Sunday, January 3, 2010

I Heart Me Some Boyz Kissing Boyz

I have this deadline for an article for a Dutch magazine that I'm supposed to write today. The article is about literary New York and I have to finish it before tomorrow... But the thing with me and deadlines is that I can't help myself for pushing them *groan*. So this afternoon, instead of writing and finishing the article, I got lost in the wonderful world of YouTube, which always provides me with the greatest of distractions when I have to make a deadline... *sigh*

I stumbled on these wonderful vids of boys kissing boys and - just so I can get over with the postponing and get back to my article - I share two of the best here with you. The second one has a slow start but stay tuned cos the second half is worth it! It's a little bit like the last M/M book I've read, The One That Got Away by Madeleine Urban & Rhianna Aile: wonderful build up and than ultimately satisfying and hot... This was one of the best reads of 2009 for me (I'll try to write a review later)!
Get your fan and cold drink before you hit the play button. Enjoy!

If you're an innocent lurker passing by here and if you're easily offended by gay love and boys kissing boys, please don't watch!!


  1. Niiiice Janna. Love the first one. Hope you met your deadline. So glad you liked The One That Got Away. I really should get the new version as I have the old one. Wave gave me the link to that back when it was a free story before they published it and build-up nearly killed me. LOL But I loved it.

  2. @Tam: Glad you liked it :) I'm still working on the article *sigh*
    Yep, The One That Got Away was fabulous. I had no idea it was a free story, back in the days ;)
    Chris recommended it to me and halfway the book I emailed her in desperation about the build up. It was killing me too and I wanted to know if all the anticipation would lead to something worthwhile. Only after she reassured me I could read it further *grin* And I loved it!!

    @Mandi: you're welcome, sweetie! :D

  3. Hehe Janna ;) I always know what to find here

  4. @Blodeuedd: I wouldn't have guessed that you liked these, hon! Because you're still a M/M romance virgin and all... ;)

    @Eyre: Yep!

  5. I wouldn't have recommended it to you if there wasn't a payoff of some sort! ;)

    Oh, deadlines. Gah. Good luck getting done!

  6. @Kris: here, have a spit bucket... so you can stay a little longer without messing up my place ;)

    @Chris: Of some sort indeed :) Of the verrry hot sort!
    Thanks, I'm very good at ignoring deadlines though and find much more important things to do *grin*

  7. Gah! My long post on m/m videos and storylines just disappeared. Trying again...

    As I mentioned on Twitter, one of my favorites is Deniz/Roman on the German show Alles Was Zaehlt. (It's subtitled in English by the lovely ladies of eskimokissproject, on whose channel you can find them on You Tube.) For sheer hawtness, watch episode 751; for the current storyline (which is all kinds of awesome), start with episode 730. Both can be found in the "These Days on AWZ" playlist. (Sorry I don't have a link; I'm posting from my phone.) Really, you won't regret it!

  8. Wow, Janna, thanks so much for sharing these videos. Loved them both.


    The above link is one of my favorite with two men kissing. *drool*

    Thanks for the vids and good luck with your paper. :)

  10. @Kate: I don't know what's making blogger eating the comments :(
    Thanks for trying again! I also got your email and I gotta say, I'm loving your favorites too. Deniz & Roman I'm going to check out later when I'm not at work ;)
    I'll just copy/paste the links from your email here for the rest to check them out:

    The Deniz & Roman eskimokissproject channel:

    Kate's other favorites:
    Kyle and Oliver, m/m couple from One Life To Live (US soap)

    On Couches: A Tribute

    Gay Couples; The Way

    Love Those Boys

    Love Rollercoaster

  11. @Fiction Vixen: Any time *wink*

    @Lily: Glad you like them! Me too :)

    @Jambrea: Yep, that's a droolworthy couple :) Thanks for sharing!
    I spent way too much time on YouTube because of this subject *sigh*

  12. Hey Janna! Skipped the man-love vids but I wanted to say hi. I know what you mean about deadlines, tho. I tend to push them too. Have one right now and I'm stalling like crazy. Best of luck with that.

  13. @Regina: Hi back at you *waves*! LOL, you too good luck with the stalling! Better get back at it though, cos you don't want to disappoint your readers now would ya? :)

  14. I just saw a fabulous gay kiss on our national soap series "Goede Tijden, Slechte Tijden." I'll see if I can find a vid of it...loving your selection Janna ;)

  15. Really? I missed that! Duh, obviously cos I don't watch tv that much... But I would love to see that fab kiss of course! I hope you can find it :)

  16. I don't watch the soap but saw the clip on our gossip our with Albert Verlinden ;)

  17. You don't, Tristan? *grin*
    Let's go check the RTL4 site than :)

  18. Janna - I read your note.

    *If you're an innocent lurker passing by here and if you're easily offended by gay love and boys kissing boys, please don't watch!!*

    And then I giggled. Seriously, *are* there any innocent lurkers here? LOL

    How did you do with your deadline? I'm pushing a couple, too. :(

  19. LOL! I guess that's a contradiction yes *giggle*

    I'm still pushing it... got a few days extra from my editor... I hate myself for this *sigh*
    Good luck with yours :)


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