Friday, January 29, 2010

Happy Gay Friday, What I’m Reading & Dean Day


It’s almost the end of a working day and the beginning of the weekend! Yay! So, it’s time for a M/M cookie.
I’ve been away for two days the past week for my work, which was tiring (sleeping in a hotel bed most of the times is) and I had no internet access and was too busy to blog, mail, twitter or do blogrounds. So, I’m double happy that it’s almost weekend!

I did get some reading done, because I had some travelling by train to do. After finally finishing Hard Too Hold by Stephanie Tyler Thursday I immediately started the second book in the series, Too Hot to Hold, because I already purchased it and I was afraid that If I didn’t start it right away I never would at all. I’ve made a start now so after that I could put it aside for a while and read some M/M smut I was craving for…(that’s how my mind works sometimes ;)) I picked The Broken H by J.L. Langley, which is about two cowboys, stepbrothers, who have the hots for each other. I’m really enjoying it so far!

This afternoon on Twitter me and a few girls were gushing over Supernatural’s Dean and decided to have a Dean Day on V-Day (it’s in writing now girls!) on which we bring a ‘Ten Things I Love About Dean’ tribute to the guy! If you wanna join, just let one of us know. Pixiedust from Pixie’s Ponderings is making Dean Buttons for this little blog tour. The Dean girls are:

Donna Grant:

So, we have a Valentine’s date with Dean on Februari 14!


  1. Wait, did you write something? I was too busy drooling over the picture. ;)

  2. *frantically waves hand* Oh Oh me!! I am all over Dean Day. How could I pass that up?

    Can't wait to hear what you have to say about Broken H. I loved Tin Star and have yet to get a hold of the second one.

  3. I have got noooo problems doing my research for Dean Day LOL and luvin' me the eyecandy and after hitting the comment button I'm scrolling down for a re-run of pudding vid *grin* I so love to venture on your blog LOL

  4. Nice pic!!

    I liked The Broken H although I preferred The Tin Star, have you read that one?

  5. Can't wait to see all of your Dean posts! Great pic sigh...

  6. @Chris: Aww, lol, and I'd said all these interesting things *g*

    @Fallon Blake: Yay, you're in on Dean Day! The more the merrier :)
    I've almost finished The Broken H, but haven't read the Tin Star yet, but I definitely will!

    @Leontine: *grin* Me neither! The research is a blast :) Thanks for the luv, hon!

    @Lily: Silly me, I started with the second book in the series, but I will definitely read The Tin Star. I think the heroes of that book are in The Broken H too...

    @Marissa: Yeah, it's gonna be so much fun on Dean Day! :)
    Glad you like the pic... Before you know it I've convinced you of the beauty of M/M love ;)

  7. I've really got to watch this show....I've been hearing good things about Supernatural. How many seasons behind am I?

  8. @Patti: You def should give it a try! Well, the 5th season is airing now... and I would rec to start with the first season... But it's worth it and when you've started watching the first season, you'll be so happy that you have that many episodes and seasons to look forward too :D

  9. I have the second book of Stephanie's too, but haven't started it yet. :) JL is awesome. I love her stuff. She is a re read for me. :) Her wolves are my favorite from her stuff.

    I've watched some Supernatural, but haven't really followed it. :) I need to netflixs the first season. :)

  10. @Jambrea: I can understand why you like JL Langley's books now, I finished The Broken H and enjoyed it a lot. And I bought her wolves yesterday :) Thanks for pointing them out to me!
    yeah, Supernatural can best be watched in the right order.


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