Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Todays Man Candy & New Exciting Book Blogs

I choose today’s hottie with the hero of Hard Too Hold by Stephanie Tyler in mind. I’m reading that novel about stubborn, sexy SEAL Jake right now. I must admit that I’m having a hard time with it. But I also gotta say that it’s maybe my own fault because my expectations were unrealistically high, after reading many positive and exultant reviews.
What I’m having troubles with is the shifting focus on almost all the secondary characters all the time, which includes their POV’s and their memories that result in rather annoying flashbacks printed in italic. This keeps me from really getting into Jake and Isabelle’s love story. I want to know more about thém, their thoughts, their feelings and I want to see more of the two of them together *sigh*
Am I asking to much? (for the record I’m at page 121 of 265).

And than there are a few new book blogs that I really like and have high expectations of (oh oh ;)) In case you haven't found them yet, check them out:

The first is The Raving Readers blog, run by three friends since the end of December. They already had a great contest and guest appearance from author Susan Lyons. They have romance book reviews and column like topics as well.

The second is Quick ‘n Dirty Romance Reviews, the new blog from fellow Dutch girl Pearl, who created this blog because she lacks the time to give all the books she reads a proper, full review. This mini-review blog is enjoying to read because of the nice format of Pearl’s reviews.

And the third blog is one I found out about today and is having its grand opening tomorrow: it’s called Book Lovers Inc. Ten Book Lovers, all very recognizable, will review books from all sorts of genres, host giveaways and have guest authors.

Are there other new romance blogs I have missed?


  1. Oh la la la I've been playing with your video, just puts a smile on my face.

    I love that Pearl started another blog review site. I'm following her there too. I'll check out your other blog recs.

  2. Aww thanks for the shout-out Janna!!!! And that man-candy is HOT!!! Coincidentally I'm reading HOLD ON TIGHT so it fits right in 
    Sorry to hear about your trouble with HtH, I liked the flashbacks and multiple POVs but can imagine others might not like it so much. All I can say is hang in there, but also a warning b/c as I am now reading bk 3 I can tell you the multiple POVs and flashbacks remain throughout the trilogy. If you're not into this style of writing/rom suspense I would not recommend Suzanne Brockmann as she does the same in her books but I would recommend Cindy Gerard and Laura Griffin...


  3. @KC: *grin* you've discovered the boyz vid :) or where you referring to one of the others videos?

    @Pearl: You're welcome, hon! I love your new blog so I wanted to share that :)
    I think, I have to get used to the multiple POV's and all. It's just that I had different expectations, also bases on her other books (the 3 SEAL Blazes). In fact, I already bought me the second book, so I better keep trying ;)
    Great, I have one of Cindy Gerard's books on my ereader already, thanks for mentioning this!

  4. I am licking my screen here, by all the lovely eyecandy Janna, you're my heroine in picking hot men!!

    The first two blogs I know, the last one not will check it out!

  5. Thanks for the heads up hon....

    You and your men.... enjoy


  6. @Marissa: Aww thanks, that's sweet of you :)
    I bet you know a lot of the bloggers of the last blog though...

  7. Good to know about the shifting POV - I'm not sure I'd read about that before!

  8. He's the most delicious thing I've seen all day!

  9. OH wow... Honey, you know how to make a girl leave drool all over!!!
    And thanks for the heads up!!!
    I have yet to try these delicious men... I mean books... But I will keep in mind the different reviews I have read!
    Hope you have a great night/day honey!

  10. Thanks for the shout out, Janna! Really appreciate it, as well as all the man candies you've got here. Love the pics you posts. ;)

    Good luck with Hard to Hold and subsequent books.

  11. Thanks for the candy, Janna!!

    I sometimes have trouble with books that have a lot of shifting POVs. Gets a bit tiresome.

    Thanks for the links to the new blogs.

  12. I'm already acquainted with the blogs and the pic but I'll confess, I'll never grow tired of looking at that pic. Makes my mind wander of to the gutter LOL

  13. @Chris: You can't miss the multiple POV's easily! I don't mind shifting the POV a few times as long as it stays with only a couple of characters, but here it's over 7 so far...
    And as long as all the POV's and flashbacks are related to the main characters and storyline it's not as hard to digest as it is with these secondary plotlines in HTH.

    But I've read some more today and it's getting focused on less storylines now... I think/hope.

  14. @Eyre: He's really yummie, isn't he...

    @Cecile: Yay, I made you drool! :)
    The hero of HTH, Jake, is pretty droolworthy too! I just read a scene where he himself handcuffed his hands behind his back so Isabelle could feel free to touch herself without him interfering (she has issues after being sexually abused). How sweet and sexy is that?! :)

  15. @Silver: Anytime, sweetie! You know I like your place :)
    I know you didn't finish HTH so you understand my mild objections ;)

    @Lily: You're welcome, hon! You're right, it can get tiresome! Because it keeps you from the main story :)

  16. @Chris (again): ah, thanks for reminding me. I almost forgot after a long day with meetings. I'm really curious what these women have to say. I'll check it out later!

    @Leontine: I know! It's a never tiring guy... he looks so amazingly, ecstatically hot *sigh* Have you started Hard to Hold already?


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