluttery...

  8. Says who? Okay, I admit it too... I'm a book slut and I'm proud of it :)
    Or should we attend ABA meetings now?

  9. I'm keeping your little lips are locked up tight!

    Enjoy them!

  10. @Hawk: lol, I'm so grateful ;) Thanks, hon!

  11. Happy reading hon...

    Why change a good bad habit if it's working for you...


  12. *looks at ink* Hon I've writing my little (-> read big) booty off becayse i'm seeing much I wants to have ;) Jess Dee, Jane Davitt.Alexa Snow, Ava March. Oh, I'm geting greedy *breath in - breath out* You've got an awesome list Janna and hon, I have very little willpower too, I'm just too eclectic in my tastes and want it all LOL

    We book sluts understand each other and by the looks of it I'm still a green horn lol

    @Chris - a 150 books, I'm in awe! I thought I went berserk with Fictionwise, aparantly there were more doing the same thing.

  13. @EH - A good bad habbit, like the expression :D

    @janna - hon I just wanted to say, I lurve, but then really LURVE your hottie of the week. ROWR

  14. I'm thinking if the your only addiction is ebooks, girl you've got it going on! I've got a few, including books and diet coke. Yup, I don't want to think of all the stuff I could get if I kicked that habit... but then everyone's gotta have at least one vice.

    I'm glad you felt the love. It's nice to see so many dedicated readers. We love you guys.

    Hope you enjoy all the reading, lol.

  15. @EH: *grin* A good, bad habit is a nice way of putting it... And I def don't want to change it :)

    @Leontine: LOL! You're anything but a green horn, hon! I have the same eclectic taste, especially now I'm 'discovering' the PNR genre the wishlist is getting longer and longer... We do understand each other, yes! And now we share greediness as well :D
    I totally swoon over my hottie of the week too ;)

    @Kris: That's the thing, I have a few more too: chocolate, blogging ;), traveling... Luckily they're not all expensive ones, lol!
    Thanks again! We readers would be at loss without you writers :)

  16. OMG I though I was a book slut LOL my credit card has also just taken a real book bashing bonanza and I only buy from a few sites as I'm not sure if the US sights will accept foriegn cards...but I guess they must do,so now I have the names of more sites fuel my addiction. Hurray! I love finding those elusive titles and making a sneeky purchase, usually late at night HaHa. Anyway I've taken more notice of Hottie of the Week and he's really taken my breath away...keep 'em coming but please keep him visible somewhere:)

  17. @Adrienne: LOL, I'm glad I could help you with the names of some more ebook sites ;)
    My willpower is at the weakest late at night too. There are at least 10 other books now that I'm dying to buy, but I've resisted to go shopping for a few nights already...
    The last hottie of the week that got so much drooling... uh... attention ended up in my blogheader, who knows what I will do to this one ;)

  18. I actually had to go on a book buying ban because I was getting out of control. I don't know what I would do without my library-but the library is still not the same as buying a book.

  19. Between books I purchased and gifts/free reads December totaled 50 books for me. I thought that was a lot but you and Chris totally beat me.

    That bad part is I already had over 400 books in my TBR to read when I got these 50 more.

  20. Janna can you give us Hottie of the Weeks's in the bottom left hand corner but I can't read it:( LOL. My goodness that man is something else *fans self and goes to get cold drink*

  21. @A Buckeye Girl Reads: A book buying ban? OMG that sounds horrible!! I actually better go on one myself :( since I might be getting out of control too... I'm already dying to buy at least 10 other books that I want to read desperately *sigh* But still, a book buying ban... Nah, I'm not ready for that yet ;)

    @Lily: I know all about the TBR tower that is nearly topping over, lol! I didn't read more than 20 books in December while 110 were added! If only we could buy time to read books together with the books we purchase... That would be great, wouldn't it?

  22. @Adrienne: LOL! You've got yourself a little crush, hon? It's Jamie Dominic. I actually have another pic of him in my stash. He's easy to recognize by his tattoos ;) Have fun with (googling) him, sweetie :)

  23. And here I thought I was such a book slut when I bought thirty books two years ago at tax time!

    With this economy, my book buying has dwindled from a max or 12 per month to one or two a month. My TBB list is suffering...I don't want to add to it unless I can take titles from it in a timely fashion:)

  24. LOL, Molly! You're a smarter woman than I am, that's for sure. See, in a timely fashion is not gonna work anymore. It'll probably take more than a year to read all the books I received/bought in December alone :o
    And my TBR pile wasn't exactly tiny before that :)


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